The next day was dreary and overcast - the beginnings of a storm, if it were anyone's guess. Gustauve hardly cared as he looked out towards the horizon in abject disgust. Already, those bridle-biting bastards were making their way towards the water plant – they were heading for the bunker, and in numbers that still brought a shiver down his spine. 'This is it then,' he thought, 'we're finished – they'll get through our defenses by sheer weight of numbers alone.' His quiet thoughts of defeat were ended when Gedab, who had made his way up to the roof as well, placed a hand on the German's shoulder and gave a reassuring squeeze. "We're going to get through this, just you wait and see." The Medic could do nothing but continue to look on towards the encroaching cancer that was their enemy. "How can you be so sure of that?" He asked after a few minutes.

Turning to look at his comrade, Gedab simply smiled and said, "I'm can't be – none of us can." Looking back towards the horizon, he added, "We have nothing at this moment if not hope, and hope is a very powerful weapon; if there's still hope, then we will keep fighting." Giving a final squeeze to Gustauve's Shoulder, he said, "Don't give up hope, Gus – find what gives you hope and cling to it." With that, he made to leave, but not before Gustauve called out to him, "Gedab… thank you." With a smile, Gedab replied, "No problem." And on that final note he left Gustauve to his thoughts. 'Hope,' thought Gustuave, 'there is only one thing in this world that still gives me hope.' The image of an angel came to his mind, her wavy blonde hair cascading around her head like a halo, her beautiful blue eyes, so full of life and love, her pink lips, set in that endearing smile she made only for him, and a voice like crystal, so pure and heavenly. 'I will fight on then, if only for the hope of seeing her again.'

By the time the sun had begun to set, a slow, cold rain had begun to fall, as the beleaguered defenders took to their stations. The final battle had arrived – this was their last stand; there was nowhere else to go, if they could not stop the tide of enemies here, than there could be nope hope of ever stopping them. They came in droves, throwing themselves at the outer defenses as if possessed by a spirit of madness, for every one that fell to the automated defenses, ten more took its place. Soon enough, the auto guns fells silent, and the bronies poured in towards the final line of defense that held them out of the realm of JetPack. "This is it," exclaimed P.L.E.X, "Show them no mercy, for they shall show none to you!" The massive cannons that lined the crenelations let loose a thunderous roar, as the resulting explosions tore the land and all upon it asunder, yet still they came.

The bunker complex was indeed formidable, but over the next few hours, as the rain poured down, and the light of the fading sun began to disappear altogether, the first signs of weakness began to become self-evident. Already, a massive fissure ran up the southern wall, the result of a suicide sticky-rush. Many of the cannons were rent and twisted beyond use, as the enemy used Cow-manglers to melt both man and gun alike. On the western wall the enemy had begun using the bodies of their fallen brethren as a ramp to ascend to the roof, and it was all the defenders could do to keep them off. More and more, the defenders found themselves being pushed back, and as the first few invaders made their way onto the roof, it looked to be over!

All at once the booming blare of a horn seemed to silence the entire battlefield, as all eyes looked towards the southern ridge. The noise was immediately apparent – the dull, growling thrum of massive diesel engines and the creaking moan of mechanical treads, the groaning of metal trying to support too great of a weight, and the buzzing of electrical conduits filled the air in a symphony of noise that brought to mind a factory. Then the floodlights peeked over the ridge, casting a harsh glow upon the now unrecognizable water plant. When the metal monstrosity finally made its way over the ridge, neither side could believe their eyes! Three stories high, riveted together, with an array of towers and dishes, blue in color and slowing to a halt, it was all many could do not to stop and openly gawk at it!

The crackle of a microphone sang out as a voice that the defenders immediately recognized called out, "You cock-sucking, mother-fucking, queer-assed sons-of-whores picked the wrong God-damned server to mess with: EAT SHIT AND DIE!" With those final words, the megaphone system flared to life with the electrifying sounds of Guns and Rose's 'Welcome to the Jungle', and the front of the factory on wheels began to open like a drawbridge. The sight that met both attacker and defender alike was incredible; there, back-lit by the inner workings of an assembly line, stood row after row of robots that slowly began to activate with a spark of static discharge and the with humming of gas engines. With eerie coordination and mechanical clatter, they began their descent down the access ramp and into the fray!

With a renewed vigor that could only come from the realization that they had been saved, the defenders gave a raucous shout and began to fight back with all of their might, as the brony scourge was sent reeling! More and more robots sprang forth, and while many were destroyed before even entering combat, even more took their place, straight off the assembly line! It was a perpetual wave of metal monstrosities, turned to a cause of justice by the mad workings of a man with ambition! Stepping out from the cockpit of the mobile factory, Valentine struck a pose and began playing air guitar with gusto. Already, the invaders were hard pressed to either fight back or escape, and with the knowledge that their invasion was effectively broken, they began to disperse in every imaginable direction, but still there were those who refused to run, and while they still drew breath they would continue to fight!

Within hours the last remnants of the cancerous scourge were wiped clean, and the defenders were celebrating with music and laughter, food and drink. Valentine sat and regaled many of them with the story of how he had retrofitted an old, bombed out MvM factory over the past few years with the idea of using it to help defend the server from future threats. While many were slightly upset that he had done so in secrecy, all were glad that he had managed to succeed. It was there, amidst all the revelry and celebration that Gustauve approached Valentine, and offering a drink said, "I must apologize to you Valentine, I had thought you to be a traitor to us for the longest time." With a chuckle, Valentine replied, "Apology accepted, Gus – I'm just glad it actually worked out in the end." Their moment was cut short when Think Tank came out of the bunker with a shout of joy exclaiming, "I managed to fix the respawn – look who all were stuck in limbo!" Stepping aside, he revealed all of those members who had fallen, all who had died in defense of the server!

With a cheer, the entire celebration went into overdrive as everyone enjoyed the feeling of freedom that victory had bestowed upon them! Noticing P.L.E.X looking off into the distance, Gustuave walked up to his side and said, "Well?" Nodding in recognition to this friend, P.L.E.X responded, "Well?" With a relieved smile Gus laughed, "We did it – the server is safe." With a smile of his own, P.L.E.X chuckled, "Indeed it is." And with that, the two of them turned back to the party. Come tomorrow, a new dawn will break across the sky, and a new chapter in the legend of the JetPack server will begin.

The End.