Lana refused to stop scribbling in her room although Sister Mary had threatened her several times. She'd tried to hide her notes about her time in the hospital, the tortures she had endured, but every day she came back to an empty cell, her notes nowhere to be found.

She sat in the common room, scribbling yet again. Sister Mary approached her sheepishly, almost as though she thought being a lesbian was a disease one could catch if they got too close.

"Ms. Winters?" Sister Mary asked from a fair distance. Lana glanced up.

"Can I help you Sister?" Lana replied in a harsh tone, Sister Mary taken aback by the tone.

"I thought I warned you not to write, I wouldn't want Sister Jude to find out about this."

"What could she do that hasn't already been done to be in here?" Lana fumed, she wasn't putting up with this any longer. She wasn't just a patient or a number, she was a person that mattered.

"Ms. Winters, this is the last time I'm going to ask you, put the pen and paper down and walk away." Sister Mary's voice became increasingly stern, Lana looked up at her with a sense of rebellion in her eyes before looking back down and continuing to write. "Guards!"

Before Lana knew it two guards had taken her from behind and began dragging her out of the common room. She twisted and shouted in protest but it was no use, the guards overpowered her. The dragged her up the spiral staircase and stormed into Sister Jude's office.

Jude had relapsed and had a few sips of wine. A few too many. Her head spun and her judgment had been temporarily removed. As Lana was thrown into her office she wiped her mouth removing to alcohol that had missed it's target. She hid the bottle under her desk and sat up straight. She flicked her wrists allowing the guards to leave, locking the door behind them.

Lana sat on her knees and looked up at Sister Jude who sat across the room. Jude slowly swayed side to side making Lana realize she wasn't her usual ferocious self. Lana stood and walked over to the desk and leaned in close, smelling the wine. She snickered.

"Looks like I'm not the only sinner in here." Lana smirked.

"Why are you here Ms. Winters? Run out of women to harass?" Jude said in a mocking tone, Lana ignored it

"No," Lana searched her mind for a witty comeback, "they couldn't handle me anyway."

"Oh, really?" Jude seemed intrigued by this, leaning in so her and Lana's faces were almost pressed against one another.

Lana saw this as an opportunity, she leaned in and kissed Jude. She used her tongue like she never had before feeling as though she was trying to surpass a bar she had set for herself. Just as Lana was about to pull out of the kiss, Jude brought her hands to Lana's face and roughly pulled her closer. Lana got up onto the desk and sat on her knees, her neck curving in order to kiss Jude. Lana began to play with Jude's hair, Jude started to fondle Lana. Lana moaned getting wet almost immediately, it had been so long. So, so long.

Lana continued to kiss Jude, passionately using her tongue as a weapon against the weak nun. Jude found her way under Lana's gown and began to finger Lana, fast and hard. Lana pulled her mouth away from Jude in order to catch her breath. Jude saw this as an opportunity and began peppering kisses all down Lana's neck. Suddenly, Jude pulled away. Lana looked at her with fury, she had been so close with Jude made such smooth circles inside of her.

Jude sauntered across the room to the cabinet which held her canes and opened it, pulling out her favourite.

"Now," Jude began, "bend over."