Okay, so I have been working on this idea with a friend who is a fan of Star Wars and Power Rangers. I asked my friend if he make this story and with my involvement we were able to work on this. Now the reason it's being uploaded here is because my friend wanted it uploaded here and wanted to remain anonymous. So, if anyone wants to ask who it is I'm afraid I can't let out the information unless my friend wants me to, which I won't if he says no.

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Also I wanted to let you all know no original rangers from the past will appear in the story. At least not yet and if we do bring in past rangers we will leave that up to you the readers on who should appear in the story once we are halfway done. My friend and I don't own anything of Power Rangers or Star Wars just our OC. Let the first chapter begin and we hope you enjoy this small first part chapter.



Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

There was once a planet called Eltar. This was the home to of the legendary hero named, Zordon. He was a powerful warrior who fought against the forces of evil with a group of young warriors. Young warriors who were known as the Power Rangers.

Together, they defeated the forces of evil and saved their world countless time. Until Zordon himself was captured by the monarch of evil known as Dark Specter. His plan was to drain Zordon's powers and take over the universe. And he nearly succeeded thanks to his army of darkness.

But in a last effort to save the universe, Zordon sacrificed himself with the help of the Power Rangers. The energy tube he was trapped in was shattered and the good energy from Zordon spread across the universe. Wiping away the forces of evil, their armies, and saving the universe. Dark Specter along with all those who worked for him were all gone…all except his son, Damien.

Damien, was born on the day his father was destroyed. Thanks to his father's powers he was able to survive the energy blast unleashed by Zordon. Years went by until Damien grew up and seeked revenge against the Power Rangers. Gathering his own army of darkness and invaded Elter with a plan to destroy his enemies.

Until, the son of Zordon and his allies gathered together for one last battle. His name was Zane and he joined forces with all the Power Rangers as they fought against the army of Damien. The battle last for days and much of the planet was destroyed in the process. Until Damien and Zane faced off in one last battle.

Despite Zane's best efforts he was unable to defeat Damien who was prepared to end his opponent. That was until the original six Power Rangers help weaken Damien and allowed Zane to seal his foe away. Trapping him so he can never again break free or harm a living soul again. Without their master Damien's army disbanded and disappeared.

Despite this victory, Zane knew it came with a heavy price. His home was destroyed, much of his people were dead, and he knew as long as Damien existed there will never be peace. Because of this he decided to make things right and take Damien away. Banishing him somewhere he can never break free and can never harm a living soul again.

Zane vowed to make sure of this and if Damien did ever return he would be there to make sure he is stopped for good.

End of the prologue. I hope everyone likes how this went. I know it's not a long one, but we promise the next one will be longer than this one. We know Dark Specter doesn't have a kid and neither does Zordon. Still, we hope you like them here in this story. For those who also don't know Dark Specter was destroyed by Darkonda in the final two episodes of Power Rangers in Space, not by the Power Rangers.

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