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"Spirits talking"

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"What else do we have here?" I spoke to myself. For about an hour I had been researching ghost and spirits (which I now know are 2 completely different things) since it looks like I'll be surrounded by them for a long time. I'm sure some of this stuff will come in handy in the future.

"How long are you gonna be on that thing?" complained Hewie. "It's been over an hour.

Oh, please. An hour is nothing compared to how long I spent on the computer before I died. I can do this all night and day, baby.

"Quiet. I'm working, peasant," I shushed him. He frowned.

"What are you even looking at anyway? Is it porn?"

"NO, it's not porn!" I snapped. "I'm not like you! Always thinking of something dirty!"

"How do you even know how to type let alone read?" Hewie suddenly changed the subject. I stopped.

Oh. Oops. What should I say?

"Skills," was all I said as I continued to type.

"Hey! You can't steal that form me!"

"What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine."

"Gavi, no! You're beginning to sound more and more like this monster!" Leroy looked close to tears. Hewie smiled. "That's great!" he exclaimed. I gave them a look of pure horror. "That's terrible!"

Hewie just nodded his head. "I knew I was doing a good job. My little Gav is growing up to be just like her Uncle Hewie!" he asked as he pretended to wipe away a tear.

I kicked him off the bed and Uncle Leroy gave him a dirty look. "I'm her uncle! Not not you, you little pest!"

Hewie laughed. "I guess you're right. I mean...uncles can't MARRY their own nieces..."

Leroy gasped. "Keep your grubby little hands off my niece or there will be hell to pay!"

Hewie only laughed more.

"Gavin! Come down and eat!" Amanda called from down stairs.

"Coming!" I yelled back down. Geez, what took you so long?

Leroy's POV

Honestly, this girl is just full of surprises.

When the hell did Gavin learn to read and type?

Who the hell taught her how to use the computer?! What else does she know how to do? Was she some kind of genius?

Leroy knew she was mature, but being this knowledgeable at age 3 was...something.

And the way she froze up when Hewie asked her about she hiding something?

Ugh. So many questions.

Leroy sighed. He didn't feel like integrating his sweet little niece. It could end up putting a strain on their relationship. The deceased man shook his head.

I guess only time will tell. he thought.

Leroy glanced at the computer and read what he had niece searching for.

Ghost, poltergeist, demons, shadow people, spirits, ect. Basically anything that had to do with the supernatural.


Gavin's POV

"I don't want to do this anymore. Can we please stop."



"Foot stools don't talk," I said as I rested my feet on top of Hewie's back.

"I'm not a footstool," he protested.

"You are today," I told him, flipping through the channels on the living room TV. I placed more popcorn into my mouth and stopped flipping as I reached my desired channal.


Look to the past
As we head for the future
To reclaim the Digital world

With faith in ourselves
And trust in each other
We'll live by the lessons we've learned~!'

Awww yeah! Good times! I though, getting exited. This was my favorite season!

'Ding-Dong!' The door bell rang, interrupting me from my show.

"Hewie, go get that!" I commanded him.

"Uh, you don't seem to realize that I'm a fucking ghost," he snapped at me.

"I got it!" Amanda called out, making her way to the door. She opened the door and was greeted by the delivery man, a small box in hand.

"Delivery for...Amanda Gardner," the man read. Amanda's face turned confused.

"For me?" she asked looking a bit unsettled. The man nodded. "If that's your're name. Sign here please."

I noticed Hewie watching as well form the corner of my eye. Why was she so nervous?

She cautiously took the box from the man after signing and thanked the man as he left.

What was that all about? Was something wrong?

Amanda's POV

Who the hell...?

A package? For me?


She didn't order anything and no one should know who she is or where she is-!

Aw fuck.

She studied the package in my hands. Please, don't tell me it was him. The one who called me before... She silently prayed.

What if he got tired of waiting? What if this was some sort of trap?! Amanda ran her hand through her hair and groaned, frustrated. "I better take this outside. Just to be sure," she told herself, making her way to the back door.

Amanda racked her brain for any sort of memory having to do with the box that was currently sitting on the backyard's grassy ground. She found nothing.

Maybe I'm over thinking this... She thought to herself. What if she was panicking for no reason at all? Maybe she did order something of maybe the kendells ordered her something...

Either way, it wasn't like she should chance it.

In fact, maybe she shouldn't open the package on Kendell property. Or at all. What if it was a bomb?

But it doesn't tick.

What if it was a silent bomb?

Dear God, she was no good at this sort of thing. She should just throw it away. Yep. Trash.


What if it was important? And she was pretty curious...

NO. She was smarter than that! The women glared down at the box.

"...I suppose I could open it. From a safer distance away from the house," she, again, said silently to herself.

Suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere, the box was ripped opened and out came several slips of paper, all with different different writings on them. As the papers genitally fell into the grass, Amanda got a better look at what the writing said. The women looked horrified from what she saw.




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