My Dearest Rebbecca,

It has been some time since last I wrote to you, my darling, and I must apologize for that. Things have taken a turn for the worst here in Big City; the enemy made a preemptive strike and we have been reeling ever since. It is darkest night as I write to you, and a light rain has set in. It's funny, not six hours ago, the sky was filled with smoke, and the land was blackened by soot, and now it seems that nature will wash it all away. If only life were such, that a mere rain could solve all that ails us in these dire times – but the scourge that plagues us is an altogether implacable sort of beast. Oh Rebbecca, I pray that you may never see what horrors have befallen us here; I would not wish it upon even my most loathsome of enemies. They come at all hours of the day, seemingly intent on destroying us at all cost - I'm must go now – Sebass claims to have seen something scurrying through the darkness, and he hasn't been wrong so far. I can only hope that this letter manages to reach you safely; I am alive, and am constantly thinking of you.

With all of my love,