Episode V and Three Quarters

Part 3

Princess Uran and Blue Bon were thrown into a side room and the door was locked. Lying on the floor were the pieces of Bender who had been ripped apart and thrown into a large box.

"Oh no!" Uran sighed. "Do you think you can repair him?" she asked Blue Bon.

The Phoenix's first mate shrugged his shoulders and picked up Bender's torso and started to look for the other parts in the box. He picked up Bender's head and managed to connect it to his body, and then started with the arms. He adjusted various circuits and double checked the wiring. Benders eyes lit up and his mouth came on line.

"Oh no, the Imperial Assholes are here, I've got to warn the others!" Bender cried out. His eyes came into focus and he saw Blue Bon trying to get one of his legs connected to his body. He suddenly realized things were not as they should be.

"You Gearheaded moron!" Bender yelled. "You've get me upside down! You stuffed my neck up my shinny metal asshole, you Dildo!"

At that moment the door opened and Blackjack appeared with a few of his loyal personal.

"Quick, there's still a chance to save Atlas from the bounty hunter. We've managed to lock up most of Shadow's storm troopers. If we hurry we can beat them to the ship before they take off!"

Blue Bon grabbed Bender and the rest of his limbs and carried them. He and Uran followed Blackjack through the corridors, keeping an eye out for any of the storm troopers that hadn't been ambushed.

Astro's ship landed on the opposite side of the complex from the Millennium Phoenix. He snuck into the complex, and proceeded to search for his friends. Trashcan left the ship and hid near where the Millennium Phoenix was docked. Astro turned into a side corridor to find Darth Shadow waiting for him.

"We meet at last, young Astro Skywalker!" Shadow said in his deep electronic voice. "The Emperor has predicted that you would someday destroy him and has asked for your death. I convinced him that you could be turned to the dark side and become our ally."

"Never!" Astro yelled back, unsheathing his light saber.

Shadow opened his weapon as well and swung it at Astro.

Astro parried the thrust and returned his own which Shadow blocked. Darth Shadow was a stronger swordsman than Astro and the young Tetsuwan found himself retreating backwards down the corridor through an equipment tunnel leading into the central shaft of the complex.

"Give in to the dark side, young Astro!" Shadow commanded. "Turn your hatred toward me toward the force and give in to it!"

"Never!" Astro yelled back, becoming more reckless in his swordplay.

Shadow used his free hand to gesture toward heavy objects in the corridor and used the force to rip them free from their moorings to fling them at Astro.

Astro ducked and flinched as Shadows missiles flew at him. He continued to fight his enemy, but was still loosing ground. Shadow used the force to open up an airway, causing a huge draft to knock Astro off his feet. The young Tetsuwan was blasted through a window in the side of the room and out into the central shaft of the floating city. Astro grabbed hold of a ladder and pulled himself up onto a gangway leading from the outer wall of the deep shaft toward the central pillar. Shadow was waiting for him.

Again they battled using their sabers, Shadow was backing Astro up toward the end of the walkway and a long fall toward the bottom of the shaft.

"You murdered my father!" Astro yelled as he swung his saber at the dark lord.

"No Astro." Shadow said. "I AM your father!"

"NO, THAT CAN'T BE!" Astro cried, continuing his attack against Shadow.

"Reach out with your feelings Astro. You know it to be true!" Shadow replied.

"No!" Astro yelled, though he realized that Shadow spoke the truth.

Shadow swung his saber once again, this time connecting with Astro's right wrist. The appendage was neatly sliced off, it and the saber in the hand went sailing out into the void. Sparks flew from the end of Astro's arm where the hand had just been.

"AHHH!" Astro cried out in pain. He backed up against the end of the gangway railing.

"Don't make me destroy you!" Shadow pleaded. "Join me, and we will rule the galaxy together as father and son!"

"Never!" Astro cried, and he leaped over the railing to fall toward the bottom of the shaft.

Without realizing it, Astro used his leg jets to guide himself toward the far wall of the shaft. He slid down toward the bottom of the deep well and out of a trap door at the bottom of the city. There he hung from the lower beacon antenna of the floating structure. Astro reached out with his mind and felt Uran's presence. "Uran!" he cried out, both in voice and using the force.

Uran, Blackjack, and the Blue Bon found their way toward the landing area. They realized that they had arrived just moments too late as the bounty hunter had just loaded the Corbomite slab with Atlas sealed inside into his ship and was already starting his engines to take off. Before they could fire a blaster shot, the spacecraft had left the pad and was skyward.

"We'll catch up with him!" Blackjack said leading the group toward where the Millennium Phoenix was docked. As soon as they got to the ship, a handful of storm troopers spotted them and a small laser battle began. Blue Bon got on board the ship, dragging the half assembled Bender with him. He left the golden 'bot in a heap on the floor as he powered up the ship's engines for takeoff.

Uran and Blackjack fired a few more blasts at the stormtroopers before running up the gang plank as the ship leaped skyward. Trashcan had already slipped on board.

"I hope your people fixed the hyperdrive or this is going to be a very short trip." Uran said.

"Don't worry!" Blackjack replied. "My loyal friends took care of it!"

The ship left the floating city and started to turn skyward. Uran felt a presence and knew.

"We've got to turn back!" she cried. "Astro needs us!"

Blue Bon reversed course and dove the ship under the city.

"There!" Uran cried out and pointed. They could see Astro hanging from the beacon antenna under the floating metropolis.

"Bring us up slowly and crack open the upper hatch!" Blackjack said. He rode the elevator toward the top of the ship and caught Astro in his arms.

"I've got him! Get us out of here!" Blackjack yelled.

They soon found themselves in space being chased by an Imperial battle ship and many TIE fighters.

"Bring up the hyperdrive now!" Blackjack told Blue Bon. The first mate activated the controls, but nothing happened.

"DAMN!" Blackjack yelled. "It's not my fault! My people fixed the hyperdrive!"

Blue Bon and Blackjack flew the ship back and forth trying to avoid the enemy fighters. They were dodging laser blasts from all directions. Trashcan wobbled over to the ships main wiring conduct where Atlas had tried to fix the hyperdrive connections just a few days ago. He reached inside and removed a small device that had been planted by Shadow's men to deactivate the hyperdrive controls.

Suddenly, the ship lurched forward as the stars turned into lines.

"He fixed the hyperdrive! That dumb rustbucket did it!" Bender yelled.

The Millennium Phoenix was docked with the rebellion's main transport ship. They had managed to outrun the Imperial battle group and had met up with the alliance ships that had escaped from Frigidaire a week ago. Astro was in the infirmary where the robo-technicians had replaced his lost hand with a duplicate. Astro now knew that he was a cyborg, his replacement right hand was a mirror image duplicate of his left hand, that had been reproduced by the ship's robo-technician.

Blackjack and Blue Bon were preparing to leave in the Phoenix.

"We're going after the bounty hunter, and we are going to find Atlas." Blackjack said.

"We wish you luck" Astro and Uran said in unison.

Astro and Uran watched through the large porthole as the Phoenix powered up its hyperdrive and disappeared into hyperspace.

"Here's something I owe you." Uran said, kissing Astro on the libs.

"That didn't quite feel right." Astro told her.

"You know, you're right." Uran said. "Kissing you feels like I'm kissing my brother!"

"Now that's funny!" Bender said butting in. "Try kissing THIS!" he said pointing to his shinny metal ass.

"BARK BARK BARK!" replied Trashcan.

Authors note:

OK, that's done, now only one more movie left to Tezukaize.