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Greetings, my name is not important, but what I'm about to tell you is important. This is the story about what happened to my old home, why we had to leave it, and how one man's desire for revenge destroyed it all.

Long ago there was once an evil empire called the Forever Empire. This empire came from another world where it caused nothing but death and destruction. It came to our world in secrecy and became a world-wide industrial organization under the name Markoneous. Its leader was a man named Alexander Markoneous and is responsible for the destruction of our world.

Many saw this man as a good guy and never thought of him as a monster. They were wrong. What no one knew is that he was a ruthless dictator that secretly build an army of machines and weapons of mass destruction to wage war on our heroes who protected our world from all evil, the Justice League and the Teen Titans.

Alexander allied himself with a renegade Soul Reaper named Talsein Yamamoto. Talsein betrayed his people and formed a secret organization with one purpose, to reshape the world in his image. To create a new world where there wouldn't be any conflict, but also no free will which is something the heroes couldn't allow to happen.

Together both men conquered the Soul Society and Earth, imprisoning the heroes. Thankfully there were some heroes and Soul Reapers who escaped. They worked together and help free their allies. Together they stopped Talsein and forced Markoneous to retreat back to where he came from.

Time passed and peace returned, but the Forever Empire had not given up as we thought they would. Now under the command of Markoneous's daughter, Marrissa, a division of them had returned. Marrissa, her brother Scar, her lover Talon, and the Forever Empire's most devoted military leader, General Maraxus came back to our world for revenge.

At first the heroes kept them at bay from taking over, but then came something the heroes didn't expect. It was a new weapon that would defeat our heroes and take over not just our world, but every other world as well. This weapon was a suit of armour called, Omega.

The suit was worn by a deranged psychopath known as Mark IV, a clone of the Emperor. Mark IV went on a killing spree to murder all who he deemed unworthy. He killed Scar, Tetsip, and almost did the same to Marrissa, Talon, and Maraxus. Eventually he and Omega were stopped, but it came with a heavy cost. Ronin Suzuki, a Soul Reaper sacrificed his life to stop Mark IV once and for all and help bring peace back to our world again.

With that defeat Marrissa, Talon, and Markoneous denounced the Forever Empire and stood alongside the heroes of this world, helping to lead the future protectors. But even with all of these victories one individual still swore to destroy us all.

General Maraxus survived the final battle with Omega. He had his cyborg children, Carina Alpha and Carina Beta, recover the designs for the armour and also a disc containing decades of information on Soul Reapers which he planned to use to destroy them.

For a long time there was no indication of the Forever Empire returning yet again to destroy us. But we realised too late that we had been helping it prepare.

Deep beneath the Earth's surface was a vault that contained a living computer program, an AI, that had been created by General Maraxus and planted there in long-term hibernation until it was ready to activate. When it came online it infected every possible electronic device in the world.

Every mobile phone became a bomb, every computer a weapon, military networks crashed and their missiles were launched, economies collapsed and records were erased, the entire planet was shut down in less than five minutes with billions of casualties.

While everyone was confused and the world in chaos machine armies emerged from bunkers and swarmed the planet. The skies were darkened by ships and drones while robots marched through the cities, killing everyone they saw.

Our world's heroes came to the aid of its people and fought back. Despite no communications and technology on their side the heroes managed to fight off the enemies, until they received a message that was broadcasted from an AI that was responsible for all of this. This AI was the third Carina that Maraxus created its name was, Carina Omega.

She spoke to the human race and told us that our world had stood in the way of the Forever Empire long enough. She had been created to purge us from existence.

The war continued on until it reached its critical stage. Billions of people were killed or converted into her machines. Our world's governments tried to stop her, but not even their weapons, and armies could stop her machines. She filled the world with fear using an orbital satellite network created by Markoneous Industries to burn whole cities, towns, and hidden villages at a time. She would start at every country's capitals in every part of the world. No one was safe, not even our heroes who protected the earth. The heroes fought hard to protect the people, but many were killed until there were only a few left.

Carina Omega revealed herself to the remaining humans and challenged them. Many fought her, but all failed until our world's last hope came to stop her. He was known to many as the Superman of our world. He fought against the machine army alone taking down many of them until he came across Carina Omega.

At first it looked like Superman would win and peace would be restored on our world, but it didn't happen. The suit she wore gave her complete knowledge and power that she used to fight back against our hero. In the end our world's last hope died when Carina Omega killed Superman.

Many waited for the end to come until came a new hope. This new hero appeared and challenged Carina Omega to battle. She accepted and the final battle for our world began. The new hero fought on with great bravery and power, but like Superman this hero also proved to be no match for Carina.

As the people looked on as their last hope was about to be destroyed the hero did something shocking. During his fights with the machine empire and their empress his allies and the remaining heroes had managed to infect a virus into the network that connected all the drones to their leader.

With that virus in effect Carina Omega was trapped in her body and unable to access her weapons or armies for help. The hero seized his chance and delivered a crippling blow to her body, slicing the machine in two.

The intelligence that was Carina Omega was then sealed away in a vault deep beneath Pluto's surface, never to awaken again.

The people celebrated in joy that Carina Omega was defeated. However, with every great victory comes a great tragedy. Yes we won, but our world lost. Our home, our planet suffered so much damage from the fighting that it no longer could sustain us or any life on the planet. So we had to make a choice, a hard one. We had to abandon our home.

So we found a new world where we can live on and moved away from our world. As for our mysterious hero he disappeared. Many think he left because he failed to save everyone, because he failed to save our world, or maybe the fighting took a lot out of him. I don't know, all I know is we owe our lives to him for saving us.

Now we must move on and start a new life. Hopefully this life will be different from our old one and we will not make the same mistakes we did in the past. Maybe even one day we'll see the hero who saved our world again, maybe.

Awwww short I know, but we thought it would be good to end it here. I hope everyone likes how this went. General wrote the prologue, but I helped edit it a little. Also yes Superman is dead and for those who don't know what Omega is, then I suggest you check out the previous story before this so you can find out.

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