When they got there they stood in the presence of a large gray escape pod. "No life signs inside." Scotty said. "Let's open this sucker." Kirk said. They pried and pulled at the door until finally it opened revealing a tall golden robot and a short, blue, dome-headed robot. "Can you speak?" The captain asked. "Well of course we can!" The golden robot said in a British accent. They climbed out. "Hello, my name is C-3P0 and this is my counterpart, R2-D2." He said, "who might you be?" "James T. Kirk, captain of this vessel" Kirk said, "this is commander Spock, first officer." Spock nodded. "Oh what a pleasure to meet you both! Might I ask, where are we?" C-3P0 asked. "You're on the starship Enterprise of the Galactic Federation of Planets." Kirk explained, "where are you from?" "We have just escaped from a starship operated by the Empire, we were hostages" he explained. "How long have you been traveling?" "Not long, perhaps 1 hour." C-3P0 said. "That means they're close." The captain said to Spock. "Are you familiar with a group called the Jedi?" Spock asked. "Why yes! Our master is a Jedi!" He said. "Could you take us to him?" Spock questioned. "We don't know where he is now, but we know where one of his friends is!" C-3P0 said. "Take us there." Kirk demanded. "May I ask why you need the location of our master?" The robot asked. "The Empire has allied with an enemy of ours and they are after us, we seek help from the Jedi." Spock explained. "Our masters friends name is Han Solo. He is currently on Tattooine working for Jabba the Hutt." C-3P0 said. "Spock, how far is Tattooine?" Kirk asked. "About 3 Earth hours. But sir, the engines are still not functioning." "R2 can fix it!" The gold robot said. The small blue robot beeped and chirped. "He says he'll fix it!" C-3P0 said. "Alright then, Spock show them to the engine room. I'll be on the bridge." The captain said. "Yes sir." Spock replied as usual.