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Part 1

Gail ignored the bodies dancing around her as she spotted her target, the tan brunette currently flirting with another woman at the bar. She checked the time and made her way out of the club leaving behind the pounding music.

It was with some relief that she climbed into the back seat of a blacked out SUV.

"Gut?" The driver asked.

Gail eyed the heavy set man from behind, then she yawned. "Ja." She replied. They were good, things were going to plan. "Just keep a lookout."

"Ja." He muttered.

Gail slouched along the back seat and pulled out her cell phone. She had a text from Chris. He'd given her the all clear. She sighed again and closed her eyes. "We're on for tomorrow."

The driver snorted but Gail ignored him.

"We go?" He said a few minutes later as he started the engine.

Gail shifted and looked out the windscreen. True enough the brunette and the other woman were outside the front door of the club trying to flag down a cab. They were holding hands and giggling together.

Gail watched and waited until the women had been picked up by a cab and her driver started to fidget nervously. She rolled her eyes. "Go." She told him and she was thrown into the back of her seat as he pulled the SUV out into the road and started tailing the cab.

She shook her head and laid back down, he'd let her know when the cab stopped and let the women out. Her night was going like the last few, she'd wait until after the woman's morning run and drive to work before she finally went home and got some sleep before meeting with her boss.


Walking up to her boss Gail glanced around the warehouse, there was at least a dozen guys all getting guns ready and packing ammo into bags. Everyone was dressed in dark clothes and there was an air of excitement all around.

"Are you ready?" He boss asked her as he looked up from counting out stacks of hundred dollar bills on the table in front of him.

Gail shrugged then glanced back over her shoulder to the rest of the room. "We look ready." She commented, her own gun and spare clips already fastened to the belt at her waist.

She got a raised eyebrow when she looked back to her boss. "We're good, Wolf." She told him. "My contact says there's no info on our shipment, we should be in and out in twenty. You have the money, they'll have our goods. Simple."

The older man sighed and signalled the armed man beside him to start bagging up the money.

"Things rarely go smoothly in this business Bravo." He informed her, as he took in the scar she had that ran from her right temple down through her right eyebrow. She must have been lucky to keep the sight in that eye. "As I'm sure you know, yes?"

Gail smirked. "Which is why I'll have the big guys with the guns with me." She told him with a chuckle. "Hey, we all gotta go sometime boss."

Wolf nodded and came around the table and put his arm across her shoulder. She had been part of his crew for almost a year now and she had proven herself to be a very valuable asset.

"You and the boys be careful out there, things have been too quiet." He told her quietly, it didn't pay to show doubt in this job, especially when you were the boss. "Make me look good tonight and the Boss might find something more useful for you to do."

"Yeah?" So far Gail had been used mostly as a grunt, doing the pick-ups and drops, babysitting for her boss, and collecting 'rent'. She was always backed up with one of the longer serving members of the crew but she knew she was being tested, she'd had to kill two drug dealers so far, but she was still eyed suspiciously by members. She was used to that and she didn't even take it personally given her history. They all knew who and what she was, she was lucky she hadn't got a bullet between the eyes the first time she had walked up to Wolf and demanded he give her work.

"Maybe." Wolf grinned at her leading them over to a quieter spot in the warehouse although his personal bodyguard followed closely behind them. Again Gail was used to that. "But I like you, so we will see."

Gail grinned. She was making progress with these people and tonight should seal her position among the rest of Wolf's crew.

"So, that other little project?" Wolf asked.

"She's clean." Gail said having followed the women for several weeks now. "She's new and she's made friends with certain people we're watching but, she's clean, got a trail all the way back to Vancouver. Family, school, her last job." She gave her boss a shrug. "She checks out."

Wolf nodded. "Well then good luck tonight, I shall wait for a call."

Gail stood there and watched him leave out the back of the warehouse. A few moments later someone else approached her. She turned her head and was met by the hulking presence of Dieter Schmidt. German name but the guy was all Canadian.

"Ready for this?" He asked softly.

Gail nodded and patted him on the shoulder. "You've got my back, I've got yours." She told him quietly.

"Let's get this done and both come home." He told her as the clasped forearms which had been a trademark of their friendship. Dieter hadn't been able to watch over her much when she had first joined the crew but in recent months he was a shadow whenever they went on a job.

"Too right, you owe me a damn beer!" Gail told him with a smile.

Dieter chuckled and they both walked over to the where the rest of the crew had started to gather.

"All right!" She yelled drawing eyes to her as she stepped forward, apart from Dieter and apart from the rest of the crew. "Listen up, I want this done quick and clean. They know we're coming, we know they're coming, we go, exchange and get the hell out." She told them, her eyes meeting every pair in front of her as she shifted to the calculating Ice Queen she had a reputation for being.

"No one raises their weapon without my say-so, or unless your being shot at. But you are not there to think, you are there to make me look good!" She told them with a wicked grin. "And if you make me look bad I will take my gun and shoot you!" She warned only to be met by sullen looks from the guys in front of her although she could hear Dieter chuckle behind her.

"Okay, well? Get moving!" She yelled again with a clap of her hands and then everyone moved, picking up the money bags and the weapons.

Dieter eased up beside Gail as the room emptied, they wouldn't be driving together tonight which he was apprehensive about. "Watch your back tonight, these guys would shoot you just as much as they'd shoot the Russians."

Gail gave a carefree shrug and felt for her weapons one last time then started walking for the cars.


Two hours later and they were pulling up to the docks under the darkest part of the night.

Gail's driver already had the direction to which bay they were due at. She looked around as they slowed to approach. There was several entrances and it made her a little nervous but Wolf had dealt with the Russians before and while he said they could be difficult they always delivered the goods paid for.

Which in theory meant Gail's job tonight should go very smoothly.

She wouldn't actually handle anything other than the talking and watch the exchange, she had three groups of guys with her, she was with the guys holding the money, Dieter was with the receiving team that would take their packages away via a boat that was waiting at the other side of the dock, and the gun men making sure everything remained secure while the talking and showboating took place.

"Here now." Muttered her driver as he pulled the SUV to a stop just in the entrance way of a hanger. She rolled her eyes wondering why these deals couldn't take place somewhere warmer.

She reached for the door handle. "You staying here?" She asked him.


"Keep the engine running." She told him and he nodded but kept his eyes forward to where a group of shadowy figures could be seen from the glow of his headlights.

Gail stepped out as other cars pulled up around her and she was soon walking among a heavily armed crew. It didn't exactly make her feel safer but it was a show of strength to the Russians, and a warning not to try anything stupid.

Gail put her hand on her 9mm in its unsecured holster, already having the safety off.

Her group continued forward as Dieters remained at the entrance.

"You are late." A voice sounded as Gail slowed as she neared the group.

Gail frowned and glanced at her watch. She was early. She gave the guy that had spoken, a tall dark haired man with aged skin and stubble on his chin, a curious look. He was wearing a suit but it wasn't as expensive as she thought someone leading this type of operation should be dressed in. It made her glace at the other men facing her, she could pick out the scrawny underfed packages she was here to purchase who were being held with their arms behind their backs. A look of terror and desperation in their eyes.

Poor bastards. She thought, but her gaze went by them easily enough and she found who she was looking for. A younger, well dressed, clean shaven man that was watching her very carefully, a man that had a second man standing practically in his back pocket. The positions reminded her of Wolf and his not so little bodyguard.

Gail winked at the man, then focus back to the guy who'd spoken to her. Apparently he wasn't done.

"And they send me a girl?" The guy scoffed and it made Gail roll her eyes.

Gail smirked and gave they guy a half shrug. "When you want it done right, you have to do it yourself."

The guy snorted.

Gail glanced around again. "Are we doing this or not, because my boss can deal with other groups that have promised better product."

That silenced everyone around her and the tension shot up.

The guy who'd been mouthing off so far stepped towards Gail, anger showing clearly on his face. "Is that so? You think to threaten us? I should shoot you now, how would your boss like that?" He said raking his eyes over her body. "Maybe I should just keep you, no? Give you proper work."

Gail grinned at him, and his confidence broke a little and she saw the quick glance he gave to the other guy, the guy Gail was sure was really in charge.

"30 seconds, then we're out." Gail told the silent man and glanced casually down at her watch.

There was nothing but silence from Gail's crew which she was almost proud of given she was coming close to walking out on this deal.




"I apologise."

The second man finally interrupted Gail's clock watching. She lifted her head and offered him a smile. "Can we continue then, I have better places to be."

The man nodded and the hulking men holding Gail's packages started towards her group. Gail signalled to the two members of her crew holding the money bags to start the exchange.

She watched as her men took hold of the people being handed over and signalled to her guys to get them loaded up with Dieter's men as her money was inspected.

She waited steadily until they gave their boss a nod of approval and zipped the bags up, handing them off to some other guys.

The boss stepped forward this time, walking over to Gail and holding out his hand.

Gail shook hands with him.

"Maybe we do business again?" He said with the hint of a smile.

"My boss will be in touch." Gail hadn't been joking when she'd threatened to use other people to get her boss what he wanted. For the right money you could get anything, and the Russians were only here because her boss had done previous trading with them.

Gail turned and started towards her vehicle, it was time to leave. Dieter and his team would have to check the packages and then her boss would let her know what the next step was. She had a couple of guys to tail the Russians until she got word from Dieter but that would take hours.

No matter, it wasn't like she slept much anyway.

"Let's go." She told her men but just as she was opening her car door all hell broke loose behind her.







Gail spun as her hand automatically drew her weapon as she crouched into as small a target as possible. The far entrance was flooded with police cars and vest wearing officers and detectives, all of them entering with guns pointed.

She'd been set up.

Her heart broke a little at the thought of Chris setting her up but as the first bullets started to fly all she could think was,

I'm going to kill him!



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