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"Killian honey its time to get up! Breakfast is done."

"Already up mom. Be down in a bit" Killian yelled from his desk. Sighing, he leaned back in his chair and ran his hands through his hair. The past couple weeks weren't going as planned. Emma was avoiding him like the plague. She no longer came to the house, claiming she had to help her mom with her little brother or her dad needed extra help at the animal shelter. He tried bringing it up nonchalantly with Liam, but all that had gotten him was a curious look and Liam teasingly asking him if he missed Emma. His dear older brother had gotten the pleasure of simply dropping by Emma's house for a few episodes of whatever they were watching. He groaned and rubbed his temples, trying to ease his mind and hope an idea would pop up. He couldn't bloody well show up at her house. Maybe he would have to ask Robin for some help.

Groaning, he sluggishly stood up from his chair and made his way downstairs to the kitchen. He wasn't surprised to see his brother and father wide awake at the table wolfing down their food. The Jones men were known to be up at the crack of dawn.

"Morning father, Liam." He grinned at them as he pulled out his chair and sat down, murmuring a quick thank you to his mother when she placed pancakes in front of him.

"Morning little brother, took you quite a while to join us." Liam smirked at him, knowing his 'little brother' comment was going to ruffle his feathers.

"Its younger brother Liam." He muttered, glaring daggers at him. "I was simply making sure I had everything ready before coming down."

Liam gave him a questioning look, but before he could question him, the shrill ring of the phone cut through the house. Both Jones brothers turned their attention to the phone, their mother having chirped a cheerful 'I got it' as she sauntered over.

"Hello Jones residence. Oh Mary Margaret! No we aren't busy tonight, did you need something?" Ariel glanced towards the table and gestured with her hands for her family to continue eating their food.

"Of course we can come over tonight! Whats the occasion?" She questioned, chewing her lip thoughtfully, most likely wondering what she was going to bring. During this time, Liam had turned his attention on Killian, who was still focused on his mother, hoping to catch something about Emma. If they were invited over for something, there was a very high chance Emma would be there. She wasn't one to skip out on family things. His heart sped up at the thought of seeing her tonight. He had originally planned to drop by the animal shelter or Grannys in hopes of seeing her there, even going as far as to possibly bribing one Ruby Lucas for tips.


He was pulled out of his planning by his brothers worried tone, turning his gaze to his brother, he frowned.

"Apologizes Liam, I wasn't paying attention." He said shyly, scratching the side of his head nervously. Liam frowned and stared at him with narrowed eyes making Killian slightly uncomfortable.

"Killian are you alright? You've been acting strange and - " He was interrupted by his mothers loud squeal of joy.

"Oh Mary Margaret! That is so wonderful! I'm so happy for you. Congratulations! We will be there tonight to celebrate with you" Ariel's smile was so big, it was a wonder her face didn't hurt. She hung up the phone and practically skipped over to the table to share her news with her boys.

"Mary Margaret is pregnant! She's going to have a baby! This is so exciting!" She squealed happily. "We are eating dinner at the Nolan's house today to celebrate! We'll leave around 6 alright? So be sure to be ready." She tapped her finger on her chin and hummed. "I need to figure out what to bring!" Twirling around towards the kitchen, she made her way towards it, muttering to herself about what was best to make for a pregnant woman.

"Well boys, if youre done with your food, I'll take the plates to the kitchen and help you mother." Liam and Killian both gave their father their plates as he walked by and followed the path their mother just went. Liam sighed heavily and rubbed a hand down his face.

"I wonder how Emma is feeling about all of this." he said quietly, worry covering his features, his focus on Killian momentarily forgotten. Killian raised a brow at Liam, but made no comment. Why would Emma be upset about her parents having another baby? Liam stood up quickly and jogged up stairs, leaving a confused Killian alone at the table wondering why Liam was acting that way and what he would do to get Emma to give him a chance. Shaking his head, he stood up slowly and made his way to his room.

"Cant avoid me tonight Swan."

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