To Find You

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Me- Hello kiddies and welcome to our new story called "To Find You."

Sasuke- This time I'm seme.

Naruto- Not fair, xx.

Yukoi- You should give Sasuke a chance to be seme as well, Naruto.

Me- Yukoi is right; Sasuke is never seme. Well, here's the summary!

Summary- Sasuke is a little boy who is completely insane. When only 7 yrs. old, he gets moved into a white, padded room but somehow he escaped and murdered someone. Sasuke gets moved to prison and after a few years, he meets a new recruit by the name of Minato Namikaze who he starts to get acquainted with. Minato starts to tell him about his family especially his youngest son, Naruto Uzumaki, who is going through problems with depression. After a few more months, Sasuke escapes from jail and starts to move around a lot. He goes as far as dying his hair, cutting it, wearing contacts, and even faking a different gender.

Then, one day he sees Minato and threatens to kill him to which Minato only laughs and says he won't tell anyone. They make a promise that Sasuke must find Naruto and make him happy. Minato one day is killed and that's when Sasuke gets serious about finding Naruto. He starts his journey through hell, seemly mute red heads, annoying people and ignorant police to find Naruto. Will he find him or die trying?

Sasuke- That was an awesome summary, xx.

Naruto- Honestly, that makes me want to be – wait! I'm going to be uke to a LOONEY?!

Me -Yes, now shut up.

Yukoi- You truly are amazing!

Me- Thanks, and also Sasuke's parents will be in this fic. Mikoto and Fugaku do play the bad people though. Itachi's the good one. So sit back, grab some tissues and enjoy.

~Story Start~Rewritten~

The door opened and in walked a pale woman with black hair and coal eyes. Behind her was a man with pale skin as well, coal black eyes and slightly gray hair. Holding onto the woman's arm was a boy, around the age of 12, same pale skin but he had scarlet eyes and long dark hair cascading down his back, and tears falling down his cheeks. Walking in front of them was a little boy aound the age of 7, with porcelain skin, crimson, blood-red eyes, spiky raven-like hair that oddly stood up in the back and a huge, white smile from ear to ear. The woman, Mikoto Uchiha, the man, Fugaku Uchiha, the 12 yr. boy, Itachi Uchiha, and the 7 yr. old boy, Sasuke Uchiha. Itachi walked, pleading with his mother and father.

"Mom, dad don't do this to Sasuke. He's only 5, he doe-" Itachi begged but to no avail. "Itachi, be quiet. Sasuke is an insane little boy who needs to be put away from the real world." Mikoto said as they walked further into the building. Itachi wasn't having that though and he argued back. "Mom we can fix this ourselves. All we have to do is-" but once again he was cut off by Fugaku. "Enough Itachi. Your mother is right, your little brother is mentally unstable and this is where he needs to be." Itachi would have retorted but Mikoto beat him to it. "Just a week ago, didn't he threaten to kill you?" "Yes mom, but he always apologizes afterward. He doesn't mean it mom; he's a good boy." Itachi pleaded it they both just moved on. "Itachi, we will not argue with a 12 yr. old boy. Now be quiet." Fugaku said in a stern voice causing Itachi to cry harder because now he knew that they were serious.

Sasuke ran up to Mikoto and lightly tugged on her pants leg. "Mommy come on, we can go play now. The nice man just opened the door for us." Sasuke said with glee. Mikoto really knew what was happening and said "How about you and Itachi go play. We'll stand right here and wait." Mikoto falsely smiled at Sasuke and Sasuke returned it with a lop-sided smile of his own. Sasuke ran over to Itachi, grabbed his hand, stopped and frowned. "Nii-san why are you crying?" Sasuke asked when he saw Itachi. Itachi felt heartbroken; it was either tell him the truth and risk getting Sasuke upset or tell him a lie and save him the trouble of going back to his abusive parents. "I'm crying because I get to play with you, Sasuke!" Itachi lied to him and it truly hurt him to have to. Sasuke didn't see what Itachi said for what it truly was and exclaimed "Well, let's go Ita nii-san!"

Sauke ran into the white, softly-padded room when suddenly he felt Itachi's hand being snatched away from his and the door slamming shut. Sasuke ran over to the door and started to pull the knob but it was locked. Sasuke screamed until Mikoto came over to the door. Then she softly spoke to him "Sasuke, you belong here. You don't have a straight mind and so you will stay here. You are an insane, little boy who makes me sick. You will never see the light of day again so goodbye schizo." Sasuke was scared and also angry. How the hell could they leave just him here? Even if they didn't want him, he was sure Itachi did, but maybe Itachi didn't want him either. As soon as he thought that, Itachi loudly screamed his name. "SASUKE! No, listen to me! I will see you again, I promise! You have to find me baby brother. Little brother, I LOVE YOU!"

With those last words they started to walk towards the door until Sasuke screamed to them. "Hey lady, yeah you bitch and the one who's holding my aniki. When I get out of here, I'm going to find you and slit your fucking throats wide open! Aniki, I will get out of here and find you!" Upon those last words they walked out of the door leaving Sasuke behind forever. Or at least Mikoto and Fugaku thought so. But even Itachi and Sasuke knew that there was more to see of Sasuke Uchiha. There stood in the window of the door leading into the white room, Sasuke Uchiha with a smirk on lips and murderous glint in his eyes.

They would have hell to pay for fucking up his life.

~Story End~

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