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A Baka's Adventure

Chapter 2: Have fun sparring!

(Two days later)


"Hey Tony, its time to get to the academy," Naruto said from behind the door.

"Aye, okay I'm almost done give me a minute," Tony called as he finished his breakfast which consisted of eggs and sausage.

Tony came out wearing new clothes.

(Flashback- Yesterday)

"I don't want to eat ramen again," Tony groaned as he came out of the Ichiraku Ramen Stand leaving Naruto to his food.

"Hey Tony-kun," a voice called out.

Tony turned around to see Shizune running towards him.

"Hey Shizune, I'm guessing you're done at the hospital?" Tony asked.

"Yeah, it wasn't that busy today so I was given the rest of the day off," Shizune said with a smile.

"That's great, oh Shizune, can you help me look for clothes, I don't around this place?" Tony asked while scratching the back of his head nervously.

"Yes I'll show you the greatest shops to get clothes, awe this going to be awesome!" Shizune said with stars in her eyes at the idea of shopping.

"Okay thanks…" Tony said with a sweatdrop forming on his head, at the sight of Shizune's excitement.

"Come on lets go!" Shizune said as she ran as quickly as possible to a shop she knew with Tony being dragged on the ground with anime swirls in his eyes.

"Why me…." Tony whined.

(Moments later)

The shop Shizune brought them to was called 'Fashion Cruise'. The shop had both civilian clothing and ninja clothing.

Shizune started to give Tony random clothes and had him try them on.

First was a black robe like Shizune's.

"Nope," Shizune said.

Second was a purple tank top with black shorts.

"Nah," Shizune said.

(Many outfits later)

Tony came out with a black full sleeve shirt with a orange sleeveless hoodie on top, with black fingerless gloves. Also wearing black anbu pants and black shoes.

"You look awesome Tony, now this is the outfit!" Shizune cried out in joy. (AN: I hated making this part)

"Thanks, um excuse me can I have five of these outfits please," Tony asked the person at the desk.

(Flashback end)

"Come on Tony or we're going to be late," Naruto said as he raced off towards the academy.

"Yeah yeah," Tony said as he ran alongside Naruto. 'I'm glad I took track and cross country.'

(At the academy)

"Naruto why are you late to class this time?" Iruka asked in annoyance as Naruto and Tony came into the classroom.

"I-.""It was my fault sensei I kind of slowed Naruto down since he had to show me where the academy was since I'm new here," Tony said interrupting Naruto.

"Ah.. so you are the new student Hokage-sama told us about, well you can be excused this time but make sure to get here on time, next time and sorry Naruto," Iruka said in forgivingness.

"Well come on in and introduce yourself, tell us your likes, dislikes, hobbies and your dreams," Iruka said as Tony stood in front of the class.

"Yo names Tony Vince, my likes are reading, writing my books, training and hang out with my friends. My dislikes are fighting between comrades, arrogant people, inappropriate people, and perverts. My hobbies are reading, writing my books and sleeping. My dream is to be a great author and ninja," Tony said with a mock salute.

"What kind of books to you write Tony-san?" Iruka asked.

"Well… somehow some of my books ended up with a bit of romance in it but they're mostly action and adventure and what not. The latest book I'm working on now is called 'Konoha's Chakra Knight' the timeline of it starts at the Kyuubi attack and onward. I might put some of you guys in it." Tony said with a big smile.

"Fight me, " said a student.

"Sasuke Uchiha stand down now!" Iruka demanded.

"Yeah teme!" Naruto called out.

"Shut up baka, don't get in the way of Sasuke-kun!" a pink haired banshee called out.

"Ah put a cork in it," Tony said with a blank face.

"Fine I'll fight ya Sasuke," Tony said with a smirk. 'I'm glad I took those fighting lessons, with those karate judo and kung fu lessons.'

(Outside in the sparring ring)

"Okay the rules is that there is to be no use of ninjutsu or genjutsu, and the winner will be decided at first blood, HAJIME!" Iruka called out as the fight started.

Sasuke took to his clan's taijutsu stance, the Inceptor Stance. (Was that right plz tell me if I was wrong) Tony took to a lazy stare off into the clouds stance with his hands in his pockets and head straight up.

"Come on take this serious baka, I'm going to cream you!" Sasuke said grinding his teeth since he wasn't getting any attention from the newbie.

"Fine then I'll take the fight to you!" Sasuke says with a smirk as he charged him.

I Dance I Die

A Bloodyhound Original

"Listen to the music in the air"

Tony took his leg back then brought it forward high hitting Sasuke in the chin.

"Dance like ya never danced before"

Tony brought the leg down fast and strong, resulting in the heel getting a firm hold on the ground and with bringing his other foot, swinging it into Sasuke's face making him go down at a fast angle.

"Try harder and harder to make your legs move"

As Sasuke got up, Tony kicked him in the legs, which resulted in Sasuke making a half split.

"Just listen to the beat now!"

As Sasuke was on the ground Tony kicked him in the chest making him topple over.

"Come on Sasuke-teme is that all you got!?" Tony asked as the beaten Uchiha stood weary

"I'm going to kill you, no one beats a Uchiha!" Sasuke yells as he charges with a punch.

"I dance I die, but I don't know why"

As Sasuke tries to punch Tony, Tony bends back as the punch passes over him, then brings his head up fast into Sasuke face.

"I dance I die but I can't dance for my life"

As Sasuke falls back from the hit, Tony grabs his legs and starts to swing him around, and throwing him against the ground repeatedly while still holding on to him.

"I danced I die but I don't know why"

Tony lets go of Sasuke who lays on the ground for a moment before struggling to get up.

"I dance I die…"

In a last effort Sasuke charges once more with one last punch.

"…But I will try!"

As Sasuke came, Tony uppercuts Sasuke who lands on the ground with a bloody nose and a bloody tooth on the ground unconscious.

(This is the end of the song…For now)

"T-Tony V-Vince wins the match!" Iruka said with a stutter as no one has beaten the Uchiha until then.

The whole class was in awe. Then the silence was broken with a shriek. "IRUKA-SENSEI, HE CHEATED NO ONE CAN BEAT SASUKE-KUN, HE MUST'VE USED CHAKRA TO ENHANCE HIS HITS OR SOMETHING!" said a pink haired banshee.

"Sakura even if he used chakra and I know he didn't, it wouldn't be considered cheating since he hasn't used any nin or genjutsu and enhancing your strikes with chakra is part of taijutsu," Iruka lectured.

"But-", "Sakura if you continue to talk I'm going to give detention for the week," Iruka said bluntly interrupting Sakura in mid-sentence.

Sakura started to shut up as she wanted a clean streak on her academy record.

"Yeah Tony, you won!" Naruto chanted as he jumped up and down in cheer.

"Okay let me get Sasuke to the infirmary, class is ended for today," says Iruka as he carries Sasuke to the infirmary.

"Dang man you took down that Uchiha bastard!" yelled a boy with red triangle markings on his cheeks.

"Names Kiba Inuzuka, dang man you beasted out there!" Kiba said as he brought out fist bump.

"Boom by o, and names Tony Vince, the one who brings down the house!" Tony says bringing out a fist bump meeting Kiba's.

"Nice," says the grinning Inuzuka.

"AHHHHHHHH!" a scream from behind the trio, who turned to see a horde of fangirls coming straight at them. Well actually it was over half of Sasuke's Fanclub.

"Move out of the way you bakas, we're trying to get to Tony-kun!" yells a random fangirl, as the rest pushed Naruto and Kiba out of the way.

"Wow you beat the Uchiha," says a random girl.

"What do you like about a girl?" says another.

"Would you go on a date with me?" says a brunette.

"Marry me!" says a fourth.

"Come on girls, settle down, I'll you what, what I like in a girl, is one that is strong, funny, cute, one that focuses in their career, in this case its strong kunoichi and one that is compassionate," Tony said with a sweatdrop as he got pushed against the wall of the academy, but then one moment later all the girls disappeared from his site.

"Whew, there gone, you guys alright?" Tony asked but to turn to gaped faces, with jaws hanging from there faces.

"What?" Tony asked in confusion.

"Oh nothing," Kiba and Naruto said with a snicker probably thinking of a way to blackmail and or prank the raven.

"I swear if you guys try to, you'll find yourselves dangling off a cliff by your feet!" Tony threatened while grinding his teeth.

"Aye sir!" shouts the both of them with a army salute.

"Now then, I'll go to the training grounds to exercise, you guys coming?" Tony says.

"Yes sir!" the two say in unison as they all ran to the training grounds.

The End

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