Hello, ive disapeared but i missed this story and i thought it needed an update. SO here you go!

Thalia's POV

It had been two years since the weird almost battle, it seemed to just end. I never found Tink and I never saw her again. Tiff had stayed and so had her army, it all seems to be sorted out, everybody is living together and is happy (somewhat).

I haven't met anybody else, I wish I could but the selection is pretty measly here. I miss being in the hunters, I miss my friends who are now all of at university, the years I had lost with the hunters never caught up. I turned eighteen a few weeks ago.

Tiff's POV

I haven't seen my sister for two years, she occasionally sends random post cards from boring places, but never Alaska. I wonder how the dogs are. I wonder how she is, I wonder if she ever found another Thalia, or if she ever will. Every time I think of my lost little sister my brain swells and heart sinks to my toes.

Luke, Max and Tom stayed here. Max is my boyfriend now. I never told Tink. I should feel safe but lately all I've felt is that something is coming. That something is wrong and its something to do with my sister.

Tinks POV

I sat in a corny American diner, flipping through the selection of random post cards I'd ordered online a few months ago. "where shall I send this from today?" I muttered to myself. I never sent a postcard from my actual location, and the content of what I wrote was always pretty bland as well.

I was still following the damn compass. It seemed to have changed so that it only leads me towards danger. I knew why, not that I would ever admit it. It won't let me find the next thing until I get the last back. But that wasn't an option, so I was testing whether pure stubbornness would make it find me the next thing.

I shuffled out of my booth, left money and went out to my car. Forget the post cards, its time to pay Tiff a visit.

Tiff's POV

Max and I lay, intertwined with some horror movie on. He would occasionally grunt or kiss the back of my neck but I was almost certain that he was fast asleep. I wanted to move, I was so anxious. I had butterflies coming out of my ears. Something was coming.

I heard the door quietly open and shut, I assumed it was Reyna (her and I shared a cabin) coming back from some meeting or a late night hot chocolate. I wonder if she's dating anybody? Probably not.

But no, this wasn't Reyna. She would have announced herself. Instead I heard a bag hit the floor and a sigh that I could recognise anywhere. I pushed myself up and looked over at the door.

Her hair was shorter, she still had her aviator jacket on, a few new cuts on her face. She'd started wearing a smidge of makeup. I felt almost embarrassed that I hadn't changed much.

"Good talk." She said before I rushed over and hugged her. I heard max stir behind me. "A boy?! Scandal! Wait! Max!" I laughed and Max pulled Tink into a hug.

"So whats up? Why are you back? Out of money?" She lightly punched my shoulder.

"I've missed you too." She chuckled "actually the compass is proving to be the shittest thing on the planet so I've given up." She plonked herself onto the sofa. Reaching into one of the pockets on the inside of her jacket and pulling out a hip flask. "Lets get shit faced, here's to being 18 and legal back home." She drawled.

I giggled and jumped onto the sofa, max mumbled something about needing to leave before girl talk happened and excused himself. Tink looked over to me.

"Do you think I'll be welcome back here?" She enquired sheepishly.

"Well last time you were here they tried to decapitate you, but everything that happened between our armies is done now. I'll vouch for you. I think you should definitely pencil in an apology into your calendar, especially to Percy, he's our brother, and him and I are close now." She seemed to squirm with fear. I decided to talk about something she'd like "How are the dogs?"

"Blue died a couple of months ago, old age got him sadly. And T is in the back of the car, she ended up being basically bear sized." I nodded.

We talked for the rest of the night about sex, girls, boys, food, the past two years and everything in between. But there was one thing which Tink left completely alone – the topic of Thalia.

Annabeth POV.

We sat at breakfast, Percy was barely awake snoring into his cornflakes. Thalia Came up behind me and sat next me.

"Good morning!" She sounded strangely happy, she hadn't behaved like this since the battle.

"you sound cheerful, whats up?" I quizzed.

"Oh I just feel like today is gonna be good, like something amazings gonna happen." I smirked.

"right?" I giggled. Percy's head suddenly jolted up, he stared across the hall. I couldn't see what he was looking at but he suddenly jumped to his feet and marched across the room. I turned back to Thalia who was having a special moment with her bacon. After about ten minutes Percy returned to his cereal, complained it was mushy and went to pour it away. Thalia and I continued talking, mostly it was Thalia talking about bacon, I thought she was high.

Suddenly I realised why Percy had shot across the room, there was a tall red head that was not Tiff talking to Luke. Luckily Thalia was facing away from her, I did not know what to do, should I tell Thalia that she's back or wait for her to notice. I decided against telling her.

Thalia's POV

The day which I though had so much promise had turned out to be really rather flat, nothing of note had happened other than I now have a black eye from training. I knew Reyna had amaca so I walked up to her cabin, knocking on the door lightly before entering. I pushed the door and walked in, "Reyna!" I yelled. "can I borrow that bruise stuff?" Reyna yelled back.

"I'm in the shower and its in here with me, youll have to wait!" I siddled over to the sofa and slumped down. And put my hand on T. Wait. T. My weird half kind of pet was lying next to me, drooling. "blue?" I called out.

"He passed away." I heard the familiar voice. "see? Answered a question you didn't even ask." I didn't want to turn around. I couldn't look at her. But I needed to see those eyes again.

"What are you doing back" I gulped, still staring forward. She couldn't see the tears in my eyes if I didn't look at her.

"The compass is broken. I missed my sister, its hard to live alone in the winter. A long list of reasons." All wanted to ask was whether I was one of the reasons. I thought I was stronger than this. "and I realised it was time to stop being a little shit that runs away and to pull myself together." I snorted.

I heard her move across the room and then I saw her. Christ. She was different, so different. Shorter hair, groomed eyebrows, she was wearing makeup. She still had the aviator jacket and the boots. But she was so much taller.

"you look good" I mumbled, it came out wrong. I sounded deformed. She slid onto the sofa, a good safe distance from me.

"so do you. Hows the arm?"


"didn't you break it?"

"two years ago?"

"fuck, yeah. That is true. I guess everythings changed."

"I haven't." the words came out sounding too thirsty. What is wrong with me?

"You're 18 now? That's a change!"

"so are you." Good talk. "Is reyna okay with you here?"

"yeah my sister has it all sorted out, I feel like such a burden but I don't want to run again." I nodded.

"I assumed you would go back to Alaska." I noted. She looked over at me.

"too many memories. Look, I'm gonna go to bed. I guess I'll see you around." I felt so scorned, so rejected. I mean I didn't think she'd jump my bones but still. What if she has somebody new. Somebody better. I pushed myself up, and she did the same. She leaned over to one of her bags.

"you still need amaca?" She questioned.

"You can still read people?"

"you have a black eye and you were hollering about it earlier, so I put two and two together and boom… four." She chuckled handing over the pill bottle. I turned to go just as I put my hand on the door she uttered "Do you forgive me?"

I turned towards her, staring at her from across the room, she didn't look like she used to, she was so afraid.

"What you said to me was…"

"homophobic, dumb, cowardly and one of the worst things I've ever said." She cut in.

"well yeah."

"I didn't have a grasp on my own sexuality, I was scared to do something that I would the regret." She sighed. "I know what I want now." I raised my eyebrow

"and that is?"

"You look good."