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Rated: M

Setting: Maikai

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Chaper Start:

Leather clad boots tapped in a slow mundane beat as a curvaceous woman slowly walked down the wooden corridors. This place is known as Ki no suana- the burrow of wood. The outside looked like a mesh of fallen trees, in actuality it was merely a pile of debris from a devastating battle between a few S ranked demons. However a few hundred years ago, a certain group of misfits needed an inconspicuous place to hide.

There were tunnels dug out from under the fallen branches and roots, even after the forest started to reclaim the fallen and upturned trees. As she walked down the green tinted tunnel one of the roots from a one of the living trees shot out trying to grab her.

She hissed as her yellow eyes honed in on the offending root. It was tightly encircling her black gloved wrist. She glared at the root making it shrivel up and die releasing her in the process. She heard the main part of tree let out a moan.

"Blasted living forest," she scoffed. Using her gloved hand she flipped back her wavy moss green hair. The roots around the dead one slithered and started to grow around it. She narrowed her eyes at the roots before continuing on her way.

The forest was trying to take its borders back. She sniffed the air around her the scent of the graham Thomas roses calmed her. These flowers could block out a demons scent since the master and leader of this troop was a plant 'whisperer' as his subordinates called him the hideout was full of these flowers and there fragrance. Thus they were protected from most of their enemies- the stupider ones at least.

As she turned the corner a figure stood up infront of her making her yelp.


"Kuronue, you bastard!" she yelled in the bat demons ear as he rubbed his now sore cheek. He was standing on the ceiling hanging upside down. The necklace that he always wore hung off of his ears dangling just below his head was the red pendant at the end. He wore his normal black vest, bandages crisscrossed down his arms, three black stunned belts held up while kilt, with skin tight black pants finishing off his look. His long black hair was pulled up in a ponytail.

"Anko, really?!" he asked as he flipped to land on his feet beside his fellow bat demon.

"You deserved it," she huffed walking off.

Kuronue huffed popping his bang up in the air only to have it fall back over his right eye. He placed a hand on hip as he watched Anko's ass sway back and forth. The short mid-thigh form fitting black dress left nothing for the imagination. Her long leather boots ended just under her knees and the black gloves that covered her hands went all the way up to just under her shoulders. Oh yeah, did he mention that the dress was strapless. Her mossy green hair went to her mid-back her leathery black bat wings twitched every now and then.

Kuronue's pointy devils tail swayed behind him just thinking about her extra-large boobs bouncing up and down as she walked. He was going to ask himself why he loved her, but the mental image of her cleavage that flashed across his vision answered the question for him.

His grey eyes enlarged as realization hit him. She was headed towards Yoko's room. "Shit," he hissed flying after her. "Anko wait! You can't go in there right now!"

She screamed.

Kuronue face palmed as he walked up behind her. Anko was cussing something fierce while her right hand was clamped over her eyes.

"Damnit you horny fox, if you're going to do something like this at least have the decency to lock your fucking damn door!" Anko yelled. A smaller female demon pushed her way between Kuronue and Anko as she scurried out of the room her cloths covering her more private areas. Kuronue couldn't help but watch her naked rear as she ran down the hall obviously embarrassed. Once she disappeared down Kuronue turned around only to instinctively flinch back as his grey eyes meet a pair of irritated yellow ones.

Kuronue cracked a halfhearted smile of apology that Anko just snorted at. They both walked fully into the room as none other than the infamous Yoko Kurama was yanking up his white pants, tying the white sash. His silver hair mixed in with his silver tail and ears since it wasn't tied back but following freely down his bare back. Golden eyes glared at Anko and Kuronue as they entered his room closing the door.

The room was large with many of the branches sticking out and weaving through eachother, making ideal hiding places for random things all throughout the walls of the room. There were no windows but at the 'roof' where the roots all conjoined the sunlight flittered through the miscellaneous branches, the hues of the bark turning the light a soft green color. Vines hung down from the ceiling so if someone wanted to climb up and onto the roof they could. Four of the vines were made into makeshift bedposts as a large square net was tied to each vine creating a large hammock of sorts. The vines and ropes were thick so they could support the array of blankets and pillows that had been thrown on the 'bed'. Pillows of all shapes, sizes, and color were in disarray among the silk, fur, and linen blankets. One of the larger branches looked as if it was reaching out over the bed like it was a canopy top, the other ends of the four 'poster' vines were tied to this branch.

The floor, even though the sun barely showed through the ceiling the silver argentum grass grew exceptionally well. Soft on bare skin, it is a special type of grass that will only grow in dark mostly shaded places, it is almost known as Moon grass seeing as that the normal sunlight killed it.

Yoko snorted as he flopped back onto his 'bed' making it sway back and forth slightly. Anko stepped forwarded only to be hit by a slight breeze, the wind must have harsh outside to feel stray breezes coming through all the vines and branches.

"It's typhoon season again," Yoko mumbled from the bed.

Anko's nose twitched, "I know that damnit!" She crossed her arms under her chest pushing cleavage up for Kuronue. Yoko didn't looked over at them or move for that matter. Anko let out a deep sigh after a few moments of silence passed between the three. "You do realize that if you keep this up you're going to sire cubs soon enough right."

Yoko didn't answer.

"Do you want a pack of little runts running around the place," Anko raised her voice in scolding manner. Her hands went to her hips as she leaned forward abit, "cause that's exactly what's going to happen if you keep fucking every she-fox-"

"Vixen," Yoko interrupted her. Anko paused for a beat to glare at him before she continued.

She placed a hand up to her ear to continue in a mocking voice. "I can just hear it now; the pitter patter of little feet and squeaky voices calling 'daddy, daddy come play with us!'" Her hands went back to her hips. "Is that what you want," she continued to glare at Yoko.

"Can't help it."

"Like hell you can!" she blew up on him. "We are trying to run a business here Yoko. We are career thieves here, not just some out of luck cheap shots that do it just to get by. You have to think seriously about these things someone like you just can't up and become a father! What the hell do you think is going to happen when other thieves get ahold of that information, do you have any idea about what will go through their tiny little brains. I'll tell you what-"

"Kuronue-," Yoko sneered instantly Anko was silenced with a hand over her mouth thanks to Kuronue. Anko kept talking through his hand for a moment before Yoko abruptly sat up making her freeze. He didn't even look at her as he got up walked to the right side of the room to plain wall. With the wave of his hand the wall moved revealing a hole. He walked through then back out with a tunic in his hands. The wall closing behind him. H

"Kuronue's wench is still a wench," Yoko started as he began to put his tunic on. "I will not tolerate anyone talking to me like that understand woman," he finished with a sharp look. Anko gulped and nodded. Yoko was in a really foul mood, he had actually been in one for a few weeks really but neither of the bats demons really wanted to bring it up. Once his shirt was situated on his body he walked over to the two. He cupped Anko face, "so unless you want to put that mouth of yours to work solving my problem I suggest that you keep it shut."

"Hell no," Kuronue interrupted grabbing Yoko's wrist, Yoko calmly yet slowly turned to look his best friend in the eye. "That's it man, it's high time you tell me-us," Anko nipped the inside of his hand, "what's going on with you. You've been high strung for weeks now and we know it's not the jobs." He added the last part quickly seeing the look Yoko was giving him.

Yoko snorted turning away from the two, "it's none of your business." Yoko started walking towards one of the thicker branches.

"You just threatened my girl to suck you off! I'm making it my business now!" Kuronue released Anko to flap over to Yoko's side. Anko didn't move while Yoko stopped to look at Kuronue.

They started at each other for what seemed like forever before Yoko let out a deep sigh before crossing his arms mumbling something.

"What," Kuronue leaned in closer.

"I'm in a rut," Yoko admitted in a frustrated tone.

"The hell, you've been fucking cats left and right for the past month! There is no way you're in a rut for that long."

"Actually they've only been sucking me off," Yoko said matter-of-factly.

"What! That's it!? Bloody hell man, why aren't you fucking them!" Kuronue was confused now. Yoko didn't answer prompting him to continue. "Now I really am worried about you man, you're keeping secrets from me. We are brothers, we don't hide things from eachother!"

"They aren't strong enough," Yoko says looking Kuronue dead in the eyes.

"What?" no answer. "What the hell does that mean?"

"They are all weak useless pieces of shit that only want to get fucked by me to improve their own fucking gene pools I want someone on par with me!" Yoko snapped at Kuronue.

Kuronue was still confused but Anko's eyes widened in realization.

"You…" Anko paused when both men snapped their heads to look at her.

"You want a mate Yoko…"

End Chapter:

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