Maggie stared at the contraption one might believe to be a tub but in actuality was a torture device created for the sole purpose to cause this poor teenager to suffer.

She groaned and shifted back and forth on the cold tile floor on tip toes irritatingly fixinging the miniscule towel (that does not at all functions as a towel as it can only dry a beetle NOT a person) that protected her from the freezing cold since vampires apparently didn't believe in heating and trying ONCE MORE with her free hand to turn on the space machine.

She grunted and looked down at the tattered dried and bloody clothes in one messy pile and the breathtakingly beautiful silk neatly folded pajamas in another pile wondering she should admit defeat and worry about it tomorrow.

But the dry blood, she internally gag, chaffed and she desperately needed a bath to relax and think. She would deny snapping but she might have began stomping her foot and slapping the million golden knobs on the bathtub, WHY DO VAMPIRES NEED A MILLION NOBS ON A BATH YOU ONLY NEED ONE! WATER ON AND OFF AND MAYBE HOT AND COLD WATER IF YOU FEEL LIKE GOING CRAZY BUT THAT IS IT!


"Uhhh, Mrs. Stackhouse?"

Maggie squeaked at the sound jumping away from her attack on the stupid bathtub that arrogantly remained unscathed.

She blushed beet red and slowly stepped away from the incriminating evidence turning towards the giant black door she paused when she finally saw herself in the mirror.

Refusing to look below her neck at her less than impressive body covered in dried blood she focused on her face. Her pale round face dusted with freckles and surrounded by a mass of black curls that escaped the hair tie was still the same face, excluding the dots of dried blood, and her blue eyes that was the only evidence of her father looked exactly the same shade blue.

But she didn't feel the same. There was something different, the buzzing pull that relaxed her limbs and made her feel so content and secure and happy. The pull that made her want to force Godric to be with her at all times. And the voice now a murmur that whispered fantasy of a life together with Godric.

"Mrs. Stackhouse are you alright? Should I come in?" the urgent and concern voice creeping across the cold stone tiles of the emance black bathroom shook Maggie out of her thoughts.

She shuffled as fast as she could in her miniscule towel holding it together so it didn't show her bits and quickly grasped the moving gold door knob. Breathing in deeply she shook off her nerves and slowly opened the door and peeked her head squeaking at coming face to well ... boob of that pretty lady.

Maggie turned her head feeling her cheeks sizzling refusing to meet the eyes of the vampire opting for her perfectly arched shaped eyebrow.

Maggie coughed, "yes well I seem to be having some issues with the well um-" she coughed once more, "machine that brings in water?"

She decided to make her troubles sound more reasonable.

"bath tub?" the vampire questioned in amusedly.

Maggie coughed and nodded her head weakly briefly meeting the pretty brown eyes of the amused vampire before returning to look at the perfectly arched shaped eyebrow.

The vampire moved to enter the bathroom but Maggie intercepted the action refusing to budge the door open, "I would feel more comfortable if you would just tell me how to use the contraption"

The vampire scrunched her perfectly shaped eyebrows, "but it would be easier if I just-"

She reached for the blonde door knob causing Maggie to scream, "NO!"

The vampire jumped back in shock looking down at the blushing head. "It would be easier this way Mrs. Stackhouse the uh 'machine that brings water' is understandably very difficult to use."


Maggie sighed her want for a hot bath overshadow her mortification nodding her head she mumbled, "okaaaaaaay" as the vampire reached for the door knob once more Maggie interrupted, "wait!" quickly shutting the door causing the vampire to jump back once more in confusion refreshingly not thinking about her human but marveling at how strange humans are.

Maggie quickly looked around the emance but bare excluding the white sink, mirror, and large stupid white tub surrounded by too many bathing equipment and sighed.

Mumbling curses under breath she grabbed the tattered clothes not letting her dirty hands (she didn't want to dirty the sink and she felt the same reluctance to dity such a beautiful tub but due to the tubs stubbornness to turn on, she no longer cared about getting it dirty) touch the beautiful silk pile any more than necessary and ran to the corner beside the door trying to make shift a shield.

Once somewhat satisfied that her stuff isn't visible she called out in a timid barely audible voice for the vampire to enter

Of course vampires hear everything and the vampire busted through without any reluctance or care.


"Mrs. Stack-" the vampire trailed off looking around the bathroom for her master's human stopping in the corner where the human was cowering in a towel and dirty clothes.

"U-um t-the tub is over there" the human squeaked from the clothes as her pale hands continuously moved the bundle.

Isabel shook off the confusion recognizing the modesty of her master's human, it was so innocent like a child which was a stark difference from the regular human's that enter the nest that Isabel was reminded of her time as a human and of her young sweet baby sister that died too soon from sickness (A/N: I made this up).

Isabel smiled at the embarrassed child quickly turning her head and headed to the bathtub.

"This contraption has cause a lot of problems in fact my human still- did not know how to use it until his departure."

Maggie detected the melancholic tone and peeked over the bundle at the vampire breathing a sigh in relief at seeing the pretty vampire knelled down in front of the tub.

Maggie bit her lip, she didn't see what happened to the Hugo fellow but couldn't help feel sympathy break up sucks especially when the guy breaks up with you by basically betraying all you trust and teaming up with people who want to kill you.

"What was he like?" Maggie questioned after a while of the vampire lady turning a dozen knobs. Seeing the vampire flinch Maggie cursed her rudeness, "I mean you don't have to talk about him. I mean that was so mean of me to ask the guy basically broke up and ugh that was-"

"It is fine child, it is something I still have yet to fully comprehend" the vampire kindly and patiently interrupted causing Maggie to feel even more awful and open her mouth to babble but then the vampire unknowingly saved her from another embarrassing scene by speaking again.

"Hugo was this open eyed boy when I first met him. He was out of what is it called? Yes, highschool with all this ambition to change the world. He was so amazed by the word and each trivial thing when I met him. That was what drew me in, in a lifetime of numbness the explicit feeling on his face was so vibrant I swore I could feel it as well. He got me to become interested in humans after years of seeing humans as nothing more than food," she looked down at the water. Maggie was going to offer some comfort but the vampire began again, "He was also incredibly determined. When he saw something he liked he had to go after it. That was how I met. We were in Godric's club watching over the minions after we recently 'came out of the coffin' and then suddenly there was this boy who walked up and bought me a true blood."

The vampire laughed and shook her head reaching over the numerous bottles to pour a pink liquid into the rising water, "it was so different. I received proposition many times by vampires and some but not many humans before and after I revealed my vampire nature, and I was about to send him away but as I looked at him and saw his young fascinated eyes that showed every emotion in his human mind I decided to let him stay. It shocked me as well as my associates but the company we vampires keep have to locked away all authentic emotions and reactions from public viewing, the human's we feed can show fear and arousal but even those are scripted. All natural and genuine non manipulative- everything is never seen. And seeing something real was so new and sudden from years of feeling nothing but a watered sense of life that I grasped the opportunity to see the life that flashed in his eyes. I will never forget that night, that conversation of a lifetime, and I have lived many, but that was the first time since I was turned where I let myself- be well myself. Hugo was amazed and I in return was amazed, after that night I claimed his as my own. And us vampires are great lovers but the act of passion, while incredibly enjoyable, is rarely authentic and without a purpose instead of for only to feel another so closely to yourself mind and body that you are one for brief moments. This is why many vampires take in humans especially before the reveal where there reactions were so natural and without desire to become a vampire. But that night, human or not, was one the best=as Hugo affectionately says, 'shags' of my life."

Maggie was in between blushing (which she already was) as the 'shag' part, cooing at the adorableness at her so obvious love, being angry at Hugo (which she already was) for hurting someone who loved him so completely, and hugging the breathtakingly nostalgic and melancholic vampire.

"But as stated his determination made him go for what he wanted. And what he wanted was to be a vampire, to be with me forever. After 10 years of unbelievable happiness I was inclined to agree, for no matter what he says I love him. And the selfish part of me wanted him to be mine forever as I was his, no matter his betrayal. But I knew that once he was vampire he would lose the life in him, the fascination with the world that makes life worth living would slowly drain for him each day that passes and I couldn't bare to be the cause of the death of his humanity. And despite his protest I knew that it would be best for him to live a life of happiness and love than to live an eternity of no life but numbness." She paused looking at the wall, "We have few great loves in life and Hugo was mine. For in moments of our 10 years of union I felt human, I felt alive."


Maggie eased forward towards the kneeling vampire that methodically spun the pink liquid causing a mountain of bubbles.

She placed a pale hand on the stoic shoulder holding in a gasp at the snapping head that turn in her direction. The pretty vampire's face morbidly beautifully blood tears streamed down on her pale tared with startled eyes into the girls cherub face who reminded her beloved innocent baby sister Maria offering support all those years ago.

Isabel touched the hand closing her eyes letting the warmth of human flesh, the warmth of Hugo, the warmth of Maria, the warmth of the small persistent humanity that still lived in her undead soul hug her in love and support.

The moment passed quickly but lasted forever and Isabel smeared her bloody tears finger painting her canvas marble face and stood breathing in deeply.

She smiled weakly feeling oddly vulnerable and exposed in front of the girl who watched with the concern only Hugo looks- looked at her with, "well the machine that brings water is working"

Maggie looked down at the steaming water and back at the retreating vampire.

Forgetting her modesty she ran, while holding her towel, and hugged the vampire. Ninja style.

Isabel jumped, jumped like a shocked human, and looked down in confusion at the pale warm weak arms that surrounded her.

She turned around when the arms retreated with it's warmth and stared in open confusion at the girl.

Maggie blushed pink at the lady's stare hoping she didn't scare her by attacking her but she couldn't think of any other way to comfort her.

"How about tomorrow night me and you with a gallon of true blood sit down and talk about Hugo? You can rant about the gross things he did or talk about anything you want if-"

She stopped rambling at the pretty vampire ladies breathtaking smile with teeth that sparkled, she wondered if shining teeth came with the vampire package or if vampires get sponsored by toothpaste commercials or something, "I would like that Mrs. Stackhouse"

Maggie nodded her head offering her free pinky which the confused vampire connected, "tomorow at 9 o'clock then?"

Isabel nodded leaving the girl in the bathroom before closing the door she smiled at the fidgeting teen, "till then Mrs. Stackhouse"


Isabel walked down the long hall hearing the faint hall of the teen, "call me Maggie!"

She smiled faintly and continued towards Godric's office d to report the recent developments that occurred in Godric's absence as well as discuss what they should do since his return.

"Hmmm what a delectable human Godric has," Isabel turned and frowned deeply at the lustful voice of Stan. The pale vampire was arrogantly leaning outside his open door, Isabel briefly note the scent of human blood raising her eyebrow in question.

"Don't worry you pretty obedient head darlin'" Isabel bristled at the condescending tone watching a red headed human glamoured beyond function dazedly limping out the vampires room.

Stan growled at the human who stumbled briefly before continuing, "such a shame we can't dispose of them once they become tainted"

He shook his head looking down the hall where Isabel left, "I couldn't help but hear your conversation" he mocked causing Isabel to growl "such an innocent one Godric snagged, you know what they say the fresher the fruit the sweeter the juice,"

The vampire licked his lips imaging the human down the hall who was was bathing contently and sighed in relief at the warm water oblivious to the danger only down the hall. The cowboy vampire was too distracted with his fantasies that he didn't notice the fuming vampire gripping his throat until he was held up and looking down at the black eyes and snarling face of Isabel.

He tried to fight off the grip but Isabel being almost 100 years his senior was stronger. He couldn't help his wincing in pain as the grip threatened to rip his head off. He looked at the vampire in anger and he would deny fear, "Stanley you repulsive Gilipollas if you so much as harm a curl on her head you will not have to worry about Godric's punishment but mine. I will use silver to make sure you can never use your small pathetic polla or fangs again and then I will let you live in humiliation until I grow bored of your pitiful weeping and chain you in a bath full of silver bury you in the earth until I decide to be merciful and kill you, slowly."

Isabel smiled nastily at the fear poorly hidden in the vampire's eyes slowly lowering him down to eye level and mockingly caressed his face, "ohh but don't worry no harm shall come to you if you keep your distance, darlin'"

She released her hand allowing the vampire to sneer in an sad attempt to stop his humiliation before going into his room and slamming the door.