Hyuga Hashi stood in the Hokage's office facing the Hokage who sat behind his desk with his back to the window where you could see the beautiful blue sky and the sun shining down on the Hidden Leaf Village, but in the Hokage's office a storm was starting to brew.

(Bold-Third Hokage, italics-Hyuga Hiashi)

"What do you mean you're calling off the search," asked Hyuga Hiashi , head of the Hyuga clan.

"I'm sorry, Hiashi, but its for the best," said the Third Hokage.

"What do you mean it's for the best? Hinata is the heiress we need her found."

"I understand that, but its been five years since they were declared missing. Its becoming to expensive to carry on the search for Hyuga Hinta and Uzumaki Naruto."

"I care not for the boy who carries-"

"You know the law Hiashi. Do not speak ill of the boy who probably ended saving your lives and do not forget he is not the only one."

"If you do not continue searching , I'll organize a party of my own and continue looking for my daughter."

"It pains me to say this, but the trail has long since run cold it would be pointless to continue the search without some type of clue. Your wife, may she rest in peace, has left you a lovely baby daughter to take over the clan. We have lost a clan to that battle five years age, so don't you dare set up a search party it would be pointless."

"You must still do something she is of the head family and has the Byakugan. She must be found we can not let the secrets of the Byakugan be found."

"Every time a shinobi goes out on the mission they are to try and find any clue of them and if one is found we will send two shinobi to search and if found be brought back."

"That will be fine then, Third Hokage and good day."

He left as soon as he said those words leaving the Hokage alone in his office to think of the life of two children who have been missing for five years. He stood to face the window and looked out to the village and saw the students at the Academy playing and practicing their shinobi skills. He turned around grab his hat and put it on while walking out of his office and to the Academy.

The shinobi which had stolen the babies were now kneeling before their who considered the two children utterly useless.

(bold-Roger, italics- Master, underline- Mira and bold & underline- Roger and Mira)

"They are useless!"

"We are sorry, Master. Our orders were to bring the bearers, but we have failed."

"Yes, you have and for that you shall pay the price."

"No,please give us a another chance!"

"You shall both be punished, but since you two are some of my best I shall make it lenient."

"Thank you, Master."

"You shall both take care of the male child."

They gasped at taking care such a troublesome boy, but they knew they were getting off easy.

"And you, Roger, must dress as a woman and put on a show for all of us."

"Master, but they shall lose respect for me."

"Then earn it back you imbecil and Mira must wash all the male clothing here by yourself."

"Master, I object to such a punishment I have never done something lowly in my life. Why should i start doing such a thing..."

"YOU WILL DO AS ORDER NOT WHAT YOU WANT I AM THE ONE WHO IS MASTER! And for such talk you shall both have a pie-eating contest after lunch the day after tomorrow, so be prepare and you are dismissed."

"But Master, you can't..."


They walked out of there knowing they would suffer and be humiliated forever.