EPISODE V and Three Quarters

Part 1

Authors Note:

This is the second episode of the Star Wars X Astro Boy cross over. Obviously this one is with "The Empire Strikes Back". Once again Tezuka's star system characters take all the roles.

The rebels might have scored a major victory with the destruction of the Death Star battle station, but the evil Empire had quickly fought back, chasing the alliance from system to system. The rebel alliance was now hold out on the ice world Frigidaire. The Empire was searching for the stronghold, and had dispatched their star cruisers to launch robot probes to seek out the rebels. Several of these probes landed on Frigidaire a few miles from the base.

It was a few hours before nightfall and the last of the patrols were finishing up their runs before returning to the base to hunker down for the incredibly cold night. Inside the hangar, Atlas Solo and Blue Bon were yelling at each other while trying to repair the Millennium Phoenix.
"Why did you take that apart?" Atlas yelled at Blue Bon. "That wasn't the broken system! Put it back together and work on the other one!"

Princess Uran passed through the hangar and noticed Atlas.
"I heard you will be leaving us?" she said.

"Yes, I've got some debts I have to pay off, there is a price on my head." Atlas told her.

Uran sighed and continued on to the command center.

Outside the base, Astro was riding on a Tonton. The furry, horse sized creatures, looked like one part Goat, one part Kangaroo, and one half part Tyrannosaurus Rex. They were adapted well to the cold temperatures of Frigidaire. Astro reported in on his radio.
"Nothing unusual to report, though I did see an asteroid land and I'm going to check it out."

Behind Astro's back, a Space Yeti snuck up on him. Before Astro could get to his light saber, the Yeti had knocked him off of his mount, knocked him out, and dragged him back to its cave.

Bender ran into Atlas in the hangar.
"Hey Gearhead! The princess has been trying to get hold of you!" he said.

"Sorry, I shut down my communicator so I could get some work done on my ship and get out of here already." Atlas replied giving Blueie a look. "What does she want, a kiss goodbye?"

"I think she'd rather kiss a Bugblatter beast than you, Gearhead!" Bender said. "She wanted you to know that Astro was late in reporting in from his patrol and is over an hour overdue."

"Damn, the kid's probably got himself into trouble again, I better go out looking for him" Atlas said. "It's getting to cold to fly, I'll have to take one of those disgusting Tonton's out there."

Astro woke up in the Yeti's cave, hanging upside down from the ceiling. The Yeti was eating something at the moment and had its back to him. Astro's light saber was inches beyond his reach on the floor below him. He stretched out his arm and willed the weapon to his hand. Slowly he was able to attract the saber to him using the force. He clicked open the blade and cut himself free from the ice. The Yeti heard him, turned and came running at him. Astro quickly cut the beast in half with the glowing blade. He stumbled out of the cave, and trudged though the howling snow that was now falling. Astro knew he had little time to get back to the base before he'd freeze up. Suddenly, Ochanomize appeared before him in a vision.
"O'Shay?" Astro called out.

"Astro, you must go to the Dayglowbah system and learn the ways of the force from Yoda Shunsuke Ban." Ochanomize said.

Atlas found Astro lying in the snow. As soon as he dismounted his Tonton the beast dropped dead from the cold.
"You're lucky I got here just in time, you almost froze to death, kid!" he said, slapping Astro awake.

Atlas morphed his arm into a laser cannon and blasted out a large opening into a huge snowdrift to make a small cave. He pulled Astro into the cave and stuffed his backpack into the opening to shield against the howling winds.
"Looks like we're stuck in here till morning" he said.

A small one man reconnaissance aircraft buzzed over the dunes of fresh snow in the bright early morning daylight.
"Rogue Two to base." Reno radioed "I haven't spotted them yet, still looking"

In the distance Atlas scanned the skies looking for a patrol. He knew that the rebel forces wouldn't abandon them quite yet, even though the odds of survival in the night cold were dim. Atlas spotted the contrails of the aircraft in the distance, and he shot off a flare gun.

Reno continued to make big circles around the area where Astro was last patrolling. He suddenly spotted the red flare rising about ninety degrees off his port side. Reno sharply banked the aircraft and zoomed over Atlas's position. He saw Atlas and Astro standing by the mouth of a snow cave, waving at him. Reno flopped the stick back and forth to waggle his wings as a welcoming sign.
"Base this is Rogue Two. I've spotted them, and they look just fine!" he radioed back. " I'm sending over the coordinates now. Better send over a transport to pick them up!"

The intelligence officers in the battle cruiser were going over the intel from the last batch of probes to report in.
"That could be them" one of the officers said excitedly.

"It doesn't look very impressive though" the other one said. "I think we need to examine the rest of the photographs."

Darth Shadow walked up to the console where the two officers were examining the spy photos and looked at the one currently displaying.

"That's it!" he announced.

"But Lord Shadow, we've still got many more possibilities. Are you certain?" the officer asked.

"There is no doubt in my mind about this. Thank you for your efforts" Shadow replied.

Vader spoke into the intercom to the ship's bridge. "Set course for the Frigidaire system at once!"

The medical officer examined Astro and pronounced him fit for duty. He and Atlas went out on their mounts to investigate the so called meteor impacts picked up on radar. What they found was a robot probe taking pictures of the base.

Atlas shot at the 'bot with a small laser fire, and the probe exploded.
"Looks like it had a self destruct device inside." He shrugged.

Astro radioed back to the base. "Looks like we've been discovered by the Empire."

Princess Uran was in the command center with the base officers.
"We've spotted a fleet of Imperial battle cruisers heading our way." The base commander told her. "We better get ready for an invasion and put our escape plans into high gear."

The first of the transports carrying non-essential personal left under a covering of ion cannon fire as the first of the Imperial landing craft touched down out of radar contact from the base. Several huge armored walker tanks were unloaded and started their trek toward the base.

Astro, Reno, and Tamao prepared to board their fighters to deal with the Imperial walkers. Bender was standing near the ships with a shit eating grin on his face, and a cigar clamped in his teeth.
"I've loaded your bomb bays with a secret weapon!" he smirked. "If you can't blast through their armor, just dump your load in front of them and it'll stop them cold!"

"Thank's Bender." Astro said, not really sure what the obnoxious robot had in mind.

"Put out that cigar, you loose nut!" one of the line crew yelled at Bender. "You want to start a fire?"

Bender swallowed the stogie and belched smoke.

The three aircraft buzzed around the first of the armored walking tanks, pelting it with laser fire. The crews on the walkers fired back at the fighters, scoring some minor hits.

"I don't think we can get close enough to do any damage to them with our lasers" Reno said.

"Should we give Bender's secret weapon a try?" Tamao asked.

"Go for it" Astro replied.

Tamao started a run in front of the lead walker, while Astro and Reno provided cover fire. He zoomed low in front of the walker and hit the release button. Bender's secret weapon turned out to be a ton of over-ripe banana peels that fell in a gooey pile right in front of the machine. The yucky fruit ruined the traction under the feet of the walker and the tank slipped and fell over on its side. Reno got off a quick shot at the exposed underside of the armored vehicle and hit a vital area. The walker blew up in a shower of flames.

Reno dumped his mess in front of the second walker with similar results. The crew of the third walker were now wise to the tactics and were more careful. Astro's ship was hit with laser fire as he tried to slip them up and he crashed right in front of the tank. He saw the machine lumbering toward him and manged to pop the cockpit open and jump out seconds before the heavy feet of the walker crushed his aircraft. Astro jumped up onto one of the machine's rear legs and looked up. There was a ledge just by the top of the leg where he could grab onto. He leaped into the air, leaving a trail of jet exhaust behind him, and grabbed onto the ledge with his right hand. While dangling in mid are he tossed a grenade into an exhaust port on the bottom of the machine, and then leaped clear, landing in the snow behind the walker. There were several small explosions and then one big one as the walker self destructed and fell down in pieces.

More walkers landed than the remaining force could deal with as the base continued with the evacuation. The imperial forces knocked out the shield generators and the base came under heavy bombardment from the orbiting battle ships. Astro made it back to the base just in time to find his X-wing fighter being loaded with supplies and Trashcan being lowered into position behind the pilot's seat. Astro took off, heading for the Dayglowbah system to find this Yoda Shunsuke Ban that Ochanomizu mentioned.

Meanwhile Atlas and Blue Bon had barely gotten the Millennium Phoenix ready for takeoff. With the last of the transport ships barely getting off the base before the heavy bombardment got even worse, Princess Uran and Bender got on board the Phoenix. Atlas had to blast his way out of the hangar just as the Imperial forces arrived, and the Phoenix found itself in space surround by TIE fighters and battle cruisers. Bender looked the ship over and realized they were in trouble.
"Hey Gearhead..." he yelled at Atlas who shot back "Shut up, and don't bother me while I'm trying to out fly these guys!"

Atlas started the sequence to jump to light speed, and yanked the throttle, but nothing happened.

"Like I tried to tell you, Gearhead" Bender yelled "We're boned. The stardrive motorvater is FUBAR"

Atlas shrugged (Author: Damn I was waiting for a chance to say that!) and took evasive maneuvers to avoid the TIE fighters. Up ahead of the Phoenix the radar indicated the presence of an asteroid field, Atlas quickly banked the ship and turned into it.

"Gearhead are you nuts!" Bender yelled. "The odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field are about a zillion to one against!"

"Don't ever quote me odds!" Atlas shot back at Bender.

"Don't you think he has a point?" Princess Uran yelled back at Atlas.

"The empire fighters would have to be nuts to enter an asteroid field to follow me!" Atlas replied.

Atlas flew the Phoenix at high speed, artfully dodging the oncoming boulders while many of the TIE fighters chasing after them collided with the asteroids, or each other. Atlas brought the ship close to a large asteroid.

"There, that looks like a good spot to hide" he said and flew the ship into a large cave on the surface of the moonlet.

Darth Shadow stood alone in his private chamber to talk to the emperor over a holographic communications link. Shadow kneeled down before the image of the leader of the empire. The emperor wore a gray hooded robe, much like the Tetsuwan Knights did, the same as Professor Ochanomizu had. He had an aged face with many wrinkles, and a large round nose. Under his hood, the eyeglasses and Beret cap that he also wore were plainly visible.

"We have a problem Lord Shadow" the emperor told Shadow. "The offspring of UmatarĊ Tenma must not be allowed to live long enough to become a Tetsuwan Knight."

"But if he could be converted to the dark side?" Darth Shadow replied "He would be a valuable asset to the empire."

"Yes, he would." The emperor replied. "Do you think that you will be able to convert young Astro?"

"Yes I do, my lord!" Shadow answered.

"Then I will allow you to try." The emperor replied.

The holographic image faded, and Darth Shadow stood up and left the chamber.