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Percy's POV

I sat up, hazy eyed, the sheets around me were crumpled and messy, I turned over to see annabeth, sleeping peacefully beside me, her hair was messy and lay, scattered around her.

I pulled my body closer to her and snuggled into her from behind. I pushed my lips against her neck and she groaned groggily. I kissed from her collar bone up to her ear, she chuckled before rolling over so her face was inches from mine. I leaned forward to kiss her but was stopped.

"busy day today seaweed brain, we should get up"

It took me a minute to process what she was saying, then it clicked. Today was the day that camp half blood and camp Jupiter united. It had taken a lot of work on annabeth and Chirons parts but finally it was happening.

"are you excited?" I asked grinning. Her eyes thinned and half of her mouth sort of smiled the way she does when she doesn't know how to answer.

"um, well, theres a lot riding on today, if it goes wrong we could find ourselves at war with camp Jupiter, and that would make us severely outnumbered." I sighed and swung my legs out of the bed.

"its too early for tactical talk, Im gonna take a shower, you know if you wanna be eco friendly, you could come with." I felt her arm softly hit my back in protest. Although I knew that she would inevitably follow me into the shower.

Reyna's POV

I had been awake for hours, in fact most of the night. What if this merge of the camps went wrong? I would go down in history as the leader when we were defeated by the greeks. I had lost so much in the last year and I didn't feel prepared to lose anymore, let alone my pride.

I heard footsteps enter my room, I turned, dagger already in my hand.

"Woah, watch it, just looking for a screw driver." Leo's Greece covered face poked around the corner, when he saw me he grinned. I liked Leo. Not like I wanted to gallop off into the sunset with him, more like I wouldn't mind spending a quest in his company.

I straightened up and coughed.

"why aren't you sleeping? It's a big day today." He pulled a screwdriver from the draw he was riffling through and held it up triumphantly.

"it isn't a big day for me, I never belonged to either camp, I'm only here because Jason is here, even though he is itching to get back to piper." Ahh piper, I was silly not to like her but I couldn't help myself, I was letting my inner girl control my emotions towards somebody.

I had to face it, I would die alone.

"you should sleep, hopefully if your well rested you wont get possessed and destroy half of my camp." He smirked and scuttled away, I watched him go before continuing to pace the length of my room.

Thalia's POV

It had been a long night, Annabeth had begged me to come back to camp for the day but it had proved difficult, during the journey we had almost lost a hunter. We were followed by trolls half of the way back only saved by the camp borders.

Half dead I sat at breakfast, flicking my fork through the scrambled eggs on my plate. Percy waved at me from the posiedon table. You would have thought that being a hunter I could sit on the artemis table with all the rest of the girls, but Zeus insisted that I honor his traditions.

Annabeths POV

After breakfast I sat on the Poseidon cabins porch, percy had his head on my lap and was trying to get in the way of the book I was reading. I kept smacking him with the book but he persisted. Suddenly he stopped moving altogether almost paralyzed before sitting up very suddenly.

"no don't get up, son" Poseidon stood before us, the sun shone down somehow more brightly over him. "I have something to talk to you about, and I think its best that annabeth stays to hear it too." Percy's eyes flicked towards me and then back to his father.

"whats happened, is it Tyson?" His voice became more and more urgent. Posiedon shook his head.

"its not your brother, in fact its your sister." Percy's jaw dropped. His eyes widened, he became stiff and almost began quivering.

"s-s-s-sister" He stood "SISTER" his booming voice echoed through the camp. Posiedon placed his hands on Percy's shoulders and pushed him back into a sit.

"you were never meant to meet" He sat down next to percy, is back slumped and his knees pushed up by the steps they rested on. "The roman camp, it has a past, same as this one does. Just this past is so old and so secret I only learnt about it 20 years after it happened" He moved his hand onto percy's "All that I can tell you, all that I am allowed is that her name is Tinker, tink for short, and that you are to trust her with your life from the very moment you meet her. And annabeth, percy, don't tell the romans that you know anything of her, It will ruin any chance you have of uniting the camps."

At that he stood, walked towards the lake and as he did the lake gushed up in the shape of a sea serpant and wrapped itself around him. By the time the water fell to the ground, he had vanished.

"a sister" percy muttered "how am I meant to trust somebody with my life if I have never even met them?"