Hi everyone,

I suppose I've finally gotten around to writing this. It has been on my mind for a while now. Know that I am not making this decision rashly.

After much thought, I have decided to take Aphelion down for editing.

Originally, my plan was to correct and fix any mistakes while I go along, but after reading through, I'm not quite sure I'm pleased with the result, both flow and tonality wise. I have the feeling I could do better if it weren't so rushed.

(I also really think I need to get a beta that can throw my problems in my face; I'm not good at spotting characterization errors until several months after I write it, and then I proceed to tear my hair out in utter frustration and embarrassment.)

Existing chapters will be taken down, and this author's note will be replaced with the new chapter once it is out. There will be changes. Some events will be moved later down the road—think of what you have already read as a sneak peek.

It's still going to be gen, though. I think I've seen too many Harry/Legolas or Legarry or Hargolas or whatever they're called to follow the herd.

I shall try my best not to leave all of you hanging—I seem to have a track record of forgetting about a story and coming back to it a year later, being like, "hey... maybe I should finally get around to this..."

—in which I give you full permission to do anything you see fit to return me to my senses.

A last note to all who kindly insist that I've been butchering both worlds; Aphelion is AU for a reason. I do not mean that it gives me ultimate authority and I can do absolutely anything I want to 'just because I can.' However, things will be straying from canon and, if you must, then yes, certain events will be butchered rather mercilessly. If you can make the connection, things that do not make sense or seem to have no point at the moment can be linked up to future developments.

I'm not angry. If it seems so, then I apologize. If I truly am making a mistake, I'm happy that there are people who will spare the time to tell me so. Writing has never been my forte (much to my chagrin) and I only want to improve. Sometimes, I am not sure how.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to PM me or leave me a message. Whether it is to yell at me for my bad decisions, suggestions/criticisms, or if only to tell me to hurry up, all is welcomed.

Was ich weiß, kann jeder wissen. Mein Herz hab' ich allein.