Ciao! You know who this is (or not which ever)! This is a story I worked on a bit with my friend. This is my second story! Hope you like it!

Summary: Long story short, I've been reborn in Reborn (shocker!). I know right? How unoriginal. Anyway, I somehow end up befriending THE most annoying ghost ever. After that, things were great! BFFs for life (and death), ya know? And I somehow always ended up making more ghost pals. Life was interesting-fun even! But now...


"Spirit talking"


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"Please stay in line until it is your turn to pass on. Do not push, shove, or cut in line. You will all get your turn. When it is your turn, please do not step in to the doorway until the light above is green again. Do not step in to the doorway while the light above is red. There will be very unfortunate consequences if you step into the doorway while the light is still red. Please wait your turn. Thank you. Please stay in line until- "The voice continued in a loop.

I looked around and found myself standing in a large black space. There were several white silhouettes standing in different lines-long lines that each lead up to many white doorways without doors. Above the doorways were lights that would often change from green to red and back over and over again. How long had I been standing here? Where was here? Am I dead?

"Do not step in to the doorway while the light above is red. There will be very un-" The voice carried on. Should I be scared? I'm dead, aren't I? Why do I feel so calm?

Heard several murmurs and whispers from all over, only able to catch a few words.



"Keep moving..."

"...move faster..."

Are they dead too? Who are they? I thought, looking at the silhouettes. Do I look like that to them too?

"Keep moving..." I heard again. I looked at my spot in line. I was almost there. How long has it been since I had been dead? I hope my parents are okay. And my are they doing? Are they sad? I felt a small pang in my chest as I thought about them. The more I thought about them, the more it hurt, and the more worried I got. What had I been thinking? I always hated the idea of flying on planes because of my fear of heights and of crashing to my death. And then, when I finally gain the courage to get on one, it crashes. I fucking hate planes.

This sucks. I was supposed to be going on a school trip to Europe too. Oh god, my class mates! I realized. I probably wasn't the only one who died in that plane crash. Looked around hoping to find a familiar face. But that was a stupid idea because as I said earlier, I was surrounded by white silhouettes. I wouldn't even be able to tell if my best friend was was in front of me.

Should I talk to one of them? Does it matter if it is them? We're all going to the same place right?


I nervously looked at my place in line. Almost. Just five more people to go. Whats on the other side waiting for me?

Four more.

My hand are shaking.

Three more.

My palms are sweating.

Two more.

My breath quickened.

One more.

Am I going to heaven? Or maybe some-

The one before me went in. The light turned red.

It's almost my turn. My heart is thundering.


"NO! WHERE IS HE?! WHERES MY BABY?!" A scream echoed.

I almost turned around when I felt someone shove me. Into the doorway.

The light is still red.

"Ah!" My eyes widened. "H-help!"

I reached out towords the white silhouette that was standing behind me. I was falling.

Why was I falling?

From there everything went black.

"It's alright, Mrs. Kendell! You'er almost there!"

"Just keep breathing! Push!"


What's happening? Who is that talking? Those voices...

"Almost there! Push!"

A light. I can see it. It's bright.

What's happening? I felt as if I was drifting in and out of consciousness. I only heard a few words before I understood what was happening.


"Good work, Mrs. Kendell!"

"Congratulations! It's a girl!"


I kept my eyes closed. I felt a pair of large hands pick me up, place me on something warm and began to rub towels on me.

At this point I began to freak out. Those hands(?) were huge. Why are they rubbing towels on me-what am I covered in? I felt...wet. Why am I wet?

"Is something wrong? She's not crying?! Why isn't she...?"

"Everything will be alright, Mrs. Kendell. Just hold on." Where they talking about me? That can't be. Why are they so big? I supposed to be dead! Was...I reborn?

"What happening?!"

"She's having a panic attack!"

"What?! Do something!"

I was reborn. That can't be.

"Hurry it up!"


I blacked out again.



"Poor thing." I heard someone say. It was a women.

I opened my eyes. Where was I? My eyes darted around the room until they finally landed on the women who had just spoken. She was a nurse.

"Oh! Well hello there!" The nurse cooed.

"Whaa..."I felt tears forming from the corner of my eyes. This couldn't be happening! This is just a dream right? I began to sob.

"Oh, hush now. It's alright," She tried, but I kept sobbing.

"She's awake? Thank god, I was beginning to worry," another nurse popped her head in through the door followed by a doctor.

The first nurse caressed my cheek and tried to hush me. "Shhhhh. It's alright, baby. It's alright," She repeated. she picked me up and began to rock me. "Shhhh," She continued.

"Where is she?" I heard a new voice. It was also female. "My baby, where is she?"

"In here, Mrs. Kendell."

"Oh, Gavin!" She quickly walked up to the nurse holding me and took me from her. When she had me in her arms, I felt As if she could and would protect me from any and all dangers the world had to offer. I quieted down. "See? It's okay." She held me closer.

"Gavino," She whispered. "It's me, Mommy. It's nice to meet you at last."

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