An Unforgettable New Years 2014

No Ones POV

Everyone was perched high up on Carrie's house, a small radio that had the news on for the count down and eight kids were listening, while looking up at the starry night to get an amazing view at the first fireworks to come out at the stroke of midnight.

The kids were two bands, known as The Newmans and Grojband. Both bands agreed to share Carrie's roof, since she has the best view up there than any other house in the neighborhood.

"Alright, and only… four more minutes till 2014!" The man in the radio said, followed by ear-splitting screams.

"Oh my God, I can't wait!" Lenny Nepp said, rubbing his hands together from the urge of excitement and coldness reach into his body.

"Me too, Lenny." Agreed Carrie and the rest of the bands nodding in agreement.

"Come on guys, before midnight, we should say our New Years resolutions." Corey said before clasping his hands together and shut his eyes. Everyone did so, too.

"My resolution is to have a fresh new start with Grojband and end our rivalry." Lenny said in his head.

"Count down starts in 10! 9! 8!" The rest of the bands stopped with their resolutions, stood up, and started to shout out the count down into the sky, pumping their fists in the air with each count.

"5! 4! 3!" Lenny looked at Laney, who happens to be standing right next to him, and shifted his eyes back to the moonlit night.

"2! 1!" The bands shouted before big, bright, colorful fireworks hit the sky.

"HAPPY NEW YEARS!" Everyone shouted. Lenny then grabbed Laney by the shoulders and kissed her on the lips as the sky had still bursted with bright colors.

Everyone else didn't notice this because everyone had been on the edge of the roof pointing and awe-ing at the beautiful fireworks. Everyone clapped at the beautiful sky as Lenny pulled away from Laney.

"Happy New Years." Lenny said as he smiled warmly at Laney. She smiled back.

"Happy New Years." Then they both walked up to the edge of the roof, Lenny's arm around Laney, and joined the bands as they punched the air, woo-ing and whistling at the booming colorful sky.

They all stopped as the sky still roared with colors , held a hand from the person next to them, raised their holding hands up, and yelled in unison,"Happy New Year!" As more claps, whistles, and Woos followed by.