Cammie's POV:

I was driving over to Macey's house with Liz and Bex in the back. We had fifty minutes until the new year of 2014, and I was pressing pedal to the metal at 90 mph! (Luckily I wasn't speeding ) We got there at the forty minute mark just in time for the cake to be cut. Jonas, Grant, and Nick met up with us and started chatting idly with their girlfriends. We were all twenty years old and had recently graduated from both Gallagher and Blackthorne. Before the party, we were all on the last few days on our missions. As I watched Nick whisper sweet nothings in Macey's ear about how beautiful she looked tonight, I thought of Zach. How I wish he was here tonight. I wanted to tell him how I truly felt about him. (We were the only two of our friends who weren't a couple yet.) Of course, I also wanted to kiss him as soon as the ball dropped with the coming of 2014. But he was still on a mission, his fifth one since graduation. Oh, how I missed Zach's presence and warm embrace. Oh, Zach…

Zach's POV:

I looked at my watch only to see that it was forty minutes until the new year! I drove from the CIA top secret office as fast as I could to Macey's house that was not far from the place where they did the ball drop. I wanted to get there and be able to tell Cammie about how much I love her. She was such a beautiful girl even without being Macey-fied. Her clear blue eyes could outshine any sapphire, and her dirty blond hair glistened in the sunlight. Her smile made me melt, and her laugh filled my heart with joy and seemed to make everything better. But her touch, her touch completed it. Her gentle calming touch practically turned me on! See, this is why I don't think I could ever live without her in my life. She was the one person who broke down my walls and showed me how to be happy again. I reached Macey's house at the twenty minute mark, and parked my car and entered since the door was unlocked. I easily found my Gallagher Girl dancing with her other three friends. She looked like she was having fun, and luckily didn't see me yet. Yet. The announcer both a few blocks away and on TV notified us we were ready for the countdown.