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(Ok, so this story is set after The Empire Strikes Back and the second Death Star Was finished and never destroyed.)

"Captain on the bridge" ensign Chekov said as a young Captain James T. Kirk strode towards the captain's chair. "All systems functioning and prepared for warp drive, captain." Mr. Spock said. "Thank you, Spock." Kirk said. He pressed the button on the arm of the chair and spoke into the communicator. "Scotty how are we doing?" He said. "She's all cleaned up, ready to go sir." Engineering officer, Scotty, said. "All right, Mr. Sulu, punch it." The captain said. The newly refurbished Enterprise was leaving Federation's space base on its way to deliver medical supplies to a dying planet. The engines roared and then propelled them into space faster than light. It was only days before that a terrorist named Kahn threatened the lives of every Federation employee. But that was gone now. Everyone had moved on. But one didn't. Commander Spock was traumatized because he had seen his only friend, Captain Kirk, die and then come back perfectly fine. It was not the fact that Kirk died, but the fact that Spock was so emotionally distressed by it. Spock disliked his human side and hated when it showed. Humans and Vulcans are two completely different beings. Vulcans, thriving on their ability to logically sort things out and humans, driven by strong emotions to do whatever it takes to complete the task at hand. There was a battle going on it Spock's mind, between his human emotions and his Vulcan instinct. In some instances, he thought, emotion is good. Take Lt. Uhura for example. Spock loved her even if sometimes he didn't show it, she could always make him feel better. That's what he needed, he thought, Uhura's soft hand on his back to lift him up. Spock sat on his bed in his quarters. He got up and pressed the button on the communicator that hung on the wall. "Miss Uhura, come please. I need you." He said. "Of course. Be right there." She replied. Within five minutes Lt. Uhura's small form appeared in the doorway. "What do you need?" She said as she walked over to Spock who was sitting on his bed and sat next to him. "Is it bad to be human?" He asked. "What? No, absolutely not." She said. "I feel...conflicted" Spock said. "In what way?" Uhura asked. "I feel that my father looks down upon me because I am half human. And that it is wrong to feel emotions in the way I do with you, and when the captain died." "No, it's not wrong. It is absolutely fine to have emotions, emotions are what make us. Our personality, everything. Take away emotions and what are we? Robots. I know that deep inside, the driving force for Vulcans and Humans alike are emotions. There is no need to be ashamed for having feelings." "I suppose... you're correct." Spock said. Uhura took his hand and rested her head on his shoulder. Spock gripped her hand tightly and stared deep into her eyes for a long while. Uhura lifted her head and Spock made his move. He leaned in and kissed her passionately before pulling away and pressing his head to hers. They sat there for at least five minutes before Captain Kirk's voice played over the intercom. "Spock! We need you now! The engines are phasing and we've fallen out of warp to a dead stop!" Spock bolted out of the room leaving Uhura in the dust. She sighed and knew it would always be like this. Spock was still a Vulcan and would never know how she felt towards him. "Captain." Spock said as he appeared on the bridge. "The engines have completely stopped mid-warp. We don't know what's causing it but we know it was deliberate. Someone's sabotaging my ship!" "Have you checked all the pipes or cords running into the engines? Fuel could have been blocked from getting into the engines." Spock suggested. "No, did you hear that Scotty? Check all pipes or cords leading into the engines." The captain said into the intercom. "Working on it" Scotty replied. "Bones, any casualties?" Kirk said. "No, nothing yet." The doctor said. "Wait, where's Chekov? Anyone seen Chekov?" Captain Kirk yelled. "Spock follow me, Sulu take the con" "yes sir" Spock said. They raced down the long, sleek corridors of the Enterprise down into the engine room. "Has anyone seen Chekov? Chekov?!" Kirk yelled. "Captain." Spock said. Captain Kirk turned around to see a worried, young Chekov pointing a phaser at them both. "Chekov, we know you, you don't want to do this." Kirk pleaded. "I'm sorry sir!" He said. He sounded worried. "Are you being forced to do this?" Spock questioned. "Yes, I believe he is." A deep voice said. Then a tall dark figure covered in black clothing stepped out from behind a large tank. "Hello again." The man said. "Kahn" The captain said. He was furious. How could Kahn have come back? "You were frozen in a tube and locked away. How, how'd you do this?" Kirk asked. "Let's just say I know certain people. I have allies. Ones you wouldn't believe in if you saw them." "Who." Spock asked. His voice faltered in knowing what Kahn was capable of. Kahn only smiled, clearly he didn't intend to tell them who he was allied with. "Let Chekov go." Kirk demanded. "Take him. He's not needed any longer." Kahn pushed him towards Kirk and Spock. By now almost everyone in the room was pointing a phaser at Kahn. "Take him somewhere he can't hurt anybody." The captain ordered. Two men escorted him out. Kirk and Spock finally lowered their phasers and looked at each other. "Well this day has taken an interesting turn!" The captain said. "Yes, it has, captain." Spock said. "Let's find who this guy's allied with" Kirk suggested. They headed up to the third deck where Kahn was being held.

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