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Fred didn't remember much, just a flash of blinding light. Percy had made a joke, for the first time in his life. Where was George, Harry, and Percy? He wondered around, hoping to find someone he knew. He soon came across Professor Snape. On closer examination, Snape had tears in his eyes. That was weird, Snape had never shown genuine feelings for anything or anyone. He was about to ask him if he had seen Harry, when he found him. On the horizon, he could see Harry, it looked like he was with Ginny. Ginny surprised him by running up and hugging Snape. He gasped, that wasn't Ginny. That wasn't Harry either, he didn't have a scar. Wait a second, was that Sirius and Dumbledore? Here comes Lupin and Tonks. Colin Creevy and Crabbe. What was this place? Lupin motioned towards Sirius and who he guessed was Harry's dad.

"Fred," said Lupin, "it has come to my attention that when you were at Hogwarts, you found a map of the castle called the Maureder's Map."

A man I know as Peter Pettigrew joins the group. James sends him a glare before turning back to Fred. "Yes, George and I gave it to Harry."

James smiles. They all nod, and seem to transform. Peter becomes a rat, Scabbers. James becomes a stag. Lupin becomes a wolf. Sirius becomes Snuffles the dog.

"Allow us to properly introduce ourselves."

Lupin comes up to him and changes back, "My name is Moony."

My eyes widen, Professor Lupin was a Maureder! He was my teacher and I never even knew!

"My name is Wormtail." Peter changes back, Scabbers was the family rat, right under his nose.

"My name is Padfoot." Sirius too? He must be thick! They were all right there all along.

"My name is Prongs." Harry's dad was a Maureder! He never told me!

"We are the Maureders."

James walks up to me, "Fred, after Peter betrayed me, he forfeited his job as a Maureder. We need a fourth, one skilled in trickery and sneaking. We think you would be the perfect match." His eyes widen, he could be a Maureder! He would be honored!

"Thank you!" he said.

"Now we need your name."

"Rapier," he smiled at Lupin.

Harry went to pack up the Maureder's Map, but stopped. Wormtail had been replaced by Rapier. He couldn't help but smile. That was Fred's code name during Potterwatch. Fred had joined the Maureders. Now he just had to worry about Fred not killing him when he died for not telling him.