Hey, so this is my True blood Fanfiction! I own absolutely nothing but my oc. Tell me if you like it! OH, this story is inspired from the author Midnat and sec2retgirl! Midnat wrote 'I see you' and sec2retgirl wrote 'Mine for eternity' if you haven't read them yet... DO IT! They are one of my favorite Godric stories ever! Thank you Midnat and sec2retgirl! InvertedMeridian and those two write some of the best True Blood fanfictions (do read them if you're looking for something good to read) :D thanks also to everyone who read my story... it means a lot :))

The numbness that was produced in those few sacred moments during rest was the reason why Godric dreaded the rising of the sun.

He became an audience member during these blissful moments, witnessing horrendous crimes with a cold detachment. The monstrous beast that destroyed innocence with a sadistic glee no longer scared him.

And the paralyzing revelation that he was the monster, no longer bothered him.

He was a hollow shell in those precious moments. His emotions were suspended in the deep caverns in his mind. The guilt that brutalized his withered soul was paused.

The twisted messiah that converted his humanity into a devoted disciple was muted.

For a moment he was liberated from the cruel tyrant that dictated his mind.

For a moment the impulses that pumped his body, testing his willpower with a merciless might to give into the tyrant's delicious commands were halted.

For a blissful moment he was empty.

This numbness would have been peaceful. It would have been a healing time; a moment for his sanity to lick its wounds before the mental torture began once more, but something was interfering with his reverent rest.

Something was taunting him. Taunting the monster to perform an encore to its favorite crimes.

The beast he desperately forced into hibernation was being awoken by something.

Something delicious.

A smell.

An intoxicating aroma he could almost taste it. The rumbling beast internally shifted, as the distant smell grew closer.

It was mouthwatering. The smell of fresh ripe plums seducing his malnourished soul, the stolen fruit that provided comfort when he was a young broken slave boy, repeatedly abused and living on the grubs of his master's lands.

He would never forget that smell. As his humanity became corrupted and his past was a hazy blur the smell was always vivid in his mind.

He remembered the thrilling triumph when he stole the fruit from his master's garden, satisfying his rebellious soul. When he bit greedily into the plumb fruit causing the juicy fruit to dribble stickily down his throat as his starving stomach purred in delight, that heavenly moment was when he truly tasted the intoxication flavor of freedom.

His monster perked its slumbering ears when the smell grew more prominent filling up his temporary residence.

He detected another tantalizing flavor mixed inside the aroma.

Something that caused the dark primal savage in him becomes hungry with carnal needs.

The soft fresh flowery smell of innocence.

While Godric simultaneously tried to lure the beasts back into it's carbonated rest while reframing the logical human part of his mind from pursuing its own dark hunger he almost missed the drifting conversation.

"LET GO OF ME!" a female voice cried sweetened by a southern drawl scream, the scuffling sound of a struggle pierced through the hazy fog in Godric's mind, "OUCH! LET GO OF ME NOW OR I SWEAR TO GOD-"

His persistent curiosity was peaked at the sudden arrival, for a moment he was allowed to keep his dark desire at bay and listen to the close altercation.

"Oh you know you shouldn't use the lords name in vain," sneered a voice the sane part of Godric's mind recognized belonged to Mr. Newlin.

"Well you know you shouldn't go kidnapping girls," the sweet voice rebutted.

His fangs almost dropped as the smell smothered his form, the beast attacked inside its silver cage with a mindless thirst. Pounding mercilessly on Godric's crumbling restraint.

His sacred rest was disturbed.

A thick fog filled his mind, clouding his senses until all he could understand was the smell that grew more dominant in each passing second. For the first time in a century Godric subconsciously tried to release from the sun's pull to reach the mystery voice that smelt like his.

The beast possessively growled happily MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! The sane human part of Godric was frightened as he couldn't think of any complaints to the claim.

He greedily accepted the collar from the voice claiming him as theirs. He submitted to the smell, willing to perform any wishes the owner would want.

"Ouch you little bitch!" a voice Godric registered belonged to the monkey Gabe barked.

The voice taunted victoriously, "Bite me"

Godric could faintly hear the sound of Steve Newlin, "You would like that you little fangbanger?"

Through the heavenly fog Godric could hear the voice holler in rage, ""I TOLD YOU FOR THE LAST TIME I AM NOT A GIRL WHO PREFERS THE FANG! Maybe all that hairspray messed up your hearing."

Godric struggled against the chains of sleep, desperately wanting to claim the voice. Bite into the rich plum flavor.

He could hazily detect the sound of something being thrown into the cage as the smell deliciously filled his lungs.

His fangs was released from its hold as he continued his fight against nature to unite with the smell.

It smelt like home, the sea, the sun, it smelt like everything that filled his famished soul with happiness, with hope.

It smelt like his.

In the background of Godric's unnatural struggle he registered Mr. Newlin voice spitting, "we might not bite but he will." The footsteps began to retreat, faintly the spiteful snicker of Newlin could be heard over the voice's banging on the silver cage bars, "lets leave Gabe and allow this little fang banger and her roommate get situated."

Through his lustful daze the last thing Godric heard before blissfully submitting to the delicious aroma was a banging on the cage door and the sweet voice screaming, "YOU CAN'T DO THIS!"