"You look really nice in that dress, Mary." Violet said, trying so hard not to cry. That white simple short sleeved dress that Mary was wearing was her mother's favorite summer dress. She hadn't worn that dress since they moved to this house, and had promised Violet she would one day have it too, though it really wasn't her style.

After almost an hour of Mary trying out the outfits Madison had, considering her trampy look, Jude had once said during their visit here, Mary wasn't one to wear them. Some were too short, since she was a lot taller than Madison, they appeared even shorter. Some were tight, and all of them were too revealing.

Violet knew instantly what dress would fit Mary best. The dress was one inch above the knees, and had simple plain white patterns of beautiful flowers.

Luckily it fit her perfectly, and to her amazement so did the shoes that went with them. They were summer wedges, as well as white and had a simple pattern that was sewed on the straps that would soon hug Mary's size 5 feet. The wedges were only 1 inch high, and Violet explained to her, that her mother loved them so much because they never seemed to hurt her feet, no matter how long she wore them.

"They do look comfortable." Mary smiled, once again checking the mirror but frowning, when she realized, this dress shouldn't be worn by some stranger. "Violet?"

"Don't worry about it. My mother would have loved you. She wouldn't mind."

"But she gave it to you,"

"And now I'm giving it to you." She smiled. "Trust me, you look way better in it than me. It's not my style."

Mary tilted her head in confusion. "Style?"

Madison rolled her eyes, obviously getting tired of this innocent and ignorant Mary. She couldn't wait to break her, which is why she decided to take them out and find something that will change the nun.

"Is it a sin to take her out of her uniform?" Queenie asked, whispering to Madison,

"Bitch, how the hell should I know? Besides, if it was, she would have to take a shower in it." Madison chuckled. To move things along, Madison chose to answer Mary's question.

"Style is something we all have. You know, like me for example, I have this Hollywood girl power style, Queenie has her ghetto glitter girl,"

"Girl you better watch where you're going with that." She said; ready to put up a fight,

Madison shrugged and continued, "Violet has some kind of dark…'I'm about to kill myself'…sorta style."

Violet let out a small laugh, "my dad will love that one,"

"And you…hmm, you have some kind of innocent angelic look with a hint of 'I'm a good girl' style. Style, something every person has to express themselves."

"Innocent angelic look?" Mary questioned,

"With a hint of 'I'm a good girl' style." Madison added. "Now can we go already? I'm starved." She paused, "I'm craving for a burger." Getting a picture of where they should go out to eat.


"What is so different with this one?" Kit asked, looking through the pictures of the last victim, whose blood was used to send a message.

Hart cleared his throat, "This one wanted to be found, usually he's been sending messages to us, but the body is found somewhere else. He wanted us to find this one."

Kit nodded, agreeing with him, "What do we tell our lieutenant?"

"Tell him we need more time to figure out who LW is."

"Hart, Walker, you two better turn on a T.V. and watch the news. You guys might wanna see this," A friend of theirs said,

"We better do as he says, Detective," Kit said,

Hart was ahead of him, walking to his closet in his office and placed it in front of his desk, Kit took a chair from the hall, and placed it next to Hart, and waited for Hart to turn on the T.V.

'You said, you couldn't wait for revenge. Do you think he knows this?' A reporter was interviewing Lana,

'I hope he does,' Lana said,

'Many women are afraid of this…Bloody Face…and you are not? Is that correct?'

Lana smiled wickedly and nodded, 'I think he'll be more afraid of me.'

The reporter smiled unsure of what she was hearing, but decided it was enough information. 'Well there you have it, Bloody Face if you're watching this, look out for Lana Winters,'

"L.W! Stands for Lana Winters," Kit said, stating the obvious.

"We better find her before he does,"

Kit and Hart hurried out from Hart's office, and back to the world where apparently every psycho wanted to kill in their own creative way.

"I think I knew her, detective. I believe she was once a patient in Briarcliff."


Kit nodded,

"We should have seen it coming. She came here to get revenge. Do you know why?"

"When she was admitted to Briarcliff, Bloody Face took her lover, Wendy…I can't remember her last name…he murdered her."

"Lover? Is that why she was in Briarcliff?"


"Doesn't anyone know that that gay/lesbian thing is over now? No one cares anymore."

"Apparently not in Massachusetts."


Lana wasn't scared she was nervous, anxious. Excited. Madison texted her the address, apparently with some, as Madison put it, Bitches of hers.

She drove to the destination, and saw her cousin through a large glass window, eating. She smiled. She could use her cousin, especially with her talent she calls, witchcraft. Bloody Face won't know what's coming to him.

As she parked her car, she took a deep breath before she walked in.

"If it isn't my favorite Bitch," Madison said,

A blonde young woman jumped at her cousin's language. Madison ignored her reaction, obviously used to it by now.

Lana took a chair and sat down on the table with the rest of the crew. Now getting a closer look, she knows who that blonde woman is now.

"Sister Mary Eunice?" Squinting her eyes, trying so hard to find another face, making sure it was the right one.

"Ms. Winter?"

Everyone else turned to each other, confused. This could be a small world.

"You two know each other?" Madison asked.

Lana smiled. She was her only friend in Briarcliff, the only kind hearted nun in the staff who treated the patients like human beings instead of animals. "Briarcliff," She said. "You're not a nun anymore? What are you doing way over here?"

Madison's eyes became wide, and noticed Queenie's eyes were on hers. Both realizing they were about to be exposed. Though the only person who didn't know they were witches, was Mary. But if Mary knew, she would have to tell the big bitch Jude. Mary can't keep a secret from her, and if they knew, then they will probably be burned at the stake by some religious people.

Madison swallowed hard, when she had a picture of herself nice and toasted.

"I am, Madison Violet and Queenie got me a makeover." She smiled. Then, when she was about to answer the next question, it was as if it just ran away. She couldn't remember why. "That's funny, I can't remember why we're here in the first place," Mary said, confused.

Lana raised an eyebrow. Once Madison made a face, she knew what she was up to.

"Wait…we're?" Lana asked,

"Yes," Mary said excitedly, but soon that was gone when she realized what people came here with her. Lana hated Jude, she disliked Arthur, and she always seemed to get herself in trouble with Frank.

"Jude." She said, Mary nodded, confirming her guess.

"And Dr. Arden, and Frank."

"How was I supposed to know Briarcliff was the place you went to? Plus you told me it was far away from here."

"Apparently not Maddy." Lana said.

They were both in the bathroom, talking into a conversation they both wanted since Lana realized who Madison was hanging out with.

"I thought you said she was your friend?"

"She is, but…sometimes friends bring bad memories." Lana said, looking down, crossing her arms, protecting herself. Something she used to do in Briarcliff.

"whatever. Look, we're lucky we have Violet here with us. She wants to bring that maniac down just as much as you do, and she knows about me and Queenie. Bitch don't mind a thing. That's how bad she wants to get revenge."

"Who else knows? Does Mary Know?"

"Virgin Mary don't know shit. She's very loyal to Jude. Can't trust them."

"Why are they here?"

"They came to take Violet away to Briarcliff. Queenie and I know you need her so we made a magic potion to make them forget why they're here. So be careful, we don't have that much time, it won't last long."

"Then we better get started then. How are we going to get rid of Mary? She's a very nice person, I wouldn't want her involved in this."

"We can't do anything today,"

"Why not?"

Madison crossed her arms, and sighed, glancing at the bathroom door.

"Shit's about to happen."

"What are you—," she was cut off by gunshots, and there were screams, and one of them she knew was Mary Eunice.

"I think there's a window here, come on, we still got time."

"We're not leaving without them! Don't you have powers?"

"I can't be seen using them,"


"Lana, they can kill me with bullets, I don't have the power to resurrect."

Lana blocked Madison from the window, and pointed to the direction where the damage is being done.

"We need Violet and she's in there."

"Fine! But you owe me big time!" Madison marched out the bathroom, and counted the men who had guns. Five of them in total, and apparently wanted more than money from the cash register, they had taken Violet and Mary as hostages. As she was about to use her telekinesis, one of the guys started screaming, apparently had been stuck by something invisible. His arm started bleeding, and screaming with pain.

Madison smiled. This was Queenie's work. The other four were confused, and one of them started screaming at the guy, who was bleeding,

"Shut up! What are you crying about?"

Two of the men who had Mary and Violet started walking slowly towards the exit, Madison smirked,

"You think your gonna get out of here without a fight? Fuckers, you don't know who you're dealing with."

Without doing anything but a nod, both men flew to the walls, and hit it so hard, the wall cracked. Luckily, there were only the five of the guys, Mary, Violet, Queenie and herself to witness her power. Six of them who didn't know what she was capable of.

"What the hell? What are you?" One of them said, before he took a gun and pointed it at her. But Queenie had the chance to use her talent, chopping off his hand from afar.

Madison took two hands and acted as if she were holding an invisible ball, then turned the invisible ball, and one of the guys head snapped, and he collapsed.

"Damn you killed the bastard," Queenie said, as she was walking towards Madison. Queenie had a knife in her hand and stabbed herself three times in the stomach, only she didn't feel any pain. But one of the five men did.

"Three more to go." Madison said, as she had an eye on one of the three.

Violet took a gun that one of the men dropped and shot on of them, when he was about to attack both her and Mary. Mary screamed and closed her eyes tightly, while covering her ears. She felt a hand on her shoulder and screamed even harder when she thought one of the men had found her hiding behind the counter.

"Shh, Mary it's me Lana." When she didn't stop screaming, Lana shook her hard to snap her out of it. "Calm down, I'm not going to hurt you."

Mary was crying, and shaking, and wouldn't open her eyes. Lana cradled her and waited till it was over.

Another gun was off, but sounded a lot more different. It sounded like it was being shot outside.

"Shit!" Madison screamed. "Witch hunters,"

"I knew it was too easy. This was a trap." Queenie said.

"No shit Sherlock!" She said, before she went down, which Queenie followed. "You can't hide your ass Queenie."

"Shut up Bitch!"

"You might as well come out you witch bitches!" A voice was heard, Madison knew who it was.

"Suck my dick you two faced asshole!" Madison screamed.

Spalding, who was just a few feet away from the diner, smiled evilly.

"I'm coming in, I have the power to kill you. Any last word?"

As he was going in, Violet, who had been hiding on the side of the entrance, smacked him with a pan.

"Come on, let's get out of here!"

Lana helped Mary get up and practically dragged her out of there, while Queenie and Madison checked to see if the coast was clear. Violet led them to Lana's car, and drove home.

"What the fuck! Who was that?" Violet asked, still shaking, and trying so hard not to lose the wheel.

"Spalding. He was on our side, before we killed our Supreme Fiona. He wanted revenge ever since."


"Supreme is a witch who is powerful. More powerful than any other witch. But she was an old supreme. The narcissistic bitch who didn't want to die. When a new supreme rises, the old one dies." Lana explained, she heard the story a hundred times, and she knew.

"I'm guessing the new Supreme had risen and killed her?"

"Yes. Spalding was very loyal to her, and apparently in love with the hag."

" I can fucking feel his love for her," She said, as she was trying so hard not to grab her arm.

"You were shot," Queenie said, Violet shook her head.

"Not, I scratched myself with something."

"Well you got lucky!" Queenie said, as she herself found a wound on her stomach on her arm.

"Holy shit, you've been shot! How the fuck did you not notice?!" Madison asked,

"D-Dr Arden." Mary said, still shaking and crying. Lana was still holding her, trying to calm her down.

"She's right, Dr. Arden is a doctor, he can help us." Lana said,

"Do you think he can keep a secret Mary?" Lana asked, but it was too late,

"What happened?" Queenie asked,

"She fainted."

They practically barged in the house, with Madison and Violet both making sure Queenie doesn't collapse with the amount of blood she lost, and Lana was glad Mary wasn't heavy, because she was the only one who could carry her.

"Violet! What the hell happened?!" Ben asked, while he noticed Lana struggle with Mary. "Here let me help you." Ben took Mary off her hands, and led them to the living room, where he placed Mary on the couch.

"We can't explain until we heal Queenie." Violet said,

"Moira, get me a wet towel for Mary, and call Doctor Arden in here." Moira took no time to question him, and ran to the kitchen.

A minute later, Frank, Jude and Dr. Arden ran in to see what was the problem.

"Sister! What on earth happened?" Sister Jude said, as she ran towards the younger sister,

Dr. Arden tried to do the same, but was dragged by Madison to Queenie.

"Help her first. She's been shot."

Moira came in with a wet towel and handed it to Ben.

"And what happened to her?" Ben asked, as he placed a towel on Mary's forehead.

"She was in shock the whole time, she passed out in the car." Lana answered, being careful to what she was saying.

"She's very delicate, this one." Jude said.

"Frank, run to the car, and get me my supplies," Arthur commanded, which Frank nodded and jogged his way out.

It took an hour for them to explain what happened. They of course left out the witch hunting part, and only said that they were caught in the middle of a robbery gone wrong.

"Violet, you're bleeding!"

"It's just a cut dad, it doesn't hurt."

"I don't want you out there anymore, you hear me? I want you in the house by six! And if frank doesn't mind, he'll be taking you out, whenever you go out."

"Don't mind at all," Frank said,

"I do! Dad, you're overreacting, I'm fine. I know how to protect myself."

"Ms. Queenie will be fine, she's resting upstairs as we speak." Dr. Arden said, and took no time to take care of the still sleeping Mary.

"Ms. Winters." Jude said.

"Sister Jude."

"May I ask why Sister Mary Eunice is out of uniform?" Jude asked, eyeing Lana.

"Calm down Cruella. We were just playing dress up." Madison said,

Everyone in the room jumped, when they heard a knock on the door. Moira opened the door, and two police men walked in,

"These two gentlemen want to question the girls." Moira said.

Detective Hart waited till the maid left, as he checked her out. Kit cleared his throat, as he was trying to get his partner his attention.

"There were cameras by the diner, and it showed the five of you getting out of it, can you confirm that?"

"Well hello there. Yes we were," Madison smiling, twirling her hair and biting her lip as she spotted Kit. Who had found Violet's eyes. He blushed, and so did Violet.

Madison rolled her eyes. Oh well, she still had the other one.

"Can you tell me who else was in there? Obviously you're not the type to break a man's neck. There had to be someone there strong enough to do that."

"I don't really remember who it was, but he saved us all."

"Can you tell me how he looks like?" Hart asked, as he took out a small notepad, and pen.

"hmm, Violet? Do you remember?"

"It all happened so fast,"

"What about you ma'am?"

Lana swallowed hard, and sighed, "I was busy trying to calm Mary, who was hiding the whole time. So she can't help you either."

"Is that Mary?" Hart pointed towards the sleeping beauty. "Is she gonna be alright?"

"She'll be fine." Lana said,

"Aren't you Lana Winters?" Kit asked,

"Can you two come back later, if this chick wakes up with you two here, we'll never hear the end of it," Madison said,

"Call us when she's ready to talk. We need as much information from you five as possible. There are three people dead, those who tried to rob the place. The rest ran away. Kit I suggest you stay here, make sure these girls are safe."

"Thank you," Ben agreeing. Although he didn't notice the eyes his daughter and the detective were giving to one another.

About a couple minutes, Mary finally woke up.

"How many times does this girl pass out?" Madison asked,

Lana smiled.

"Are you ok?" Violet asked Mary. Mary nodded,

"Do you remember anything?" Kit asked,

"Detective please, this child had enough for today," Jude said, helping Mary sit down on the couch.

"D-detective!? It was no nightmare, it did happen?!" And she burst out crying. Jude gave an evil glare to the brunette detective.

"I'll take her to my room, she can rest there." Violet said.


"Mary you have to keep everything you saw to yourself, ok?" Violet said, while tucking in Mary.

"What are you?" Mary asked Madison.

"I'm a witch. Trust me, I don't hurt anyone, and I'm not the devil. So don't try to bless me. And Violet, don't baby her, she's a grown woman."

"I'm just trying to help her in to bed."

"Look, Mary don't say a word about me and Queenie. All they know is that someone saved us, and left. That's the story. All you have to say, is that you blacked out."

"Why can't I say that you saved us?"

"Cuz I ain't no superman. And if they find out I'm a witch, they'll burn me and Queenie. Do want us to die?"

Mary shook her head no.

"Ok, then. Sometimes you gotta lie to protect other people."

"Mary, do you understand now?" Violet asked

"I think so."

"Friends don't tell on friends." Violet said, smiling.

Mary smiled at the word. She never had any friends, so she liked the word very much, and finally knew what she had to do. "I promise I won't tell,"

"Yes, because friends keep each other's secrets. Tell me a secret, that way we can be even,"

Mary thought, "I'm thinking of leaving the church,"

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