Y&T: Hello to all you people! We have a guest star!

Person: Let's welcome fellow author, and my friend, Monkey Pie225!

Monkey: Yo.

Tsuna: Why don't you put your name?

Person: Because he's a loser.

Monkey: You're the loser!

Person: Whatever. I'm not getting into one of those stupid fights again.

Tsuna: I have a question.

Person: Yes?

Tsuna: What are me and Yamamoto doing here?

Person: I want to torture Monkey.

Yamamoto: How?

Person: He's not a fan of yaoi and doesn't like to see men together, or woman for that matter.

Monkey: I'm fine with gays and lesbians as long as I don't have to see them doing stuff past holding hands and hugging.

Tsuna: That still doesn't clarify why we're here.

Person: You and Yamamoto shall kiss each other.

Tsuna: Why would we do that!?

Person: One, because I said so. Two, because I want to torture Monkey. Three, it's New Year's Eve. And four, Yamamoto looks like he's about to do it anyways. *points to Yama*

T&M: *looks to see*

Tsuna: Why are you putting a mint in your mouth!?

Yamamoto: So my breath doesn't stink when we kiss! =D

Person: Told ya.

Tsuna: *starts running away*

Person: I don't think so. *pulls lever*

Tsuna: HIEEEE!

Monkey: *sweat-drops* Is the cage necessary?

Person: Yes. Now get get him, Yamamoto!

Yamamoto: Right! *attacks Tsuna*

Monkey: That's not a pretty sight.


Monkey: No, I mean your face. *shivers*

Person: What!? *attacks monkey*

Random dot: Hi. *everyone stops* What?

Everyone else: Who are you?

Random dot: I'm Random dot.

Everyone else: Oh...BE GONE FOUL CREATURE!

Random dot: WHA *poof*

Monkey: Are we almost done here?

Person: Just about. We just need the final sentence, then we're done.

Monkey: *sigh* Fine. Let's get this over with.

Everyone: Hope you thought this was dumb!


Monkey: Remember to read my fics! *gets punched in head*

Person: *tick mark* Not that one either, idiot.

Monkey: Fine... Meanie.

Everyone: Have a happy New Year!