Chapter 14

Barry Pov

We are finally on the island and we haven't talk much since we left from harbor.

But then again we don't have much to say after all we both have lost something this special, daughters, Moira and Hailey.

It's so weird that little Lara has child, well she put her adoption after all I know how much Lara still fears that her own mother comes back and snatch Hailey.

Not that I blame her, I remember Lily from one my missions and god she was crazy.

One thing that bothers me is that not even once Lara hasn't mentioned Hailey's father but look in her face tells quit well that's she knows who has fathered her daughter.

As we are about to land old harbor we talk little and she is going one and I will going another since it makes search faster and with in two days were are going to meet docks again.

Before I can say goodbye she has vanished and I murmur stupid witches and their teleport magic.

I look around docks its typical Easter-European shit stained hell hole well maybe once this was beautiful old fashioned island with fishers, but now there was no soul but quiet wind and everything was abandoned which made me feel uncomfortable.

I look around and I see small girl not Hailey (picture show that Hailey had her mother's eye and hair color).

And this girl was older, she has light brown eyes and brown hair.

"Hello I'm Natalie." She says and smiles me shyly.

Chris pov

We are here... Sushestovanie island here Claire should be. It's been 2 months since Claire disappeared and let's just hope for best.

We land in near by of some fishermen village.

I look others Leon is stressed for Claire since they are good friends and well that other tension thing between us doesn't help, Steve is an breaking point and almost as jumpy as that one time Claire forced him watch Broadway musical cats, Jake is calm and I don't know how I feel about son of Wesker but he is here for favor to Sherry, Jill and Sherry are pretty calm so is Piers who came this mission for his respect towards me after all our team is like a family.

I don't how I feel since everything is so hard and messy in my mind.

We start walk toward village for hoping find clues.

Suddenly new type virus creatures and we start shoot them, this is like merry ok STAR times and we get our way through village to old village pub.

Jill and Sherry lock door and we we think we are finally safe, I hear someone's steps and we all point guns to behind counter.

When we see last person I expect...


Somewhere near by...

"It seems that everyone is here." Alex Wesker cold voice is almost only thing in monitor room.

"Yes and its getting more and more interesting whole time. After all my children are here and my grandchild, but when we started plan this, I never except this would turn so much fun." Lily answers equally as cold voice and look monitors.

"I'm surprised that Redfield brought whole team but more is merrier, and now my sweet daughter is here as I planned it's perfect." Lily continues cold but sickly sweet voice.

"I still don't understand why you wanted all of them here." Alex ask now actually curious.

"Viruses affects completely different in magical blood, like your being immune to bad part virus and you are able adapted to so called super powers that comes with it, I want see how its affect with my grand daughter since she was born as carrier of R-virus and I like keep them here for my personal entertainment." Lily answers while cruel smile rises her lips.

Man opens the door and nods women and Lily's smile grows even bigger.

"Oh, Albert my dear old friend, I'm glad that you decided to join our little experiment." Lily says and they nods once more before starting following things that are happening on island.

I needed change game timelines for sake of story and Piers is alive.

And for Hailey's father any wishes?