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Ch. 4 A year passed and a friend

One year later...

Well it's already been a year since I began my training as a ninja and it has been a hectic one.

To start off, I finally got Earth Grudge Fear. Let me tell you that it was one of the worst things that I ever experienced in either of my lives. True getting hit by a car is rather painful, but it only lasts a few moments before you die and go on to another life. The ritual however wasn't. I had to lie down and not move while having those fucking threads shoved up into my arms, legs, and chest, break every bone and destroying every muscle in my body, remove all the destroyed tissue and bone fragments, and lastly go into my body to replace the destroyed parts. Though, gratefully, I didn't haven't to experience the tail end of the ritual before I had passed out from the pain. I had woken up from my little pain induced coma three days later, with Aniki sleeping, while sitting up, next to me. It took me another week for me to be up and moving again. It surprised me seeing as Aniki woke up only a few hours after the ritual finished and was only out for half a week, while it took much longer for me. I asked Tou-san this and he told me that when I was a baby the doctor told him and mom that I had a higher reserve of Yin chakra in my body then Yang chakra.

Well, that had to be true seeing my mental age is greater than my physical age.

While, yes it would cause an imbalance in my chakra, it isn't harmful to becoming a ninja and my chakra would balance itself out when I was properly trained. How this connects to Earth Grudge Fear? Well when the ritual was completed, my body needed to shut down and allow the threads to become a part of my chakra system. With this imbalance, the threads had to adjust themselves due to the increase of Yin chakra and, as a result, I was under longer. The longer rest time was Tou-san being worried about the threads acting weird with surplus of Yin chakra, which didn't happen. Even though I was bored out of my damn mind, not being allowed to move or even use chakra, Kaa-san pampered me for that week seeing as she had barely anything to do seeing as the men of the household were either on missions, or in the academy most of the time.

I wasn't going to lie, I actually missed a mother pampering me when I was sick. My Kaa-san now and my old mother where actually very similar now that I think about it. They both were kind and caring people, who loved to spoil me. Though the difference being that my old mom kind of went off the deep end and was considered a mentally unstable and was unfit to be near me. My old dad's new wife was very straight-laced like him and when I got sick, She thought I was lying and told me to suck it. Thus ending me having a mother that wanted to spoil me and care for me.

Well anyway, after my week at home, I was back on my feet and back at the academy. I was a little nervous to what everyone would think of me now that I have the stitches on my body, though most were covered by my clothes, but I knew that was stupid to think about seeing as I was never the type of person to judge someone by their appearance. Though this was coming from someone who has the mentality of a twenty-five year old in a seven-year old's body. I couldn't say the same about my classmates and Baka-sensei being surprised and hateful toward my new appearance.

Sadly, I was right. Upon entering the room, the entire class attention was on me and many of their eyes were wide with fear. Ignoring the stares, I took my seat next to the window and ignored the others until Baka-sensei came into class.

She didn't make anything better for me as she decided to continuously heckle me about my appearance and how I'm just as much of a monster I was like my brother and father. I just took it all in stride and ignored her petty talk. Even if I wanted to give that cunt a piece of my mind. However, that didn't end there when she decided to pick on me even more by making me answer every question that she threw at me try to throw me off. Thanks to my knowledge of the Naruto world and actually paying attention in class, I was able to piss her off even more by getting every question right, no matter if it was history, current events or even math and writing. I had enjoyed watching her turn brighter than Sasori's hair in anger, though I hated that she gave me detention for disrespecting the teacher by being a smart ass.


Well when lunch rolled around, Kon and Kimi weren't really surprised by my appearance and decided to give me the nick name "Kuzu-kurōn", or clone Kuzu, seeing as I now look more like my brother than before. I just had to laugh at that. This was the only good thing that seemed to happen from people seeing me like I am now with these stitches on my body.

Though these stitches are actually very weird to say the least. I can feel them constantly moving underneath my skin causing parts of my body to involuntary bulge from them. The sensation was strange to feel, but it took some time to get used to. Also I had stitches that stitches to every part of my body, and I mean every part. I even had the famous Glasgow smile that my Aniki and Tou-san had.

After that day at the academy ended, I began my training with Earth Grudge Fear with Tou-san and Aniki. I was really excited to finally both learn how to use Earth Grudge Fear and finally be able to use my chakra.

So when Tou-san took Aniki and I to our backyard, both of them at first made me first find my chakra. So sitting in a lotus position, I mediated and began the arduous task of locating my chakra and trying to pull on it. I don't know how long I sat there for before I was able to find my chakra, but I know that it was long enough for my legs to fall asleep and make me face plant right into the ground when I tried to stand up. Though I did get to access my chakra now.

The next day Tou-san gave me two different chakra exercises to do. One was sticking different objects to my body to practice moving my chakra to different body parts and holding it there. The other was gathering water in a central spot to improve my concentration. They were and still are tedious exercises to do but, it's the only thing I can do now seeing as Tou-san doesn't want me to work with the threads until I mastered theses exercises to the point where I could do it unconsciously.

Kakuzu was able to do this and he and Tou-san were working on him manipulating his threads.

I had asked him why and it turns out that both exercise are important to controlling Earth Grudge Fear. The first one is important for having my chakra get use to the inclusion of the threads and to be able to pass chakra through them. The second is used to focus on an individual thread for me to control and manipulate since it requires impressive chakra control to achieve. Sadly that is still going to take some time with my imbalanced chakra and that's time I desperately need.

Well anyway that was how my year went. My classmates avoiding me like the plague, Oni-sensei using me as her personal punching bag during stamina and taijutsu training, and slowly building my relationship up with Kimi and Kon. Though it was a little harder with Kon, seeing as she was related to Fu.

You see in my old life, I had a crush on two girls in the Naruto verse, Yugito and Fu. When I first saw them, first Yugito when facing my Aniki and Hidan and Fu when she was under Edo-Tensei by Kabuto, I was a little love struck by them and, thanks to Alexandra and Nathan, I had a plethora of pictures starring the two. Seeing as now I was going to be close to sixty something years older than them, that put my love life down and it doesn't help that Kon is more than likely her ancestor, I wouldn't want to be perving on her grandchild or on her seeing as she has feeling for Aniki.

Yeah, you heard right, Kon is in love with Kakuzu.

I nearly fainted when Kon had confessed to me her feelings for my Aniki. The result was me standing frozen while Kon kept on trying to shake me to get a response. It end up with her accidentally tapping into Chomei's chakra and knocking me unconscious due to her shaking me. She apologized afterwards for knocking me out and asked me not to tell my brother that she likes him more than a friend. She said that she wanted to have enough courage to ask him herself. Truthfully, I wanted to tell Kakuzu right away, but then I remembered the last time I did something like that and I got a good kick to the balls for it.

Julie still hadn't let it go.

I relented and agreed to which she seemed extremely relieved for.

Next would have to be my constant nightmare that seemed to revolve around the Naruto plot. This wouldn't be very surprising seeing as I am a reincarnation of a Narutard but, there were two things wrong about this. The first being that I never remembered any dreams or nightmares that I had after I turned fifteen. Yeah I couldn't even remember anything I dreamed about when I was asleep, but now I thought that since I am in a new body, it could be different. The second point was that the dreams included me as well. I would have pushed this thought believing to be my overactive imagination, but that was until the dreams started to become more and more vivid to me that sometimes I would wake up in a cold sweat. I was legitimately shocked that I even had such an experience. I was scared for what I had and decided to hide it. I know it seems weird that I'm hiding most of my nightmares from my parents and brother, but it's a legitimate fear. If people found out about this, they would think of it as nothing and that was just afraid of my Aniki being a ninja and possibly getting hurt. Though the real danger I'm looking out for was Madara and Zetsu. If either of them caught wind of my nightmares and saw that they were actually real, they would use me to pump out visions for them to prevent any flaw in their plans for Infinite Tsukuyomi. There was no way in fucking hell I'm being Madara's slave, so I decided to hide it and suffer through the dreams and nightmares.

Though that didn't last long until Kaa-san came to check up on me one night and saw me suffering. She became worried and tried to get me to wake up.

It worked.

Having woken up from watching Hiruzen using the Reaper Death Seal on Orochimaru, I had found myself in my Kaa-san's arms rocking me in her arms and trying to calm me down. She asked me what was wrong and I denied any sort of response I could to avoid telling her. She relented and put me back to sleep and bid me good night. As she was leaving, I looked over to her and our eyes met. In them, I saw a swirl of emotions; fear, worry and, lastly knowing. I could understand the first two seeing I was suffering from nightmares that bothered me to no end, but the last one was confusing. It seemed to me that she almost knew that this was going to happen to me. I didn't know why and I decided against trying to think about it more before I went back to sleep.

Also there was possibly the biggest scare that I ever had in my new life here when Kakuzu had gotten violently ill in the middle of the year. It scared me that my Aniki had gotten this sick and feared for his life. Kaa-san was extremely worried about him as he was screaming a lot of time and writhing in pain. Seeing as modern medicine and high level iryo-ninjutsu, in the Narutoverse that is, wasn't created yet, we could only hope to survive off of the medicinal herbs that Kaa-san had grown. The strange thing about this was Tou-san acting completely normal throughout the entire week of Aniki's sickness. I had expected him to freak out and run like a chicken with his head cut off and screaming since, his eldest son was suffering. However, he was calm and collected, and kept on saying to me that he should be fine. I didn't believe him after hearing Aniki's screams and seeing him in an immense amount of pain. The only other time I had seen him like this was during the ritual for Earth Grudge Fear, but this seemed much worse. I wondered that maybe the threads had to do something with this. I mean if Tou-san seemed so calm about Aniki being sick and almost suffering, this could be just another part of having it. It was at that revelation that I worried about what side- effects and consequences Earth Grudge Fear had. I mean I know that most forbidden jutsu had some sort of drawback and this could be it, but this seemed a little odd. However, I didn't have time to worry then seeing as I had to be there for Kakuzu.

Kon and Kimi had come over for the first time as well wanting to check up on their sick friend. Kaa-san was relieved that we had such wonderful friends and asked why they never came here before. The answer to that was simple, they lived too far away from us and they were always busy with either clan training or jinchuriki training to come and visit. Well by the end of the week, Aniki was all better and were able to breathe a sigh of relief. Though Kakuzu did say that he felt somewhat off after being sick for so long and this was a little over a month after he got better. I immediately thought back to this being a possible side effect, but decided against it. Tou-san told us that Aniki would be okay and I believed him.

The only other thing I could think about that was extremely surprising was me skipping a year in the academy, now making me a third year academy student to Kakuzu being fifth year student. It seemed that thanks to Baka-sensei constant picking on me bolstered my physical prowess to a point where I was well above everyone else, this bundled with Tou-san and Aniki helping with chakra control and my advanced knowledge, the academy decided that I would skip a grade and be placed with the older kids since most of the things I knew were covered in the year below.

So now, we are present day eight year old me, two weeks into the new school year, sitting by my lonesome self, waiting for Ichimaru clone sensei to make his presence known. If you are wondering why I call my teacher that it's because his face looks like Gin from that Bleach series Christina liked in my old life. He still had the closed eyed fox-like grin that I remembered but the difference being my sensei's hair is a pale blue and cropped to his neck.

I heard the door open and the Ichimaru clone, also known as Ryuuji-sensei to us students, enters the room with his usual smile. He wears his standard chunin clothes which consists of a simple gray shirt, black pants and his chunin vest finishing the look off.

I actually found out earlier on, from Tou-san, that the vest, which I originally thought came later in the timeline, was actually copied from a design that Taki spies had seen in Konoha These vests were used as a sense of similarity between the different chunin to give them a sense of authority and professionalism. It also gave definitive proof that Taki is nothing but a copier of Konoha, at least for now. It could be worse, Taki could have been like Kumo who bolsters their ranks by trying to kidnap people. Well, at least I hope so.

"Now class, it seems we have a new student joining are class." Ryuuji-sensei says with mirth in his voice.

A new student?

The other kids in the class buzz with excitement over who it could it be.

A boy or girl?

Good looking or not?

Well you get the idea.

"Now class settle down. We don't want to scare off our new friend, ne?"

The class quiet downs in anticipation for the new arrival.

I actually was a little curious myself as to who it could be.

"Come on in, Hiro."

The door slid open to reveal the new student. The first word I use to describe him.


The kid's hair was bright red.

He entered the room in a relaxed posture and places himself in front of the room. Sensei began to write his name on the board. The kid's hair was short that seemed to spike out from the sides and had few bangs covering his gray eyes. He wore a dark gray shirt with mesh underneath it and dark black with matching ninja shoes. On each side of him were two different scrolls that hung from leather straps. If I didn't know any better I would say that he was…

"Now class, I would like to introduce your new class mate. Everyone this is Uzumaki Hiro. He and his family had decided to settle down here after his father caused a slight accident in his home village.

Ahh, Ryuuji-sensei. Always digging into people's business and finding every little dirty secret that they had. It's a hobby of his and he says that he does it to "get to know everyone I know," or in other words so I can have blackmail on you. I'm still surprised that such a nice teacher can have such a horrible personality. It's sad and especially embarrassing for the people he digs info on.

For example Hiro's face right now is close to matching his hair color.

"Now Hiro, why don't you introduce yourself. Tell the class your likes, dislike, hobbies, and dreams for the future." Ryuuji-sensei said not taking notice to his student's embarrassment.

Shaking his head Hiro steps up and addresses the class.

"The name's Uzumaki Hiro. I like my family, ramen, fuinjutsu, and foxes. I dislike stubborn people, vegetables," he says while making a gaging gesture, "and slugs. My hobbies are creating seals, reading books about fuinjutsu, and practicing fuinjutsu. I dream of one day of being a high leveled Fuin Master that will surpass all others, datte." He finishes with a smile on his face.

"That's nice Hiro, so now that you finished please take the empty seat next Yu-chan okay?" he said pointing to the empty seat next to me.

What is with these people and calling me Yu-chan? Only Kaa-san could call me that without me making a big deal about it!

Hiro looked up at me and gave a smile. He made his way up to me while the others in the class began to whisper about the new kid sitting with the monster. Sadly even if they are a year older than me, they still are kids who can't seem to get the idea that even if I look different doesn't mean I'm a monster.

Still I don't care and just decided to ignore them like I did with my last class.

"Hey there." Spoke the loud voice of Hiro. "The name's Hiro."


"Ah, it's nice to meet you, Yu-san."


It's quiet for a few minutes before sensei starts his lecture on chakra natures. I doze a bit seeing as I already know it thanks to my past life. Though it didn't last long when I felt someone poking at the stitches on my face. I already knew it was Hiro and decided to get this over with.

"What is it?" I ask a little annoyed.

Hiro gave a contemplative look.

"Those stiches… did you get them because of an accident or something?"

I had to sigh. Well I might as well tell him the truth.

"No, it's a part of my family's jutsu and as a result, I look like this."


Monstrous, weird, strange. Just say it already.

"SO COOL!" He exclaimed with stars in his eyes.

During Hiro's outburst, half the class fell over in shock and the other half had wide-eyed looks on their faces. Hell even Ryuuji-sensei was in a moment of surprise before going back to his familiar fox smile. But, I was the most shocked out of everyone.

"What did you say?"

"I said that's cool. I mean I never seen anything like it before. So, what can they do? Can you control them? What properties do they have? Can they lift heavy things?"

What the hell?

"Hiro-kun as much as you want to see how Yu-chan's jutsu works, but I suggest you do it during lunch instead of class." Ryuuji-sensei said with a smirk.

"Sorry sensei." Hiro said with a look of embarrassment on his face.

Sensei nodded before turning his attention back to the board to continue his lecture. The class is able to settle down and order is soon restored. Hiro gives one last glance over to me before focusing his attention on sensei.

Well, Hiro is an interesting character to say the least. His personality is a little eccentric but, I might give it to the Uzumaki lifestyle for it. Also, he didn't seem like a bad person seeing he didn't cower in fear of my appearance or openly insult me on my appearance. It felt nice that someone besides my family, Kimi, and Kon to not look at me like some monster. I'm looking forward to see what he would do now. I actually could see us becoming friends.

And I would be happy if we did.

OMAKE 1: Comfort from Nightmares

I bolted up from my futon shivering from the nightmare I just had. I let out gasps of air trying to push the overwhelming urge to cry.

My nightmare had consisted, like the others, an event from the Naruto timeline. The event though was…

Aniki's death by Naruto.

The urge to cry comes back again and I grab my pillow. I got up and walk out of my room over to the room next-door, Kakuzu's room.

I silently push the door and see Aniki soundly sleeping in his futon.


Kakuzu stirs and he looks over to me.

"What is it?" He questions a little annoyed that I woke him up.

"Can stay with you tonight?"


"I had a nightmare and I'm too scared to stay alone."

I felt humiliated. I'm damn twenty-five, mentally, and I can't get over a damn nightmare.


I needed to know that Aniki was still here. That he wasn't the dead corpse I saw in my dream.

I heard him sigh. "Fine"

I rush in and he lets me in his futon.

I feel safe and relieved. He was here with me and alive. That's all I needed.

"Thanks Aniki." I say snuggling up to him.

I heard a chuckle before Aniki wrapped his arms around me.

"Night Outoto."

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