I was feeling creative so I decided to write an AHS fic. I haven't done that. So I'm mixing in the characters from all the seasons. Picked 5 main characters, of course I went with the remaining actors who actually stayed throughout the three seasons, Lily Rabe, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy and Jessica Lange. I did a raffle on each of them, having put their three characters they've played on AHS, the characters that came out, I'll use them in this story. I also did a raffle on the locations, Asylum, murder house or New Orleans, Miss Robichaux's Academy. And also raffled all the characters (Minor and other main supporting Characters from all three seasons) and picked 15. Here are the results. Although, if I happen to accidently choose two characters, played by the same actor/actress, one of them or two of them would have to be eliminated.

Setting- Murder house

Lily Rabe- Sister Mary Eunice

Evan Peters- Kit Walker

Frances Conroy- Moira O'Hara

Sarah Paulson- Lana Winters

Jessica Lange- Sister Jude

(I seriously didn't cheat, all asylum characters just popped out, except Frances')

Supporting Characters

Violet (Season 1)

Dr. Arthur Arden (Season 2)

Ben Harmon (Season 1)

Queenie (Season 3)

Timothy Howard (Season 2)

Oliver Thredson (Season 2)

Madison Montgomery (Season 3)

Minor Characters

Pepper (Season 2)

Hayden (Season 1)

Frank McCann (Season 2)

Charles Montgomery (Season 1)

Axe man (Season 3)

Leigh Emerson (Season 2)

Spivey (Season 2)

Spalding (Season 3)

They will all be the same people (personality) but I think I'll keep them before something happened. Some of them will be already dead, and others will be dead, as it is murder house (And AHS, what's AHS without killings and deaths right?)

Characters that are not in this list but are in the Murder house as Ghosts, they will probably be mentioned, but most likely, they will be "guest appearances"