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Hope Returns


The day after the fighting on Kiros, the galaxy was in celebration. Not only did the Power Rangers return, but they were successful in defeating General Arachnia and her monster, Abomination. Destroying it completely and saving the colony of Kiros. For the citizens of the galaxy, they let out a sigh of relief and felt hope return.

However, they knew the fighting had only gotten started. With the success on Kiros, the Separatist forces halted their advancement until they were ready. The Separatist witnessed the battle on Kiros and saw this new power the Power Ranger possessed. This caused the Separatist leaders to begin trying to turn to Count Dooku and their ally, General Arachnia to find a way to defeat the Rangers.

Otherwise, they will never be able to regain control over the worlds they lost.

For now, though? The Republic was now gaining momentum in their war and the Chancellor thanked the Power Rangers for saving the people of Kiros. He even thanked Almora for their help and for the reinforcement. King Ronin though was just glad they were able to help the people of Kiros and were able to keep them safe.

The king also announced his daughter, Alexis will become the new queen of Almora. In a month from now, the king will step down and his daughter will rule in his place. At the same time, Alexis announced her daughter will take over to become the new senator for Almora. Rachel had accepted and would be given a month to prepare for her new role, which she is proud to accept.

But while all of this was going on, the Rangers were on Endor, telling their friends and allies everything. About the planet of Gaia, Gabriella, Kimberly, and the history of the Power Rangers, which Zane had before not wanted to find out about. But, with Damien for sure gone, he was happy to hear everything about his family's past and where the power came from. Even glad to know what the Rangers did for the former knights.

"And the next thing we knew, we had the new outfits on," Jake finished explaining everything. "It was all completely sudden, but when we had the power, we were able to understand everything."

"Yeah, we know how our powers work, how our Zords work, and how to merge them together," Rick agreed recalling what happened when they gained their powers.

"It was as if on instinct we knew everything we needed to do," said Barriss who was surprised by what happened.

"I'm not surprised," said Zane as he begins explaining how this is possible. "You see, in the past, the Rangers when they transform gives them knowledge of what they can do. Understanding their power each of them possess, while also granting them martial arts knowledge and combat automatically."

"That would explain a few things," said Lux realizing when he morphed the first time and got into his first fight, he was good. Better than during the rebellion on Onderon.

"Exactly," said Alpha as he speaks up next. "Some of the Rangers in the past who had no experience in martial arts when they morph gain the experience and knowledge they need."

"I think that's pretty cool," said Rachel, while wondering something else. "Zane, now that we have these powers, I assume you'll still train us?"

The others turn to Zane unsure now wondering the same thing. I mean, should they even train? They have learned so much during their time with Zane and seem to have a complete understanding of their powers. Should they continue training at all? Jake, however, seem to have a different opinion.

"Just because we have these powers, doesn't mean we should assume we don't need to train," said Jake knowing they shouldn't stop training, especially not knowing what Arachnia is up to. "Arachnia is still out there and we have to be prepared for anything. So, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm definitely going to keep training."

Nathan, Obi-Wan, and Zane were pleased to hear this from Jake. They know he's right and they don't need to tell the others this. They have come far since they were given these powers and have surpassed their expectations. Whatever happens next is all on them.

Ahsoka nods in agreement with Jake, knowing what he said is true. "He's right. We should all continue training to be ready for anything Arachnia will throw at us. She's probably already brewing a new set of monsters, and with her new soldiers serving her we can't take any chances."

The other Rangers all soon begin agreeing with the others. Now that Arachnia saw what they can do with their new powers, she'll try making a much stronger monster. They'll need to be ready for anything she throws at them. So, it looks like they'll all be training some more.

Zane sees the others seem to agree with their friends and knew what they need to do. "Well, first Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, and Nathan. I'll have to send you three to see Gabriella. See if she has a way to give you three a power boost too. That way you'll be ready for whatever comes our way."

"It will have to be when we'll be available then," said Obi-Wan as he explains that the Council will need him on the battlefield again. "General Grievous is trying to retake Felucia. So, I'll be needed to help stop him."

"I'm also going to spend some time with Alexis and Rachel to get them ready for their new positions," said Nathan who will also be spending time with Numa, since Alexis will be busy learning everything she needs to learn before becoming queen.

"Then I guess we better wait for the right time to do this then," said Ahsoka who didn't mind waiting till the others were ready. "Still, I wouldn't mind training with the others until then."

Zane begins smiling as he cracks his knuckles. "If you are sure about that, because since the others have these new powers, my regular training session won't cut it," said Zane as he turns to Alpha. "Wouldn't you agree?"

Alpha got the hint of where Zane is going with this and nods. "Rangers, I think it's time we take your training to the next level."

"Next level?" Lux asked while gulping a little. "Why doesn't that sound like this will be fun?"

"Because if what we went through the first time is any indication, this new training is going to be worse," said Rick realizing where this is going.

"Don't worry. It will be difficult, but I am confident since you all have been working together so well you will be able to overcome it all," said Alpha knowing he might end up using the legion to help in the training or knowing Zane, he'll use his full power to train them. "For now, though? You should all rest up. You earned it, but tomorrow? We will begin."

The Rangers sighed in relief and knew they will use this time to relax.

"Well, how about we go out to eat and celebrate our win?" Barriss suggested figuring they earned it. "We can also go out to congratulate Rachel on the new job."

"Yeah! My sister is going to become a senator!" said Jake as he hugs his sister.

"Still need to study for it and make sure I have everything down, but yeah I'm going to become a senator," said Rachel she still has some training to go through, but she was excited.

"Well, let's get going and get some food. I am starving," said Rick who had been hungry since before they left. "I could really go for anything."

"I would love to go, but I have to get back to Kiros. Rex is covering for me and I don't want to be gone too long," said Ahsoka knowing duty calls. "But I promise when I get back, we'll hang out."

"It's okay. We understand," said Lux who figured Ahsoka should get back to her men.

Jake turns towards his father and Obi-Wan wondering if they'd like to join them. "Do you want to join us? Or you two going to be busy?"

"Busy, I'm afraid," Obi-Wan replied knowing he is needed back too. "I have to head back to the Council and give them my report," said Obi-Wan as he turns to Ahsoka. "Don't worry. I'll handle the report, you just go back to your men and begin getting ready to head home once the cleanup is done."

Ahsoka smiles and nods as she joins the others before they all took off. Once they were gone, Nathan sat down on a nearby chair and begins panting a little. Obi-Wan goes to him and checks on Nathan. While Zane stood by and knew what was wrong.

"Are you all right?" Obi-Wan asked Nathan wondering what is wrong.

"I'm fine. Still a little bruised up from the fight," Nathan lied knowing he was more than just bruised up.

"You used too much power during your fight," said Zane as he kneels in front of his friend.

Nathan sighed softly and nods in response. "I had to in order to buy the others time. I guess I used too much power though."

Zane knew it was more than just too much power. "I'll have Alpha check on you and see how you are doing."

"I'm fine," said Nathan as he tries to shrug off the pain. "It's nothing new. I just need to catch my breath."

"Don't make me tell Alexis what's going on," said Zane knowing for Nathan's safety he needs to rest up. "Now, go with Alpha and let me check on you."

Nathan wanted to continue protesting, but once Zane mentioned telling Alexis…oh yeah that was enough for him to stop. He knew if he didn't listen to Zane then Alexis will make him.

"All right. I'll go, but I'm telling you. I'm fine," said Nathan as he follows Alpha to the infirmary.

All while, Obi-Wan is left alone with Zane. The Jedi Master turns to Zane, sensing his concerns for Nathan.

"How long has he been doing this?" Obi-Wan asked.

Zane turns to Obi-Wan and sighed as he leans against the control panel. "Far too long. When he was Jake's age I believe. After what happened to most of the team, he kept on using his powers. Not as often as he does now, but enough for him to keep on going."

Obi-Wan was surprised to hear this and how Nathan didn't stop being the Green Ranger. "I know the suits protect us from any serious harms, but it doesn't mean it doesn't take its toll on our body."

Zane nods knowing what Obi-Wan says is true. "I noticed this among most of the older Rangers. Many of them had gone through so much conflict and battles. However, many of them retired from their time as Rangers in their late 30s. Nathan however, never stopped."

"Why is that?" Obi-Wan asked wondering why he didn't stop. "Why does he keep going?"

Zane sighed unsure about that himself. At least, that's what he keeps telling himself. "I don't know. Maybe he wants to look out for his kids and their friends. Making sure they'll be okay. Or maybe, he wants to find a successor to take his power."

"I'm surprise you haven't found someone to take that power," said Obi-Wan figuring Zane had already been looking to help Zane find a replacement.

"Perhaps I should start looking for one now," said Zane as he decides it would be best to find a good replacement for Nathan before he gets hurt. "In the meantime, I'll keep an eye on him. Anyways, you should probably get going. If I have anything new, I'll let you know."

Obi-Wan nods in response. "I'll do the same if we find anything," as he prepares to leave, he stopped and turns to Zane. "By the way, Ahsoka and I managed to convince Anakin to get some help. If you can't find a replacement, then you think he could take the power?"

Zane knew that Anakin would be a good choice. Like with Tommy, Anakin was controlled to do terrible things and hurt his friends. He got freed and redeemed himself for what he did. However, Zane knew Anakin was already chosen for something else.

"I actually have a power in mind for him to use. If he's ready to use it again," said Zane as he begins working on healing the damaged Zords of the others.


Captain Rex is seen outside the barrack where General Tano is inside speaking with the Jedi Council on an important meeting. At least, that's what the other Clones believe. In reality, the general was off speaking with the other Rangers. She promised she wouldn't take long and will return as soon as possible.

Rex didn't have much problem with this, since he had done this before with General Anakin Skywalker. Anytime the general needed to speak with Senator Padme Amidala alone. Rex didn't like being in that kind of situation since he had to make up reasons why the men or another commander higher rank than him couldn't see the general. With General Tano, it was much easier since he knew she had no love interest…or so he thought.

However, he still had to keep an eye on things while she took off with her friends to talk about what happened. He was just glad the Power Rangers showed up when they did. Things were looking bad for them and he knew it could have gone worse had they not arrived. He was also glad for the help from the Almorian soldiers.

They held their own against General Arachnia's Insectdroids. Not that him and his boys couldn't hold their own, but to have some backup was nice, especially from General Tian.

The general from Almora impressed many of the Clones with her fighting style and how well she held her own. Heck, the soldiers from Almora showed many of the Clones what they were capable of too. The general even showed recognition towards the Clones for what they did and even to the two privates, Paul Bulkmeier and Jason Skullovitch. Even Rex was impressed with what they did during the fighting and how they defended their general.

They were rookies and weren't the smoothest soldiers he has ever met before. But they were brave and held their own, which earned his respect.

"Soldier," Captain Rex looks over to see General Tian walking towards him with the privates. "Is General Tano busy? I wish to speak with her."

"Sorry, General Tian. But I believe she still in a meeting with the Council," Rex lied since he needed to buy the general time. "If you want, I can let her know you wanted to speak with her when she finishes."

General Tian didn't know when the Jedi began her meeting with the Council, but she figured it must not have been that long ago. "I just wanted to make sure the agreement we made is still going through?"

Captain Rex recalls the conversation the Republic had with the Almorian government. How the people of Kiros are now switching sides with Almora. Accepting their protection, after they saw how effective their technology is. The Jedi were disappointed with this decision, but they knew the governor is looking out for the best interest of his people.

So, they were fine with this decision. As was the chancellor, who probably didn't see any problem with this. So, all sides have agreed to this and the Republic forces agreed to leave, but once they help the Almorian soldiers and the colonist rebuild. However, General Tian wanted to make sure there was no hard feelings between both sides.

"I believe the general told me she was okay with this since she knew what matters the safety of the people. So, she appreciates what you did and thanks you for keeping them safe," Rex replied recalling what the general told him when they spoke alone.

"No thanks is necessary. We did what was right and we're just glad things didn't go badly for us in the end," said General Tian who knew if things had continued the way they did, then it would have ended badly for all of them. "You Clones also did a good job during the fighting. We were wrong about you Clones and we can see there is more to you all than meets the eye."

Captain Rex appreciate this, especially how he knew some Almorian soldiers believed the Clones were mindless soldiers who would obey any command. Ever since the fighting on Almora though, their opinion has changed on the Clones. Even the Clones began seeing that the Almorian soldiers were more capable than they thought. He was glad to know that both sides showed a lot of respect towards one another and are able to work together.

"I appreciate that, general," said Captain Rex just as the door behind him opened and out came his general. "General Tano, I trust the meeting went well?"

Ahsoka was surprised to see General Tian standing there with Rex but is glad to see her friend managed to keep her busy until she came back.

"It went well, thank you captain," said Ahsoka as she thanked her friend, before turning to the general. "General, what can I do for you? Is everything okay?"

General Tian explains to the general why she came to see her and what she had said to her Clone captain. While being informed what Ahsoka's response was.

Ahsoka gives a small response to everything that was said. "The Council and I are completely fine with this agreement. I know the Council still wishes for my people to remain with the Republic, but this is their choice and we respect their decision. I also know Almora will keep the people here safe. However, if you ever do need any assistance, we will help you out however we can."

General Tian understood, but she needed to bring this up. "Please keep this in mind though. The king's generals are still unsure about working with you Jedi or the Clone army," she then turns to see some of her soldiers and the Clones appearing to get along with one another. "However, I will try to convince them to give this partnership a try."

General Tian extended her hand towards Ahsoka, who then extended her own and shook the general's hand. Ahsoka and the general give a small nod to one another before the general begins to leave.

"Corporal Bulkmeier and Skullovitch! Let's get going!" General Tian ordered as her now promoted corporals both rushed over to the general's side.

"Yes ma'am!" both Bulkmeier and Skullovitch replied before they join the general before leaving.

Once they were gone, Rex let's out a sigh of relief. "Glad you finished with your meeting, general. I was worried she was going to find out you weren't really here."

Ahsoka nods in agreement with her friend. "Well, I appreciate you holding her off long enough for me to finish with the meeting, Rex. I owe you for this."

"Not necessary, general. Just glad your friends got those new powers of theirs to help save the day," Rex knew had they not arrive when they did, who knows how things would have gone. "So, how did the meeting go? And did they explain how they got their powers?"

Ahsoka gave a small smile to Rex before she explains what happened. She did leave a few things out, but she told him enough, so he knows enough and how the meeting went.

Rex couldn't help but chuckle softly as the two begin walking towards the ship. "Well, I'm glad your friends got the power and were able to get back here on time. I assume though that once we leave, you'll be heading over to this world to get a power boost too?"

Ahsoka nods in response knowing she won't be able to gain the same kind of power the others got. Since her power was more created by Zordon, Zane's father. Not like the others with their powers. However, it doesn't mean that Gabriella won't give herself and Obi-Wan a boost so they can help their friends out.

"I'll need to speak with the council to make sure we can pick out the perfect time to do this," said Ahsoka knowing with the war going on, they'll have to figure out when they can do this. "But don't worry. I'll let you know before it happens. That way you won't have to keep people busy for me."

Rex appreciated that and knows the general will inform him ahead of time before she disappears. "Thank you, general," he then stops walking and sighed softly as he looks up at the sky. "These new powers the others have really came in handy. I just hope they're ready for whatever Arachnia is up to."

Ahsoka looks up at the sky and knows Rex is right. They won a bit fight today, but the war is far from over. Zane warned them that General Arachnia will send more monsters after them. To try finding a way to defeat their Zords and destroy them for good.

"Still, like with Damien, we'll stop General Arachnia and make sure she doesn't win," said Ahsoka who is confident now with the power they have, that they will win. "And once we're done with her, we'll be one step closer to ending this war."

Rex turns to his general and nods in agreement. "Well, if you ever need any help, we'll be there for you, general."

Ahsoka knows Rex will back them up, no matter what happens. Sure, he and the other Clones don't have any powers, but it doesn't mean she can't count on them for help.

"Thanks Rex. Now, let's help with the cleanup and then get some rest before we go home," said Ahsoka as they head to help the other Clones and their allies with cleaning up the mess.

Unknown Location

General Arachnia is seen in Dr. Vindi's lab after their creation was destroyed. Dr. Vindi was not pleased that his creation was destroyed by the Power Rangers, especially after he warned Arachnia earlier before sending his creation out to fight. He blamed Arachnia for what happened, but she simply ignored him and tells him to work on studying the new power of the Power Rangers.

All the while she recovers from the injuries she suffered.

She couldn't believe this. She was so close on finishing off those little brats and finally ridding herself of the Power Rangers. But no. No, they somehow gained this new power.

A power she has never seen before. This power was unlike anything she saw before with the past Rangers, who somehow always gain a new powerup when their old one is not enough. She had to find out how they gained this new power and how to destroy it. If her beast could fall to them, then there is a good chance so will her other creations.

"I will not let them win," said General Arachnia as she finishes with her recovery. "I will make those little brats pay for what they did. And when I do, I will return home to finish the rest of their little friends off."

"Then you better make sure the next monster you have will work," General Arachnia groaned when she saw Count Dooku appearing in the room in hologram form. "My master is not pleased with this failure, General Arachnia."

"Oh please. His approval rating has gone up thanks to what those brats did," said General Arachnia as she begins walking around the hologram of the Sith Lord. "If this keeps up, he might end up becoming chancellor forever."

"My master does intend to remain in power, but he also can't reveal our plan as long as the Power Rangers exist. So, we suggest you get to work on your next monster to finish what your beast failed to do," said Count Dooku as he warned the spider woman to do her job.

General Arachnia didn't appreciate being told what to do as she stood in front of Dooku. "Do not tell me what to do, Dooku. Do not forget. You and your master need me to help you destroy these brats. Otherwise, your plan for galactic domination will fail. And we both know you don't want that."

"True, but you also need us to return home. Otherwise, the Power Rangers will find you and destroy you," said Count Dooku as he turns what Arachnia said to him around. "Unless you wish to end this partnership and we inform the Jedi where you are hiding."

General Arachnia scowled a little as she backs away from Dooku before she replied back. "You do that, and I will reveal your master's identity to the galaxy."

"Hmm and who do you think the galaxy will believe? A monster who served Damien and has killed countless innocent lives? Or are they going to believe a man who you yourself said has a high approval rating? And someone who has shown no signs of being a Sith Lord?" Count Dooku replied and once more turned around Arachnia's threat back to her.

Now yes, the Jedi and the Power Rangers will likely believe what General Arachnia tells them. However, he also knows without any proof, they can't do anything about it. If things go bad, then all they have to do is go through with their plan. Maybe even frame the Power Rangers somehow and connect them with the Jedi.

A risky plan, but it is one his master knows they will implement if General Arachnia betrays them.

General Arachnia knew her threats isn't going to help her in this situation. She knows if she wants to leave this galaxy, she'll need to keep her end of the deal.

When Dooku heard her say nothing, it was enough for him to see she knows her place now. "Good. Now then, I will inform you where to send your next pet. Do not disappoint us, General Arachnia. And make sure it succeeds."

Once the transmission ended, General Arachnia gave a small growl before she punches the solid concrete wall. Her hand going through it before she pulls it back, while trying to control her anger.

"Fine, old man. I'll give you and that bastard what you want," General Arachnia's spider legs begin lifting her off the ground and she heads to see Dr. Vindi.

Dr. Vindi is seen in his lab working on his next creation and going over his testing. He wants to make sure this creature will endure the new power of the Power Rangers.

"Dr. Vindi," General Arachnia enters the room and walks over to where the doctor is at. "Did you finish analyzing the new power of the Rangers?"

"Enough to know I can't analyze it properly," Dr. Vindi begins to explain the problem he had to deal with it. "My sensors can't seem to properly analyze this new power they have. It's nothing I've ever seen before. It's different from their old powers and it's hard to determine how strong this made them. I know they were strong enough to defeat Abomination, but I believe we only got a taste of their true power."

General Arachnia had analyzed the power of each past Power Rangers. To get an idea of how powerful they are and find their limit so she can defeat them. Zane's Gold Zeo power was more than a match for Damien when he was at full power. And she knew the Zeo power continues growing stronger as time passes on, which made their power limitless.

But the power the Rangers had was weaker than the Zeo power that Zane uses. So, she knew her beast was able to defeat them easily and nearly destroy them.

This new power though…it was different. It was nothing she has ever seen before and if Vindi is right, then determining their full potential will be almost impossible. Unless they send out another monster and use that chance to properly analyze their powers. If they can do that, then she can find a weakness to their new power to destroy them.

"Dr. Vindi, we'll need to use one of our creations as a sacrificial lamb. We'll need one that can not only handle this new powered up Rangers, but last long enough for us to analyze their new power better," said General Arachnia who once they have what they need, they'll know how strong to make their next creations.

Dr. Vindi didn't like the idea of sacrificing his creations, but he knew that General Arachnia is right. He begins looking through his holopad until he finds the perfect subject. "I have just the one to help us. Shall I get it ready?"

General Arachnia looks at the one he has chosen and nods in response. "Get it ready as soon as possible and make sure its one that will get us back in the good mood of the old men. And once it has done its job, then the next creation we send, will be the one to finally end the Power Rangers for good."

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