Daughter of monster

Paring: Fem Harry/Jake/Leon/? /?/? (Harem), Claire/Steve Lily/Spencer/? maybe Lily/Wesker and maybe others couples in later chapter

Summary: Lara Potter always knew monsters were real after all her father was Ozwell E. Spencer and her mother was Lily Potter one of finest workers in Umbrella Company. Lara who has spend her childhood as her mother's test subject, now is hiding her past, but what happened when our favourite resident evil guys end up in her life and she must face life she left behind?

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I looked my new born daughter and I thanked gods in somewhere to giving her black hair, because that covered the fact she wasn't James daughter, after all he wasn't even able to have kids.

But he needed heir and soon, so I gave it in way he couldn't, except it but still he had heiress now. James is good man I know it but he is dumb and he can't understand that I want career not a kids at least this soon, but we he has kid or he can think so.

James looks ´´our´´ daughter and he loves her already even if can tell she looks to much like me and she has those aristocratic looks that neither of us don't have.

"What we are going to name her?" I ask even if I want still think.

"I was thinking about Lara." James say I smile.

"I like it, Lara Potter, but I want still think of it." I say soon my boss come and congratulate us.

"Can I talk with Lily for moment, there is some of our colleagues who want know more about this little princess." He says and soon James leave after all he is so excited

"So what you are going to name our daughter?" He asks and, his voice is smooth but there is a hit of poisonous threat.

"James and I were thinking about naming her Lara." I say dangerously low manner and I look my boss who takes my daughter away from me to his arms.

"Hmm… I think she looks like Chloe." H say and gives me a look that I'm-going-tell-your-husband-if-you-won't-do-as-I-say.

"Chloe, then." I say and he gives me his signature smirk and when he is about leave he says "That's good name, I can't wait to have you back in Umbrella, and we all miss you."

Soon after he has leaved, James comes back and I give him my best poker face.

"I think we should name Paddy as godfather you can name her godmother." James says happily and first time it hurts me too see how happy he is about my lie since he doesn't know truth about fact his ability have kids.

"Annette Birkin my co-worker can be godmother and I was thinking name her Chloe Lara Potter." I say and James nods as since his acceptance.

3 years later

James was death, Voldemort was killed and my daughter was hailed as saviour of wizard world.

I look my daughter who looking children picture book and I kneel front of her.

"I think we should stay longer here England than just for grandparent's funerals and grandpa Charlus funerals, is that okay?" I ask and she gives me small nod and I smile at her.

"Good girl and your first name shall be now on Lara and Chloe be your middle name, I have plan for us and you." I say she nods.

She never talk to much, not that I care, she likes to be alone except when she is spending time either Lovegood girl, Weasley kid sons (Charlie, twins, Percy sometimes) and newborn Sherry Birkin, who is Annette's and William's daughter.

I won't let her father tell anymore what I should do with my daughter.

And now things are going to change for all of us.

Guys for Lara's Harem, I was thinking:


Wesker (I he is not with Lily or if he is even paired with anyone, originally Wesker was suppose to be biological father of Lara, but because she going to be with Jake, it would be awkward unless they are going to turn new Lannister twin, god again game of thrones reference)




Ada (I know she is girl but still she is hot)

HUNK (just kidding)

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