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°Story Start °

Naruto blinked, still very much confused, "Why do we need code names? We all know each other, right?"

Sasuke sighed as he began to pet Kyuubi back to sleep, "Would you like to publicly say my name and become a suspect, get locked up and interrogated on my behalf? If so, be my guest and scream my name to the high heavens. If not, shut it and listen, got it Blondie?"

Naruto gulped and frantically nodded his head as he sat back on the couch and listened.

Sasuke nudged Kyuubi awake quietly and looked up, "Now for code names, here's the set up",

"Naruto, Kitsune or Kit."


"Shikamaru, Bones."

"Itachi, Weasel."

"Kiba, Mutt."

"Neji, Owl."

"Kyuubi, Nine Tails. And if anyone needs to contact me, the code name you'll use is Raven, undetstood?"

Several nods were returned and the young boy smirked indicating he was pleased, "Alright; now for the plan I have in mind..."

°Time Skip°

Kiba whined as he touched the shaved sides of his newly styled hair. "Explain to me why not only I but Gaara and Neji had to get new hairstyles?"

"If we do happen to fail, which is quite unlikely, would you like to be turned in looking as the lil' kid your mother knows? So when she watches the news, she'll see her sweet baby boy was arrested for being a suspect for a murder case?" Sasuke growled as he finished helping Kyuubi and Itachi pack. "I'll take your silence as a no. Besides, the blonde streaks will only stay in for about a week and if your hairs grows back fast enough, it'll go back to that shaggy shit you called hair. On another note, Gaara leave your damn hair alone and Neji, you need not worry. Your hair was the easiest to style. Gaara's was the hardest."

True enough, Neji huffed as he stopped touching the intricate bun made in the back of his head, "The hair isn't the problem. Just explain to me why I have to be a female. And wear these weird ass underwear while I'm at it?"

"Because you surprisingly have a beautifully petite figure unlike Gaara who's more, politely speaking, thicker in body mass than you happen to be. Your hair is exceptionally long, you have a very soft face just made for makeup and plump lips. The underwear was just for shit and 's why. Any other questions?"

Gaara turned his hazel eyes to Sasuke with a small nod, "Why must the color be black?"

Sasuke rolled his crimson eyes and zipped the last bag of Itachi's, "Because red hair is difficult to cover up and your hair straight up is the color of blood. It's like a stain and stains are hard to clean up. Now, shut up and go to your places. Oh and by the way, anything you leave in this apartment is staying, valuable or not."

Soon everyone headed out the door to find the positions they were given.

°Time Skip, YES AGAIN°

Gaara soon found the restaurant Sasuke has assigned him and was immediately greeted by a small girl with bright pink hair; how was that even possible? Regardless, Gaara gave the young girl a smirk and pulled out his phone.

"Hi, welcome to the Grilled Tomato! I'm Sakura Haruno and I'll be your waitress tonight! What can I start you off with?"

Gaara ordered a water and quickly called Sasuke. "Uh hey my little Raven, I'm at your favorite restaurant and I just wanted to know if you wanted anything while I was out."

Sasuke smirked as he answered back in the most feminine voice he could create. "Just grab anything dear. Thanks for asking. See you soon hun!"

With that Gaara hung up and waited as he sipped at the water he was handed.

Please let this shit go as planned, he thought with a sigh.

°With Itachi°

Itachi sneezed as he sat on the rooftop tapping away at his computer. Fucking cold as balls out here, he thought as static sounded off in his ear. "What do you want little brother?"

A small laugh came through his headgear as he waited, "Did you check to see if everyone else was in place?"

Itachi rolled his eyes as he put on his best mother voice, "Why yes I did sweetheart! Kiba, Shikamaru and Naruto are about a block away from the Uchiha manor, Neji's currently sitting at the little elementary we used to go to, and Kyuubi should still be with you. I'm currently on the rooftop watching everyone. Any more questions, cutie pie?"

"Nope, thanks Tachi-nii. I'll be contacting you soon to let you know if everything from my end goes well. Oh, tell Gaara and Neji to start heading my way asap."

Itachi nodded as he began typing again, "Got it, good luck foolish little brother. I love you, Sasuke."

"I love you too Tachi-nii."

Soon the static cut off on Itachi's end and he sighed, "Be careful otoutou."

°With Sasuke and Kyuubi°

Sasuke sighed as he sat on a park bench across the street from the Uchiha manor. He sighed once again as he leaned against Kyuubi as planned, "Do you believe everything will be okay, Dear? I mean, there's a lot to consider with moving and all. It's quite a big step and there will so many memories lost if we choose the wrong house. Are you ready for that possibility, Darling?"

"Of course I am, if it's for you and our little Weasel, I'd crawl to the ends of the Earth. Anything for you."

Sasukr gave off a false but cute giggle as Kyuubi kissed his hand. He watched as Naruto, Kiba and Shikamaru reached the building and got let in minutes later. "15 minutes," he muttered and leaned back as he waited.

°Inside the Uchiha Manor°

Naruto, Shika and Kiba looked around the large hall they were brought into, spacing into the expanse of plain walls.

Kiba clicked his tongue as he observed the very plain decor.▶ "Geez for a bunch of rich people, they sure ain't got any sense of fashion. It's fucking plain!"

Naruto swatted the back of Kiba's head as the server led them into a waiting room. "Listen you nit, we aren't here for that sorta shit. We're getting th-"

Shikamaru sighed as he quietly slipped out of the room to set to work.

Naruto and Kiba sat arguing intensely until the sound of someone clearing their throat caught their attention. As they looked off to the side, they were both greeted by a sight of a man whom looked to have arisen from a coffin. He was deathly pace with such a high cheek bone structure that his face looked hollow. His golden eyes cradled snake-like green pupils with black slits. All in all, he looked like hell.

"Who are you and what is it that you seek?"

°With Shikamaru°

There was a breathless sigh emitted from the lazy genius as he quickly made his way into a secluded room.

"Now what type of map is this?", he muttered as he scanned the map that Sasuke had drew for him earlier. Slowly, after checking his surroundings, he inched back into the hall and quickly made a left down the nearest hall. He crept along the walls until he came to what he had been told was a bathroom. Upon opening the door and inspecting the inside, he found that the prediction was correct.

Shika heaved a relaxed sigh as he quickly entered the bathroom and shut it behind him. Then, he looked at his watch and sighed. "3 minutes left." With that in mind, he quietly placed the black duffel bag on the floor and began the job of tying long lenghts of ropes together and once he deemed it long enough, he opened the window and carelessly threw one end out while holding the other.

True to his sense of punctuality, Sasuke and Kyuubi stood in the roses on the side of the large mansion, with Sasuke slightly smeared in blood. Shika raised a curious eyebrow to which he got a nod in return. Seeing as that may be the only answer he would get, Shika held onto the rope tightly as Kyuubi hoisted Sasuke up to begin to climb the wall.

God damn it! What do you fucking eat?, Shika thought as he gritted his teeth as Sasuke continued his climb up. Finally making it to the windowsill, Sasuke looked back at the red-haired male and nodded as he began to walk away. Turning back inside, Sasuke hopped into the bathroom quietly and looked around. He inhaled deeply and sighed, "Home.", he found himself saying as the few good memoies of his childhood came flooding back.

Shaking the thought away, Sasuke looked into the duffel bag and took out a small, white and circular device with a long spout and a black button. "You many not want to stand so close to this. Smells putrid and if one drop hits your skin, it'll burn a hole right through you."

Shika scooted back as Sasuke placed the tip of the device to the shower wall and pressed the button, making acid come out and onto the wall. The acid ate away at the cement and Sasuke caught the rather large slab of stone he carved out.

Placing it on the ground, Sasuke stuck his head inside the hole and looked down. "Ready, kid?"

Shika nodded his head in silence and tightened the swiss seat he was wearing around his pelvis. Sasuke clipped the long rope he had used to get in the house through on the metal loops Shika was wearing and clipping the other end to the pipeline leading down to God knows where.

"Slowly step inside. These pipes are old and liable to bust if not handled carefully. Remember, you're looking for the security room. If there are people inside, knock them out. If drastic things happen, murder may be the only option. Ready?" Sasuke looked at Shika as he inhaled and exhaled deeply then nodded.

Shika slowly climbed into the hole and quickly grabbed the pipeline from the small ledge he was standing on. He felt the rope be tugged a bit and slowly wrapped his legs around the pipe tightly and began to slide down the dark hole.

Sasuke held the rope tightly as he carefully helped Shika go down but suddenly stopped when he heard the door knob turn. He quickly closed the curtain and began letting more and more of the string go as Shika began to go down faster.

He listened as the person, presumably a maid cleaning hummed quietly and when he was sure Shika made it down safely, he threw all the equipment he kept down the hole. He placed the stone wall in place but not before climbing into the hole and jumping down right after.

There has to be another way... he thought as he kept descending into the darkness.

°With Naruto and Kiba°

The two boys stared at the man as he repeated the question with an irritated air around him. "Once again, who are you and what is it that you seek?"

Naruto was the first to speak seeing as Kiba was still stuck on stupid, "Uhhh..I'm Moshi and this is my friend, Akuma. To my understanding, this is the Uchiha residence right?"

The man slowly nodded as he listened with careful ears and watched with careful eyes, "Yes but I'm sure that doesn't concern you. Why is that important to you?"

Naruto inhaled and exhaled deeply as he prepared himself, "We have information on Sasuke Uchiha."

°With Sasuke and Shika°

Absolute fear. Pain.

That fucker damn near dropped me in a dark hole surrounded by spiders and metal pipes.

Shika glared at Sasuke finally landed down the hole with the bags following. "What the hell? Tsk you could've warned me before you decided to all but drop me."'

Sasuke sighed as he went to inspect the bags' contents for damage. "Look, there was a whole ass maid in the bathroom and I didn't have a choice. Now stop questioning me and get to work damn it." He pressed the headpiece connected to his ear, "Weasel send Owl my way. Does he have the things I asked him to get from the school?"

Itachi quickly answered as he continued typing, "Everything is in place, kiddo. He's coming now"


Sasuke quickly picked up his bags as he quietly trailed down a random entry way. "Hopefully this leads to where I need to be..."

°With Neji°

Neji looked around as he held the box and the small kid's hand. "I wonder what you're for. The box may have stuff inside but a kid? That's weird. Say, what's your name little boy."

The small boy with gorgeous, red-wine eyes continued fiddling with his thumbs as he held a rather beat up looking dinosaur stuffie in his hands.

Neji kneeled so he was face to face with the boy while keeping his skirt down, "Do you have a name Darling? Do you know it?"

The boy shook his inky black locks, "M-My brother told me t-to tell no one...but I dunno where he is..", the boy sniffled sadly.

Neji quietly nibbled his lip before speaking, "If you tell me, I can help you find your big brother. He can't be that far, right?"

The boy's glittering, ruby eyes looked up quickly as he quickly obliged with hope, "I-It's Yu-Yukio Uchiha..."

Neji lost breath as he heard his name. Uchiha? Would that mean...? "W-Who's your brother...?"

"Sasuke Uchiha..."


°Story End°

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