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Fitz's POV:

No, they were wrong...Jemma couldn't die...surely she could find a cure for the virus...she HAD to find a cure.

"Its alright everything is going to be fine." I said for the hundredth time.

Mainly, to calm myself as I watched her work from the other side of the glass wall. I checked my watch quickly, one hour was nearly up...

"Please stop saying that, I see you looking at your watch." Jemma said with saddened eyes.

She could not die. I change the subject.

"Are you sure you don't need my help just..."

"Are you sure this thing works?" She teases.

I wish she would focus, she needs to focus!

"Yeah, you know it does. My device isn't the issue the vacine is..." I reply coldly.

"Anti-syrum! And all im wondering is if you calibrated it correctly..."

She is still stalling. COME ON SIMMONS FOCUS! Please...please. You'll die if you don't...

"Hey! Don't put this on me I was doing just fine tucked away at the safe lab at the academy! You're the one who had to go and drag us into this flag circus! We didn't even pass our field assessments for gods sake!" I yell at her.

"Oh, as if I forced you to follow me anywhere." She replies in a defensive tone.

Okay, I shouldn't have yelled...but now she was starting to get defensive.

"You said and I quote: Oh Fitz, it's the perfect opportunity for us to see the world we'd be fools to pass this one up." I mock her adorably girly voice.

" I hate it when you use that voice! That's not even how I sound and you were just afraid to go into the field." She accuses me.

"I'm not afraid." I say quietly.

But I am afraid. I am afraid of loosing her right now.

" And don't you dare act like these lab days haven't have been the highlight of your entire pasty life." She continues to rant.

"My, my pasty life? Really? Oh well when did you become so sunkissed? Because I am pretty sure you've been stuck in a lab beside me! At the academy, at S.I.O.P.S, on this plane, you've been beside me the whole damn time!"

Then it hits me: I could really loose her, like forever...and she'd never know how I truly felt...

Her tear glazed eyes stare into my own for a moment before she turns away from me.

"You have to fix this." I say in a quiet voice.

"I don't know how Fitz." She turns back towards me as a single tear falls from one of her eyes.

"The anti-virus from the three fire fighters aren't strong enough to fight it. It's brought from alien DNA, there's no one to create an anti serum from, because no ones actually survived this except the Katari." She explains.

I think quickly.
"Do you think the bastard who actually wore the mask had the virus?" I question.

"Yes, it manages the virus from ever admitting electric plus because..."

"It was immune." I finish her sentence and she looks up at me hopefully.

"Yes, she was just the carrier..." She exclaims excitedly.

We are geniuses! Wait, a girl alien as in they have genders...

"Ah she? You don't really think...eh doesn't matter." I'd pick that fight after Jemma was safe and well again.

"So if we analyze the inside of the helmet we can create a vaccine?" I ask to myself as I begin to run towards the room where the helmet is being kept.

"Yes! Anti-serum, but yes!" I hear Jemma yell.

Colson sees me retrieve the helmet but I ignore his questions as I race back to Jemma. I enter the lab, even though it's on lock down, without hesitation.

"No, you cant be in here!" Jemma exclaims in horror as I walk towards her with the helmet.

"Too late. Just try to do your best to keep your hands off me, yeah?" I tease. ]emma stares at me with a serious look, her eyes are full of tears once more.

"I don't know what you think your doing but..."

"I am doing what we always do. We are gonna fix this, together." I tell her calmly.

I would not not loose her, not today.