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~~~How everything started~~~~~

Night had fallen on the Hidden Village in the Leafs. The moon hid behind clouds peeking out every now and then from behind them allowing enough light to shine upon the Third Hokage who stood in the field were a battle had been fought. The tall trees that had once stood there were gone the grass that had been so green and crisp looking was gone. The Third with the other Leaf Shinobi were looking for two families who had been on the field.

Cries were heard as the Leaf Shinobi rushed to the sounds and there they found two infants wrapped in what seemed to be the remains of a man's shirt on the ground together on their far left was the unconscious clan head of the Hyuga Family. Beside him was a woman known to be his wife but no one could see the Fourth Hokage or his wife until the woman beside the clan head start to awaken and abruptly stood up startlingly every single Shinobi there until the Third came up to her.

"Mrs. Hyuga are you alright? What happened", asked the Third as the woman began to walk away from them and towards an area of the field which was in the worst shape imaginable with everything completely destroyed and the land completely dis leveled, which happened to be on the far right of the infants which were still on the ground filling the air with their cries.

There they found the Fourth Hokage and his wife they quickly went up to them to check for a pulse but quickly found that they were both dead. The ninja quickly began to gather the bodies of the Fourth and his wife and headed towards the hospital so they could prepare the bodies for their burial. The Hyuga couple was also gathered up and quickly taken to the hospital. The infants were picked up by to female medical ninjas who quiet down their crying and began to check to see if they were healthy but found something interesting on their bodies which they quickly showed to the Third who recognized what he was being shown. He quietly told the two medical nin to not speak about this to anyone until he said otherwise. They nodded showing they understood and left towards the hospital so the babies could have a more thorough check-up.

He sigh quietly to himself thinking of all that had occurred in a small amount of time and sent ANBU to guard the infants and the Hyuga couple and with that left the battle torn field to prepare the burials of two highly skilled ninja.

A week passed since the incident and the Fourth and his wife had been buried while the Hyuga left the hospital to their compound with their infant child and paying respect to the people who saved their lives and that of their child. The other infant had stayed in the hospital since it had no family to be given to, but on that night that everything had settled down the unexpected happen.

The hospital was quiet as the night settled. The hallways were dark and everything was at peace. But in the maternity ward in the infant room an infant slept restlessly. A shadow from the darkest corner of the room materlized by the infant's crib. The shadow picked up the baby which began to cry, but with a few coos it went right back to sleep.

"Shouldn't we be leaving ,we have a deadline,you know?!", said as another shadow materlized from the nothing and with a nod they both left taking the infant with them.

The Hyuga household was quiet only hearing the footsteps of the guards going through the hallways and paths of the compound. In the room right next to the Hyuga clan head slept his child. Not a noise was heard from the infant's room only the peaceful breathing as it slept the night away.

"Hurry up, we just need that one and we can leave this village." Two people stood in the infant's room watching it sleep. One already had an infant in its arms sleeping and the other swiftly picked up the baby in the crib who remained asleep and left the Hyuga compound and the village just as the moon began to go into hiding and smother sun rays began to break through the darkness that has settled.

The following morning in which the Hyuga's had return home and placed their darlingly infant to sleep they found her crib empty. There was no sign of the infant that had lying there. Upon touching their infant's covers it was found to be very cold and they quickly sent word to The Third.

The same could be said for the infant that had stayed in the hospital. The nurse which had taken a liking to the infant had found the crib empty with no sign of it. She touched to the covers of the infant and found it to be very cold and she ran to find a ninja to inform the Third.

That was the day that the Third learned that Hinta Hyuga and Narato Uzumaki had gone missing.