Chapter 2: El Paraíso De Amor

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I turned my back to Peeta and looked out the window. Not that I didnt want to stare at him, I was afraid I'd blush a very dark pink under his gaze.

After a couple of moments, he settled his hand, that was intertwined with mine, on my stomach. I squeezed his hand and he squeezed back.

I felt someone staring at me so I looked up and saw Johanna smirking at me with this shit-eating grin from Peeta's other side. I rolled my eyes and turned around back to the window seeing the scenery change.

I felt Peeta kiss my shoulder blade. I turned to look at Peeta and he smiled a soft, gentle smile. I smiled back and he leaned in. As I was about to lean in, Finnick exclaimed, "We're at the airport!" I leaned back and averted my gaze from Peeta's.

Johanna went out of the car and then Peeta and I went out. Johanna smacked the back of Finnick's head as he was taking Annie's and Johanna's suitcases. She whispered something in his ear and I wondered what she had said.

Peeta handing me my suitcase had knocked me out of my reverie. I smiled at him in appreciation and he smiled back. He grabbed my hand that wasn't holding my suitcase and we walked up to Annie, Finnick and Johanna. They simultaneously looked at our hands that were intertwined, for a couple of seconds before looking at us with shit-eating grins. I blush a dark pink before glaring at all of them to back off. They immediately go back to a neutral expression.

"Let's get inside the airport before we lose our flight." Johanna stated.

We all nodded and they walked ahead leaving Peeta and I a couple of steps behind them. Not enough for them to be way ahead but enough that they won't be able to hear us.


"Yes Peeta?"

"We'll… I'm in love with you."

I smile at him and peck his lips.

"I love you too."

I freeze just realizing what I did. Peeta doesn't give me enough time to mull over it because next thing I know Peeta pulls my hips towards his and smashes his lips against mine. I reciprocate with fervor wrapping my arms around his neck, my fingers toying with the hair on the nape of his neck.

As I run out of air, I remove my lips from his. I close my eyes and gently move my head so my forehead touches his forehead.

I open my eyes and see a his crystalline ocean blue eyes assaulting me. I smile and peck his lips once, twice, and three times for good measure.

Our reverie has shattered as we hear wolf-whistles from Johanna and Finnick. I blush and remove my arms that were situated around Peeta's neck and he releases his arms that were low on my waist.

I grab my suitcase and go to the place where Finnick, Johanna, and Annie are waiting for us with Peeta hot on my heels.

We pass the security check and all that other security stuff airports put you through.

As we get to the the gates, I have a sudden urge to use the bathroom. I turn around to see Peeta with a questioning look on his face.

"I really have to use the bathroom. Can you watch my luggage for me?" I plead.

He nods on assent and I peck his lips three times before going into the bathroom.

As I'm walking out of the bathroom I see Peeta. With some blonde bimbo. Who looks like she's devouring his mouth with her mouth.

I just stay there frozen. I know I'm in love with Peeta but I don't know if he truly loves me or if he's just playing me as if I was some oblivious jackass.

I walk up to the pair of them making out and tap on his shoulder.

"If you're seriously playing with me I'm not going to fall for it. So leave me alone."

The blonde bimbo smirks at me. I give her a deathly glare and she visibly shrinks under my gaze. She scurries away leaving me tto face Peeta. Peeta turns around and his eyes widen. Tears are threatening to spill and I know my eyes are glassy. He grabs my hand.

"Katniss, this isn't..."

"Just leave me alone."

I walk faster ripping my hand away from his as if it was on fire. I go to where Johanna is. I tell her everything and she gives me a comforting hug. I stay by her side until we enter the airplane and she has a different seat from mine.

Well now I have to sit next to Peeta who I know is faking his love towards me. When we're high in the sky, I lie my head on the back of the airplane seat, turning on my side to see the view of the sky and relax so I can go to sleep.

As I am about to drift off, I hear Peeta say something. "Katniss, I know you think I'm faking my love towards you but I'm not. This was a mistake and I'm sorry." I ignore him and he sighs. A couple of minutes later I am finally asleep with all the worries behind me.