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Chapter One: Leandra

I walk down the streets of rainy Paris after a late night at the library on campus. My bookbag is held tightly against me as I rush back to my apartment through the rain. No one is on the streets, but I hear someone else walking behind me and it is starting to scare me a little. I turn a corner and am soon attacked by someone within moments of turning the corner. I am soon pinned to a wall with my mouth covered so I could not scream and wake everyone up.

"I have been following you for quite some time, miss, and I can no longer wait. I do hope you survive this. You just smell so delectable," my attacker says. He has dark skin from I can see in the light from the street lamps, his dreadlocks are damp from the rain and he is looking at me with red eyes. He tilts my head to the side and he bites my neck. I scream into his hand and thrash around to get him to let me go, but his grip only tightens. I feel tears streaming down my face as I close my eyes and try to get him off. Not long after, he drops me to the ground and I lay on the sidewalk, too exhausted to move or scream. My attacker picks me up and carries me to my apartment, how they know where I lived is beyond me. I feel myself slip into darkness and I feel my body feel like I was placed into a fireplace. My body burns and I am unable to do anything but wriggle in pain from it all.

I wake the next morning to see that my attacker is still here and sitting in a chair in a corner of the room. He has a smile on his face as he looks me over when I quickly sit up and look at him. I watch him as he stands up and walks over to me. He touches my face lightly and he crouches in front of me. I look at him when he raises my hand into the sunlight and I see that I am sparkling like a piece of glass.

"What did you do to me?" I ask in shock. He does not answer, instead stands me up and walks me to the mirror on my night stand. I look at myself and see that I am now pale and I have piercing red eyes just like his eyes.

"You are now what I am, a vampire and a very powerful one with your gift," he says softly into my ear. I turn and push him back, a growl comes from my throat that I have never heard come from me before. He smiles as he adjusts himself and looks me over.

"Why did you do this to me and who are you?" I snarl.

"My name is Laurent and I am your creator," the man says. He holds out his hand to me with a wide smile.

I open my eyes and shake my head from the memory I just watched once more. It has been many years since that happened to me and now Laurent is dead. Not my fault he did not stay away from the wolves like he told me many times. I walk through the streets of the village that I just killed off in search of the one thing that keeps me planted on this earth. Houses are burning and the only sound that is coming from this desolate village is the sound of the animals that are still alive. A large pile of human corpses are now on fire at the entrance. I quickly gather all the clothes I can from the houses and throw them into a trash bag before throwing them into the trunk of my new Audi. I know that I am being hunted by the great Volturi and I am not going to be taking any chances with them. Once my car is started, I quickly pull out of the village and drive to get onto the main road and then the interstate back to my small home not far from here. I pull up into a small well cared for cottage and see that the fireplace is going from the smoke coming out of the chimney. I grab the bag of clothes and walks inside to the smell of lavender and other herbs.

"Grandma, I am back," I say and walk into the kitchen. She is making herself another pot of herbal tea and we share a small smile. I kiss her wrinkling cheek and give her a small hug. Her hair is in a messy silver bun that stands out with her bright yellow shawl.

"You smell of burning bodies and smoke, Lea, where have you been?" grandma asks me, as she shuffles her way to the table. I toss the bag of clothes onto the floor and go to put my jacket and boots away in my room. "May the gods bless them and grant them eternal piece. Leandra, you promised me that you would not kill anymore people."

"That would be easier said then done, grandma, when they were all waiting to kill me when I arrived. I will kill anyone who gets in my way of what I am looking for," I say and walk back into the kitchen. Grandma is holding her necklace in her hand and I sigh when I realise that she is praying for the souls I just sent to the underworld. "Grandma, I think I found where she is. I am getting closer to finding her and bringing her home."

"No more killing! Marinna is dead and there is nothing you can do about it!" grandma shouts. I flinch at her shout and look away. "Leandra, I know you loved the child as your own and raised her as yours until you left. But you cannot let what those people did to us affect how we are living now. You killed the men that caused you hell when you were younger. I cannot let you kill anymore people in search of your daughter anymore."

"But, I am so close to finding her!" I snap back. The house shakes and grandma grabs the table.

"Leandra, remain calm!" grandma warns me. I close my eyes and focus on her calm hearbeat to make the house stop shaking. "You know your temper is what causes that. You must keep your temper in check in order to keep your powers in check. You will find your daughter soon enough, just lay low for now and stay with me before it is my time to join your parents in the underworld."

"Yes, grandma," I say and go to sit with the woman who has raised me since my parents death when I was only twelve years old.