Chapter 41- Discoveries and the Verdict

Finch straightened his tie as he came out of a back room, where he always hung a suit when he did things like pretending he was HR for a company. Brandi looked up from her computer. "Much better. I think you look handsome in a suit, Dad," Brandi said as Finch sat next to her.

"Thank you, Sweetheart. A father loves compliments like that from his best girl," Finch said, kissing the palm of his daughter's hand gently.

"Uh, Dad, I'm your only girl," Brandi pointed out.

Finch smiled. "Exactly. That makes you my best girl," Finch said as the feed crackled.

"Finch, are you and Brandi there?" Reese asked.

"Right here, Uncle John. Did either man tell anything?" Brandi asked, meaning Turski and another man from SP-9 Reese was interrogating.

"I think so, kid. Finch, got a name for you. Jarek Koska, word is he's the boss," Reese said.

"One second, Mr. Reese. Well, if he is, he's careful. No accounts in his name or a Facebook or Twitter account. The operation is massive. Every morning at 5 a.m. Angela shuts down OneState's software for three minutes. Millions of dollars undetected. SP-9's not just laundering their own money, they have hundreds of clients. All criminal themselves, I'm sure," Finch said, typing at a furious pace.

Brandi touched his wrist gently. "Uh, Dad, is Koska's using a shell corporation, it could take hours to find it," Brandi said.

"Finch, try Coldfield and it won't take hours, Brandi," Reese said. Finch typed in the name and 34 hits came up.

"Definitely a large account. Looks like the money's being used to buy boats, planes, real estate. Most of it right here in New York," Finch said, reading the client list.

"That's them. Get a list. The place they're holding Sam will be on it," Reese said.

"Wait a minute, Uncle John, I'm sending you an address. A building less than 10 blocks from Gates' house. Purchased just two days before Angela went on trial, Brandi said, sending a message to Reese's phone.

"If I can find Sam, the judge won't have to throw her case," Reese said.

"Well, you'd better move fast. I think Angela's jury just reached a verdict," Finch said as the camera in the courtroom came on.

Brandi and Dad sat down, Brandi's hand tucked in the crook of her father's arm. Dad gently stroked her hand absently with his other hand. Brandi rested her head against his arm. Dad looked at her and motioning her to move, she raised her head. Dad released her hand and wrapped his arm around her, kissing her through her hair.

"I love you, Brandilyn," Dad said softly.

"I love you too, Dad," Brandi said against his chest as Gates came in. Gates looked troubled as Brandi's eyes locked on his. A look of defeat was on his face.

"Please rise," Gates said in a low subdued voice to the lawyers and Angela. "Has the jury reached a verdict?" Gates asked the jury.

"We have, Your Honor," the head juror said.

"What say you?" Gates asked as Dad's phone beeped. Brandi couldn't read the text very well, so she looked back up.

"We find the defendant not guilty on all charges," the head juror said. The tearful glee on Angela's face was enough to make Brandi throw up along with most of the people in the courtroom. After the lawyer kissed her cheek she turned to Gates, looking like the smug cat who swallowed the canary.

Brandi stood outside with her father, watching as Gates talked on the phone with Koska. "If you want your son back, come alone. No cell, no GPS, no weapons. If I see anyone who's not you, your son dies," Koska said as he disconnected. Gates looked over as Angela shook hands with the lawyers.

"So, Angela Markham walks and Judge Gates is heading to a death sentence," Dad said, stroking Brandi's hair absently.

"Yeah, Dad. The machine sent his number because they were planning to kill him all along. Him and his son," Brandi said.

"Scorched earth policy. Clean up to cover their tracks as soon as they get what they want," Reese said.

"We need to warn him," dad said.

"Dad, I've tried. He won't listen," Brandi said.

"But we have to do something," Dad said.

"We are. You and Brandi go back to the library. Keep your speakers on and, Brandi, empty out SP-9's account into other accounts," Reese said and they saw him make his way to Angela.

"Okay. Come on, Dad," Brandi said, gripping her father's hand as Reese held a gun to Angela.