Fitz's POV:

I walked as fast as I could towards Jemma's room, praying I would not run into anyone else on the team along the way.

I lucked out and saw no one as approached her room. I knocked loudly on her door. She opened the door.

"Fitz?" She asked.

"Can I come in?" I ask, not waiting to waste a second more.

"I suppose..." She moves out of the door frame to allow me access in.

"Oh, and thank you for the heart attack..." She jokes as she closes the door.

As soon as the door shuts I make my decision. I grab her hand once it's no longer on the door. She gives me a confused look and that's when I pull her in for a passionate kiss.


Simmons' POV:

What the bloody hell.


I freak out at first but then I relax. I slowly I wrap my arms around his neck and return the kiss with just as much passion.

I kiss him like world may end any second.

I kiss him like I have never kissed before... and the feel the fireworks electrifying my brain and the butterflies in my stomach.

And then, I felt something else: Want.

I pull him closer to me and he slowly backs me up until I feel a wall behind me. He lifts me off my feet and I wrap my legs around his torso, never wanting the break the kiss.

I could not believe this was happening...I had always hoped... I guess he did feel the same way.

I feel that want again, this time it's in the pit of my stomach. I kiss him harder and he whimpers, which only makes me want to be even closer to him. What was getting into me?


Fitz's POV:

Wait a second, was Jemma really kissing me back right now?

I feel her tug at the buttons on my shirt.

Oh yup, this was real alright.

She begins to unbutton my shirt and I stop kissing her and gentle place her on the ground.

"Jemma...we don't have to...I mean, I don't want you to feel any pressure... I kissed you because...well I needed too! We could die tomorrow...I couldn't bear the thought of you never knowing...

"Fitz?" She thankfully interrupts my awkward ranting.

"Yes?" I ask.

"Please shut up." She says before crashing her lips back onto mine.


Simmon's POV:

I kiss Fitz again, this time more slowly. When we come up for air he looks at me as if he is asking for permission.

I smile at how proper he is and I nod. He pulls me close to him and kisses my neck. I let out a small moan and my face instantly turns a bright red. I was embarrassed by how turned on I was getting. However, as he pulled me in for another kiss I felt something hard brush against my leg. I wasn't the only one who wanted this.

I tucked at his shirt again and he allowed me to unbutton it. I undo his tie and unbutton the shirt quickly and then slide it off his shoulders. This obviously was not the first time I saw him shirtless, but it was most certainly the only time I had helped him take off his shirt.

When we broke apart I looked into his eyes and I felt safe. I slowly begin to lift my sweater. Once I lift it completely over my head his eyes wander to my silky white bra but then quickly lock with my eyes again. I rolled my eyes and grab his hands to guide them up to my chest. His eyes get wide as if he were asking permission once again.

"You know, you don't have to always ask." I tease.

"Who said I was asking?" He replies giving my breasts a squeeze.


Fitz's POV:


I reach for the back strap to her incredibly sexy white bra and I slowly unhook it. She allows me to slide it off her arms and onto the floor.

I stare at her a second just taking in the view I never thought I'd get to see. She blushes.

Now I really wanted her.

I pull her close to me and feel her bare chest against mine as I kiss her passionately again.

Some how we loose the rest of our clothing and there we are, as close and as exposed as ever. I look at her, I know she said I don't need to ask...but I mean... we were about to...ya know...and I wanted to make sure she was 100% okay.

"Jemma, are you sure about this?" I ask breathlessly.

"Fitz, are you really asking that? Would I honestly be naked right now if I didn't want this?" She asks.

"Just making sure, just making sure. You know how I get sometimes...I get over asky and ask stupid questions because I'm nervous and then I talk to much and..."

"Fitz?" She rolls her eyes.

"Yeah?" I ask again.

"Just kiss me!" She says.

"Right..." I kiss her again and she jumps up into my arms. I lift her and carry her gently to her bed. I lay her down and kiss her neck.

"Oh yes, please... whatever you do, do not stop!" Jemma sequels. I smile as I nip her neck slightly.

"Ooops, that'll leave a bruise." I say.

"I don't even care... please just... I am ready!" She practically shouts at me.

Right... I have never been with another girl before... Which makes we wonder if she has been with another guy...

I climb on top of her and place myself at her entrance.

"Just... tell me if I am hurting you." I say to her.

Jemma nods and closes her eyes tightly.

Maybe she hadn't been with any one before...

I slowly begin to enter her.

"Leo wait!" She says.

I stop moving. That's the first time she has called me Leo in years.

"Will you hold my hand?" She asks in almost a whisper. I can see she is scared.

"I think that can be arranged." I tell her in a soothing voice.

She smiles nervously and I take her hand. Then she sighs and closes her eyes again.

"I'm ready." She whispers.

I slowly continue to enter her. I moan slightly as the tightness closes around me. She scrunches her face, I can tell she's in pain.

"Jemma, are you alright?" I ask in a concerned tone.

"Just... give me a moment..." She whimpers.

I hold still, after a second her face relaxes.

"You can move." She tells me.


Simmon's POV:

Fitz begins to pull himself out of me again and I moan.

I am glad the pain went away slightly.

As he pulls out and pushes in I begin to feel...pleasure.

"OH!" I yell.

Fitz freezes, he's scared he's hurt me.

"DO NOT STOP!" I yell.

He smiles slightly and continues to move inside me. He grunts as his speed quickens.

I shut my eyes again and moan in pleasure. I can feel myself becoming close. I wonder if he is too.

I feel myself release and my question is answered as he pulls out and releases onto my stomach.

"Sorry." He pants.

"Didn't bring a condom."

I laugh at this and roll my eyes.

He leans in and kisses my cheek.

"Now I know that you really are good at EVERYTHING." I say causing him to blush.

"I'll go get a towel." He begins to dress himself.

"Why thank you kind Sir." I tease.

"Anything for my lady." He winks at you.

"Ah yes, about that... we should probably keep this a secret." I say.

"Why?" He looks confused and slightly hurt.

"I am pretty sure we aren't supposed to date other team members... so I am also guessing we are not allowed to have sex with other team members..."

"Oh, you are correct... we will have to keep this a secret." He nods.

"I am always correct. Now hurry back with that towel!" I demand.

He chuckles.

"Alright, alright! I'll be back, I'll be back." He grins and exits my sleeping quarters.

I stay on my bed, grinning wider than I ever have before.