Cammie's POV:

We all screamed along with the people on TV.

Ten! Still no sign of Zach.

Nine! What if he was captured by the CoC?

Eight! Don't think about him, Cammie. Focus on the new year to come!

Seven! I wish he was here. I'm looking around and I still don't see him.

Six! As I was turning back to the TV, a deep voice called to me, "Gallagher Girl,"

Five! Only one person called me that. I turned around to see a smirking Zach.

Four! "Now what are you smirking about, Blackthorne Boy?" I asked putting on a smirk of my own.

Three! "I would tell you, but I would rather show you," he replied.

Two! He leaned in closer and closed his eyes as he said, "Just so you know Gallagher Girl, I'm going to kiss you now."

One! "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" everyone but us screamed. And he kissed me. I couldn't help but kiss back. His lips were so soft and I lost myself in the sensation, closing my eyes as well.

Zach's POV:

...Cammie is kissing me back...which can only mean...she likes me too! I braced her neck an head with my left hand, while I pressed my right to the small of her back. She clasped her arms around my neck, tangling into my hair. We had to break for air, and we quickly resumed kissing. Yet, she leaned in this time. I was almost convinced. As much as I was loving the kiss...

Zach and Cammie POV:

I had to tell him/her.

Zach's POV:

I broke away to look into her ocean blue orbs as she looked into my green ones. And I spoke the words against her soft lips, "Cammie, you are the most wonderful girl I know. You're funny, smart, caring, but most of all you're beautiful. Your eyes could outshine sapphires, and your smile makes me melt. Your laugh fills my heart with joy and makes everything better. You are the only person who could break my walls, and your touch can set me at ease. Gallagher Girl, I love you."

Cammie's POV:

Did Zach just say...what I thought he said? I got in three short sentences before we kissed again, "I love you too, Zach. My Blackthorne Boy. I will love you forevermore."

Zach's POV:

Cammie just told me she loves me.


I'm kissing her and I'm thinking to myself Cammie loves me. Me out of all people! This is the best new years ever! We break apart for air and I press my forehead to hers. She tells me the same thing I told her but in a different context, considering she's talking to me. "Zach. You are there for me when I need you, and I can count on you to make me feel better and happier just my your touch and presence. I may be the Chameleon, yet I cannot seem to hide from you. But your eyes are like emeralds, and your stupid smirk can both annoy me and make love you more. You taught me how to love again."

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