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Chapter XIII


Batman finished explaining to the others about what he found out involving Carina. He explains that Carina was created by a military general that was part of the Forever Empire. A name John and Angela recognized when Sierra mentioned it. He continues explaining how she was very powerful and is the reason they had to leave Earth.

During the invasion on the planet she killed off all the heroes on the planet, except for a few who escaped. During the invasion his grandfather Terry and father died saving the people, leaving his mother pregnant with Michael. Carina was eventually defeated, but the war left Earth damaged, and so they had to leave.

Michael's mother moved to the Soul Society where he was raised, but he left to live on Earth two. That is where he found the bat cave and found out that his grandfather created a drone to go to Earth two to create a new cave just in case Michael wanted to become the new Batman.

"Damn, sorry to hear what happened to your family dude," said Ben apologizing to Michael.

"It's all right," said Batman. "There is no need to apologize."

"Still," began Angela. "You also shouldn't hide your face to us. We're family, so it's okay to show us what you look like."

John turns towards Batman and nods his head. "It's okay, you're among family."

Batman removes his mask and reveals himself to his long lost family. He appears to be around 21 years old, he has short black hair, eyes, tan skin, and a small scar under his left eye.


Nathan nods his head. "By the way John, how did you know about him being Batman?"

John begins explaining. "I met him a year ago during a mission and since then we've gotten to know each other. He didn't want anyone else to know since he was focused on his job as Batman."

"Understandable," said Ben as he gets up from his seat and cracks his back. "So, what do we do to stop Carina?"

Michael gets up and shows on his computer the location of a large ship. "Carina's ship is on the surface after suffering some damage. It's surrounded by thousands of drones and an army large enough to invade the planet. Getting to your girlfriend won't be easy, especially if we fight Carina."

"She's not my girlfriend," responds Nathan. "Her boyfriend was killed by Carina when she used him to try killing Kara."

Angela placed her hand on his shoulder and pats him. "She'll need you to help her when this is over."

Nathan nods in agreement. "We need to get to her first."

"I may have an idea for that," Michael presses a button and under the floor comes a large bomb. "I made this a year ago. It's an EMP bomb, but I made it so it will only affect Carina and her forces, nothing else."

Ben examines the bomb and felt like hugging it. "It's beautiful…wait did you use this to save us from those robots?"

Michael nods his head. "Now you know how this will do against Carina and her forces."

"But, will it work?" asked Angela.

"Carina is machine so it should," Michael takes out a small device from a nearby table. "If it doesn't, then this should."

"What is it?" asked Nathan who went to look at the device, until Michael puts it away.

"Don't worry about. You should be worried about saving your girlfriend," said Michael.

"Nathan!" Nathan is tackled down by Masaki. "Where have you been? I have been looking all over for you!"

"Masaki, get off," muttered Nathan who couldn't breathe.

Masaki looks over and notices the others. "Michael!" She tackles Batman down for a hug. "I missed you! Your mom misses you, Hanako misses you, and your family misses you."

It took Michael a minute to recognize the girl. "Masaki? You've gotten bigger."

Masaki nods her head smiling. "Yep, I ate all my meals…" she then notices the others. "Hey guys, how are you?"

"Oh great," said Angela in a sarcastic tone. "Except for the part about us being invaded by a fucking robot."

"Oh well don't worry," said Masaki as she frees Michael from her hug. "I've brought back up."

Nathan turns towards Masaki surprised. "You mean?"

Masaki nods head her and talks in a playful tone. "They're here."

The Dauntless

Supergirl runs down the hallways of the ship trying to escape. She managed to evade Carina's robots and the kryptonite gas. But, she knows she's not out of the woods yet. She has to get out of the ship and get back her strength.

It's hard to do that when she is in a ship she doesn't recognize or can break her way through. She wasn't back full power so she couldn't use her super strength or x-ray vision to see where the exit is. She'll have to trust her gut and hope it leads her the right way. And she'll have to also avoid being caught since knowing Carina she'll kill her off.

"All right, which way to go?" A low ominous growl echoed along the hallway and she glimpsed something large and furry vanish around a corner to her right. "Go to hide."

Supergirl sees a door nearby and pries it open. She goes inside and closed the door. Once inside she looks around and finds a metal pipe nearby. Grabbing it she leans against the door, while quietly breathing so whatever Carina sent doesn't hear her.

Heavy footsteps thud along the hallway while something is sniffing the air and growling. The footsteps stop outside the door and whatever is out there takes a deep sniff.

Next thing a massive clawed hand punches through the door an inch above her head and tries to grab her.

"Hands off!" Supergirl uses the pipe and thrust it through the hand.

The hand pulled back out of the door with the pipe stuck in it. Then with a massive crash the creature burst through the door.

It was a hulking beast that stood on four large legs with two arms protruding from a misshapen body. A dog shaped head looked down at her with five gleaming yellow eyes and snarled. The entire creature was covered in patches of brown fur and metal armour that had tubes connecting the limbs to the head.

The creature advanced on Supergirl, still with the pipe stuck in its hand. Supergirl sees a nearby pole. The creatures jump towards her, but the young heroine grabs the pole. She moves it at the creature, which gets pierced through the head.

The creature howled as it sank to the floor in a dead heap. But as blue plasma leaked from its wounds a familiar voice emerged from its mouth.

"I am watching you, organic. You will pay for killing my creation."

"Just try it," said Supergirl as she pulls out the pole and pipe then takes off.

Scene three- Michael talking to the others about what is going on and how he created a powerful weapon that will be able to destroy Carina's forces, but they need to activate it close to Carina's ship. They find out the ship suffered damage and it's on earth two. So they make a plan on what to do.

Soul Society

Hanako is outside her house and is standing under a large cherry blossom tree where a picture of her mother. She is kneeling before the picture and is praying quietly. Byakuya approaches his wife and waits for her to finish. Once she does she kisses the picture and gets up from the ground.

"Are you ready?" asked Byakuya.

Hanako nods her head. "Let's go."

Earth two

Carina watches the monitors to see her creations hunt down Supergirl who killed four more of her pets, but they did manage to wound her during the attacks. On another monitor she watches her drones fix the ship and its weapons. Once they get the weapons online again she'll be able to destroy this planet.

"I take it your pets haven't caught her?" Savage enters the room and stands next to Carina. "I thought you were going to give her to me, not feed her to your pets."

"She escaped her cell. If you want to keep her then I suggest you go catch her now." Carina hissed, "If my pets, or I, get a hold of her there'll be nothing but stains left."

"You're mad," said Savage who can tell Carina's mood through her tone. "You're the one that killed her friend. Perhaps if you didn't she wouldn't be on the loose."

"I'm not mad!" she screamed and punched a monitor into fragments, "That filthy organic bitch killed my creation! She dared to defy me!" Carina lifted a kryptonite bladed knife, "I will deal with her myself."

Carina takes off leaving Savage alone in the room. "I've been around for a long time and I still don't understand women."


Supergirl is in a locked room bandaging up her wounds. She ripped her sleeves so she can cover up her injuries. So far she has killed four more of these creatures, but each time she kills one she ends up being wounded. If this keeps up she'll probably end up dead.

Most of her powers begin coming back to her when she passes by a small hole where the sunlight passes through. But, it wasn't enough to get her powers back since the creatures attacked her.

"I'm not going to die her," she gets up and starts shouting. "You hear me Carina! I'll get out and then I'll stop you!"

It seemed that the more creatures that were killed the rest became even more savage. Now they were frothing in the mind as they smashed into the door that stood between them and their prey.

"Calm my children." Carina's voice rang through the speakers, "She is not to be killed like organics. I want you to make her suffer."

The beasts howled and tackled the door as one. It broke wide open and they swarmed at Supergirl with their claws outstretched and their teeth filled jaws snapping wildly.

Supergirl jumps over the creatures and lands behind them. She punches one in the face and the other kicking it in the face. They didn't suffer major damage, but did daze them a little. The third charges in and bites Supergirl's arm. It didn't have time to do any major damage when she uses the pipe in her hand and smashes it through the head of the creature.

She pulls her arm out and she sees she did get bit. She is bleeding and she sees the creatures can smell it off her. The second creatures charges at her, she falls backwards, and kicks the creature over her. It crashes into some crates that fall on top of it.

The third creature slashes its claws to Supergirl's back causing her to let out a loud scream. It tackles her down and tries biting her. She uses the pole press it under the creature's throat to keep it from biting her. The creatures presses its claws against her other arm causing her to scream even more.

The first creature recovers and charges at her. Supergirl manages to move the creature that is on top of her into the path of the second creature. The creature tackles the other one off Supergirl causing the two to crash nearby. She grabs the pole and when the second creature jumps towards her, she uses it to pierce through the gut of the creature.

She grabs the pole and starts jabbing it on the creature's face killing it. The first one recovers and charged at her. Supergirl summoning what strength she has left uses her eye beam to incinerate the creature leaving nothing but ashes. She falls to the floor and begins panting.

A loud shriek echoed around the room as all the creatures mouths played the sounds of their creator.

"I will kill you organic! You and all your friends will pay for my children's deaths!"


Several cloaked figures arrive near where the drones are patrolling. One of them takes out a small device and gets a locked on the target. "She is somewhere around this area. Find her quick and get out of there, got it?"

One of the cloaked figures steps forward and nods. "I'll get her out and then we'll end this."


Supergirl wakes up and sees she's still alive. Grabbing the pole and pulling it out of the creature she killed. She gets up on her feet and uses the pole for support. She begins limping out of the room and continues down the hallway.

She doesn't know where she's going and doesn't seem to care. All that matters is she gets out and gets as far away from this place as possible. From a distance she sees what looks like a bright light. It felt familiar to her.

She then recognized it as sunlight. She makes her way towards the light, which she hopes is the exit. The closer she gets to the light the more she can feel her strength coming back. It wouldn't be long now before she escapes and can go back home to her friends.

Just before making it out she sees a shadow blocking her way. She looks up and sees its Carina.

Grabbing the pole she slowly lifts it up towards her enemy. "Get out…of my way…"

"Over your dead body." Carina whispered, "You killed my creations. Now I will turn you into my next experiment. A powerful organic with no mind, only my network."

"I…won't…let you," Supergirl tries using her eye beams, but she was still too weak to use them.

Carina advanced on her, "You have no say in the matter. I will enjoy using you to do my bidding."

A bolt of electric energy blasted from Carina's hands directly at Supergirl.

Suddenly Supergirl disappeared. Carina looks on surprised, but before she could do anything she hears something from behind.

"Doragon ikari (dragon fury)!" A large fire shape Dragon appears and slams into Carina.

She escapes from the flames and sees who attacked her. It was Nathan, who is in his Soul Reaper form holding Supergirl in his arms.

"You're not going to do anything to her, you bitch."

"I beg to differ, soul scum."

Metallic footsteps echoed along the hallways as drones emerged from every doorway and corridor to surround them.

"Sheesh, overdoing it much?" asked Nathan as his sword ignites on fire. "What's the matter Carina? Scared to fight me on your own? Oh that's right you prefer to use other people do that because you're too cowardly to fight me like your daddy."

"You dare mention my father!" Carina clenched her fists, "My father is trying to save us from you soul scum and you call him a coward!"

"Who are you calling a coward?" Several of the drones surrounding Nathan and Supergirl get destroyed. They look over and see who it is. "The only coward we see here is you Carina."

They see it's the head captain of squad one Hanako. Behind her are the captains of squad two, three, five, eight, ten, and eleven along with their subordinates. Nearby they see the rest of the superheroes have arrived, along with their allies.

"Captain!" called Nathan who is surprised to see the captains actually came. "I guess you guys got our message?"

"Yes and when this is over Nathan you're going to be in big trouble," Hanako then turns towards Carina. "So you're the one responsible for destroying Earth one and our friends. You're biggest mistake? You should have attacked us first instead of sending someone to do it for you."

Carina stared at them, "He betrayed me... there is no way your pathetic race could get aboard this station otherwise." she turned and walked away past her drones, "Murder these organics. I'll be back."

Unknown Location

Vandal Savage enters a dark room and takes out a glowing glove. Moving it around he scans the area to make sure he is not being watched. Once he is sure it is safe he removes the glove and takes out a small device from his pocket. Placing it on the floor it activates and reveals a cloaked figure standing in the middle of the room.

"Everything is going according to plan," began Savage. "I have placed everything into position like you suggested and I've got the location of the item."

"Good," responds the figure in what sounds like multiple voices talking. "I have sent our agent to pick up the item and is on her way back. Now, we need to get rid of any loose ends."

"I've already taken care of that," said Savage as he takes out a controller from his other pocket. "Once she tries crossing me, I'll use this and then phase two will begin."

"You've done well Savage," said the figure. "Soon, our enemies will turn against each other and we will rule once again."

Backup has arrived just in time. Will they succeed in stopping Carina? Who is Savage working for? And how many figured he wasn't loyal to Carina after all?

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