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Her skin darkened to a golden healthy glow, the complexion of a light elf, and her hair was a frosty blonde. Her ears softened into elegant curls with the gentlest of points and her former square jawline relaxed, giving her face an oval shape. Her face which had been all sharp curves and angles, had softened, disguising her lethality. Sigyn's lip curled in disgust at her true appearance, and she turned her neck, opting to study the cold distant stars wheeling above her head.

An early memory flashed through her mind. She was only a small child, living with her father at court. She was sitting on her bed, smothering in the silence, as she gazed up at the plain ceiling. Melancholy crept into her heart, an aching loneliness her mother was no longer around to fill. She slipped out of her room, down the hall to her father's room. She knocked tentatively, uncertain of what mood he would be in. Sometimes, his glassy eyes would fixate on hers, staring at something behind her. Other times, his gray beady eyes were shadowed black with rage. And occasionally, he regarded her with stony indifference.

Before Sigyn could turn away, at the door creaked open and her father stepped soundlessly out of the shadows. Though his expression was devoid of emotion, she could see the anger smoldering in his eyes. Sigyn unconsciously pressed closer to the wall, submissively staring at the floor.

"What do you need, Sigyn? Do you need to be fed again? How many times have I told you, that is what we have servants for."

"No, Father, I am not hungry," she muttered.

"Then what is it you need? Surely, it must be something the servants can attend to," he snapped, a snag of anger in his silken voice.

She tried to lift her head to meet his gaze. She could imagine her mother whispering into her ear, "Have heart." The familiar phrase filled her with a feathery, warm sensation. Hope. It gave her the strength to loosen the millstone around her neck and raise her head. "Father, I would like to..." she muttered incoherently.

"You would like what, Sigyn?"

"I would like to go outside where the other children-"

Before she could finish her statement, a blur of motion slanted across her vision as she felt her head snap back. Her cheek stung with from a mixture of betrayal and pain, and Sigyn blinked back tears. Though she felt the droplets brimming in the corners of her eyes, she fought to hold them back, should her father interpret it as a sign of weakness.

"Have you gone mad?" he hissed. "Do you know what will happen if they see your appearance?" Under the anger, Sigyn could sense fear. His eyes narrowed and his gaze fixated on the wall beyond her, as if in a trance.

Sigyn frowned. Her mother had told her she looked like Sigyn when she was a child. Sigyn prided herself on her platinum blonde hair, hazel eyes-the last connection she had with her mother.

"But Mother said I was beautiful,"Sigyn whispered.

The mention of his late wife snapped him out of his reverie, and his attention shifted to her again. A stricken look crossed his face before hardening into fury. "I do not care what she said! Are you daft, child? You are a half-breed." He spat the word, as if it were acid. His face contorted into a mask of monstrosity, and Sigyn witnessed the transformation of a monster before her eyes, straight from the tales her mother would read her.
She tried to press close to the wall, but he grabbed the collar of her dress. Sigyn flinched, trying to curl in on herself. Unable to meet his blazing eyes, she squeezed her own shut, and took quick panicked breaths through her nose. She wondered if he could hear the rapid throbbing of heartbeat. Sigyn felt the blood rush to her head before freezing to ice in her veins. Forgeting to breathe, she gasped for air. It felt like drowning from the inside.

"You look too much like her!" he bellowed. "You bear an Alfheim appearance. No one must know that I have a bastard half- breed." He spat the word at her like acid. "Do you know what Algrim will do to me-or to you? You are not yet old enough to wear a glamour. Do you want her death-for you-to be in vain? Until then, you will remain here. Am I understood?" A vein twitched in his neck, and his eyes were black depthless pits, consumed in shadows.

"Yes, Father," Sigyn answered, her voice trembling. He released her unceremoniously, causing her to land on her knees on the floor in a heap. Sneering at her, he retreated to his chambers, his silhouette melding into the shadowed foyer. The ice in Sigyn's veins shattered, and she could breathe again. She lay against the cold floor, letting its frigidness embrace her and chase away the numbness. Only one thought circled through her mind. Mother lied. No one could love a half-bre