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Truth be told, I never expected to die at such an early age. I thought I would grow up, have a family, and die old and happy with my wife. That was all I had dreamed of when I was growing up and never in a million years did I expect to die. Though I kind of knew that it would happen to me sooner or later but, I never thought that it would happen so soon. I guess I should explain what happened.

It was just like any other day in my life, especially since it was a boring, do nothing summer day. I had decided to take a nice walk into town with my childhood friend Nathan. We were just talking about our usual daily lives and what would be suspecting in our upcoming years as college freshman. Nathan dreamed about what his time in art school would be like and I couldn't be happier for him. I mean he was so excited with his new school that he was literally jumping for joy and making a fool of himself in the middle of the street. That was when fate decided to screw with me. Unknown to Nathan, a car was speeding down the road and heading straight for him. I saw the car coming and possibly did the stupidest and the most heroic thing in my life; I pushed out-of-the-way and took the hit for him. All I felt was agonizing pain. My bones seized under the pressure and broke with a sickening crack. My body launched into the air. I tried to scream but, no sound came out. My body soon fell back to the ground and another sickening crack resounded. Guess that was my skull cracking open. My body began to feel numb and the world around me was starting to blur. People were screaming and yelling at each other help trying to make sense about what happened. Nathan entered my blurred vision with tears in his eyes. He was saying that everything would be alright and that I would be okay. My conscious was staring to fade and I knew that my life was going to end here and now. I gave a small smile and thanked Nathan for being such and great friend and I had hoped that he would remember me. Nathan became hysterical saying that I would live and to hold on. My vision began to turn black and soon I lost consciousness.

The next thing I know I'm floating in water. I started to panic and I try to kick, squirm, whatever I could do to get out of here. I had just died and now I'm in some weird place with no sight or no fucking idea where I am, of course I would freak out like this. I kept on squirming trying to find some way out of this water prison. Suddenly, I saw light and now found myself free from that damn prison. I did the only thing I could possible think of in this situation. I screamed. I screamed for finally being free, for not knowing what the fuck just happened, and for the sake that I'm know completely scared about what is going on. I felt big hands grab at me and cleaning me. Now I was even more freaked out. I was with some fucking giants of some sorts and now I'm even more scared and even confused. Worst of all, I can't see a fucking damn thing and it is really pissing me off. Okay, I got to calm down. Nothing could be accomplished with me freaking out, so I got to stay calm. They soon wrap me in a blanket and handed me off to someone else. The minute I'm in this new person's arms, my body seems to relax. I don't why or how, but being with this person just soothes me and makes me feel safe. I could hear two voices nearby talking in something other than English. It seems familiar but, I can't put my finger on it. I know I heard it before… what is it? Wait, its Japanese! So I'm in someplace where giants live that speak Japanese. Great, so now what I am I going to do? Should I try to escape and run away? Should I accept these people and live with them? Even with all the confusion, I now just noticed something. My body feels different for some reason. I feel lighter almost and weaker than normal. I mean know that I just died and all but… Hold on, I did die and now I in some new place in a weakened body with blurry vision in the arms of some giant.

Wait, my death, a new place, weak body, giants… don't tell me I've been reborn. Now that would explain everything. So that would mean that the arms I'm in would be… I looked, with the vision starting to improve a little, to see a young woman. She had long chestnut hair that reached her shoulders. Her skin reminded me of a china doll with no blemishes or lines marring her face, but the only thing different was her skin was slightly tanned. What amazed me the most about her was her emerald-green eyes that showed both love an admiration in them. Damn, I have one hot mom. My dad is really lucky to have her as a wife. My new mother talked to me but, I couldn't understand a single word that she was saying. Sure I knew some Japanese from watching anime but, this was on a different level that I knew. The only thing that she kept on repeating was what sounded like a name. Yutaka. I guess that's my new name.

I mean I know it's weird that I'm accepting a new family and leaving my old one behind but, that's just the way I am. I died and now I'm reborn into a new life with a new family. It's that plain and simple.

… I seriously wonder if I becoming bi-polar or something if not even a minute ago, I was freaking out about being in a room full of giants and freaking my little baby brain out and now I'm accepting my new life-like it's nothing. I guess I have to worry about that later.

I soon felt someone else lift me up into their arms and cradle me just like my mom did. This time, the person felt strong and rugged and I even felt some weird bumps along his arms that annoyed me to some degree. I looked up at this mysterious person and to say I shock was an understatement to what I saw. The man before me, who I presumed was my father, was burly fellow with tanned skin and messy brown hair. His mouth had continued on with stitches that stretched up forming a Glasgow smile. Though what shocked me were his eyes. They were dull green and pupiless eyes and that the sclera were a red. My father was Kakuzu, a missing-nin from Taki and is considered to be the strongest members of the Akatsuki and ninja in the Naruto-verse.

It took me a few moment to process that last bit of info. Kakuzu is from Naruto the manga/anime from my world. If he is in front of me, holding me, then that would mean that…


I mean what the fuck is that supposed to mean. That I got reborn into a world full of psychotic ninjas that kill . I mean does God or whatever fucking God exists trying to troll me. I know that, to me, it's unbelievable being in a world where you learn to kill others, gain the ability climb trees with no hands, to walk on water, and to throw jutsus like they're nobody's fucking business… Why the hell am I complaining about this; this is sweet for a Narutard like me. I could learn all sorts of cool things and become such a badass. Also, with Kakuzu as my dad, I could be invincible.

However, during my mental rant, I failed to notice that someone else besides my parents and the doctor. My father had decided that I needed to meet this new sibling of mine and decided to put me in his arms. I looked up and I almost did a double take. There, holding me in his lap, was a child Kakuzu look-alike minus the stitches around his face. The man behind me spoke to this new Kakuzu. I was only able to pick up and translate the words Kakuzu and little brother. Wait, my would he say that. It sound like…

It dawned on me that the child Kakuzu look-alike holding me was the actually Kakuzu and that the man before was our father, who looked like a carbon copy of the soon to be missing-nin. So that would mean Kakuzu is my older brother and I was his little brother. Wow that's a lot to take in.

I tried to make sense of the events that just unfolded but, for me being a baby now, it just hurt my head so, I did the only thing a baby would do. I smiled and giggled reaching my stubby arms out to my oni-chan. I'm going to love my new life here.

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