Pokémon extreme quest part 5:

I don't own Pokémon If I did Ash would've won the Hoenn league, and May and Max would be the main focus then Max's.

I decided to put some of the Pokémon ability and moves I'll add more lately.

I'm going to try to get this story started; I know have four other stories so I will write this story and focus on finishing off The return of Ahsoka, then the other stories… Batwoman beyond is on hiatus, sorry fan base, I get to it eventually.

Figure I was finishing the first chapter of this new story for the New Year.

Does anybody think Serena should be trying to get all the Kalos gym badges alone side with Ash give her some goal; this is why Dawn and May are my favorite of Ash companion.

This is a short story while I describe the characters and their Pokémon.


eternal mistchapter 4 . Mar 23

As I've told you before it's good, there's a lot of he said, she said going on with not much in the way of detail about whats going on. besides that there's a few grammatical and spelling errors.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy it I hope to give more of it to you soon. I only doing this because I want there to be dialoged and not rush the character to get together, sorry I'll try to add more detail later. I sorry about the grammar and spelling errors but even the best of writers on this site have problems.

Dimmension Travelerchapter 4 . Apr 12

nice way of getting everyone together

Thank you I am glad you like it I didn't want to rush it in one chapter.


They heard a couple kids yelling to Officer Jenny; one of them was a brunette girl, the other a red hair boy.

"We lost of friends in the past." The boy said as 2 Torchic came and gently peck his legs.

One of them had a fedora on, and the other had an orange scarf. "That my friend Billy Torchic the one with the scarf."

"And who does the other Torchic belong to?" The police officer said.

"I don't know but that Billy hat." The girl said. Trying to remove the Torchic hat but it wouldn't let her.

There was a Bulbasaur with a plastic flower on the grass Pokémon left ear, and another one dragging a multi color scarf.

"That Lindsey Bulbasaur, and that her scarf." He reach for the scarf as the other Bulbasaur walk away slowly.

Max asks Molly if they should help.

Meanwhile with The officer and the kids, "Listen…uh."

"I'm Jim and this is Tasha." The red hair boy said.

"Can you tell me what happen?" Officer said.

"Well they said they heard a weird noise." Tasha said. "We wanted to feed the Pokémon so we didn't follow them that were a day and a half ago."

"We have to assemble a search party." The officer said.

Everyone of the group heard it and they all knew after Cilan shop close they would help them.

No one POV:

Officer Jenny gathers up a group to find those kids. She told everybody to separate and to cover as most ground as possible. Ash, Serena, Misty, May and Max went north, Molly, Brock, and Bonnie went west, Cilan headed east with his brothers while Dawn, Iris, Clemont and Tracey headed south.

It was decided that the Pokémon that came with the missing trainers Pokémon stay behind in the Pokémon center. The gym leaders brothers stay let their Pokémon out to find the children. Cress (the water gym leader) took out his Simipour; Cilan (the grass gym leader) took out Simisage to take a look through the trees; Chili (the fire gym leader) took out Simisear.

Cilan follow Simisage look at the tree trying to look for a clue in the tree that his Pokémon would over look (but the Pokémon does all the work). Cilan started to hear a song of some kind, he follows it and a bright light consume him. His vest fell off of him he then got tangle up in some vines.

The two young girls got there Pokémon (Molly's Phanpy, Bonnie's Dedenne) and so did Brock (using his Graveler) to search through a mountain like area with a few caves. Bonnie's Dedenne was riding on Molly's Phanpy back, both very happy, "Hey Molly, Bonnie I am going above to see if they're there, you stay here in case I miss something." Brock said, "Graveler rock climb." Brock said. He then heard a song before bring consume by a bright light. His body fell shorter and somehow not that much lighter.

Ash smile at his four companions, glad they were getting along he would hate having them fight among themselves. Max and May decide to check the perimeter of the lake, while Ash and Misty use Misty Gyarados to travel across the lake. Serena walks around with Max.

May heard an song of some kind, walking towards it wondering if have something to do with the missing kids. A beam of light surrounds her and all the sound she heard earlier was louder for some reason. She walk away somehow losing her shoes in the process and falling into a lake.

Iris watch Dawn Piplup and her Axew stand still so Tracey could draw them. Clemont told them, "Guys we need to find those missing kids." He said holding some kind of mini satellite disk.

"Yeah sorry, I am going to see if Officer Jenny will let me be a stretch artist." Tracey said as Clemont let him go.

Iris was annoyed. Dawn then said, "Come on those kids are probably scare and alone."

"Iris can you use Dragonite." Clemont asked.

"Sure can." Iris said.

She flew away going some tall grass seeing a sparkle she landed and told her Dragonite to check it; she then heard some kind of song before being surrounded by some kind of energy.

To be continued…