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Down in sewers a party was under way on New Year's Eve. In the lair our favorite turtles were celebrating this occasion. April and Casey were down there as well. Raph, Mikey and Casey were laughing up a storm while Leo, Donnie, April, and Master Splinter were having calm conversation. All them had on party hats, even Master Splinter, and were drinking root beer( April threatened to rip Casey a new one if brought one bottle of beer with him). The tv was on brocasting the countdown until the ball dropped signaling the new year has arrived.
"woohoo! I can not wait for the new year!" yelled Mikey
"Yeah I gotta agree wit' the knucklehead on that one." agreed Raph
" I am interested in what 2014 has to bring." said Donnie
" Yeah I agree the new is something wonderful to us." said leo
" Ah yes my son the new year holds many new paths and adventures for us. But we must always remember what the past has brought for us and how it has affected us." Master Splinter said insightfully.
After that was said everyone started to think about everything that happened in 2013.
"Master Splinter is right guys. When you think about it we have had a pretty good year'' said April.
"Yeah I gotta admit even though there was some messed up stuff this year was awesome" said Casey
" I can think of all the things that made this year crazy as shell" said Raph
" I can think of one thing that made this year a real hoedown" proclaimed Mikey
"Yeah that would the Shredder but we defeated him so we have nothing to worry about. This new year is going to be great!" exclaimed Don
" That's true and as long as we always remember that what makes the year is the family we have. This new year will truly strenghten our family." Leo said honestly.
"Sappy Leo real sappy." joked Mike. Then Raph smacked him upside the head.
"Shut up and c'm here ya goofball." said Raph affectionately.
"Hey guys look the final countdown!" yelled April and they started to countdown as the ball went down.
"10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1!" The ball as the ball touched down and they all began to cheer for the new year of 2014. As one they all cheered:

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2014 here we come!