Edit: The shark from "Jaws" is not at all Godzilla's 3rd cousin. I cant make that work.

Chapter 2: The Kidnapping and Rescue Plan of Minilla.

After everyone came over and met Jaws, they went back to whatever they were just doing. Godzilla showed Jaws where he could stay. An underwater sea cave with Ebirah as his cave-mate. Everyone was settled and went to sleep.

Elsewhere: The evil kaiju Gigan, King Ghidorah, Megalon, Destroyah, MechaGodzilla, Titanosaurus, and Space Godzilla were forming a plan to take down Godzilla.

Gigan spoke , "I have called this meeting in a matter that we are all aware of, killing the monster king himself, Godzilla. He has kicked all of our asses one way or another and some of us more than once. But, Godzilla wasn't always by himself, Megalon remember when Godzilla and Jet Jaguar kicked our asses? We would have won if it wasn't for the aid of an aly."

Megalon stood up and responded by saying "Its true, Godzilla did a tail slide while that stupid robot held me back, the agony and pain and humiliation it….was…aweful."

Gigan began speaking again, "Ghidorah he kicked your ass more than all of us, like what at least 7 times" Ghidorah said "Why does he always pick on me huh? Its because of the three heads isnt it?"

Gigan continued "The point is we need to rid Godzilla of his allies so he will be left helpless and weak, whos with me?" All the monsters stood up and shouted and hooted and hollered. SpaceGodzilla, using his surperior brain power came up with a plan.

Back on Monster Island: It became nightfall, and all the kaiju were sleeping. Megalon used his burrowing ability to dig his way to Minilla's area. First, he muffled Minilla with a tree then knocked him out.

Then using his bombs, set the island aflame leaving everyone on it to die. However, Megalon being the dumbass that he is, doesn't realize that none of the monsters could die from fire. (Rodan in his movie died from lava, that's different.)

The Next Morning: Everyone woke up to hear the angry roars of Godzilla. Rodan asked, "Godzilla, what the hell happened?" Godzilla stopped stared at Rodan with fire in his eyes and said, "They took Minilla, my little, helpless Minilla."

Rodan said "Oh, but why was it so hot last night on the island, must have had a heat wave or something." Godzilla then said very angrily; "Im gonna find the bastards that did this and kill them slowly."

Anguirus said; "How? They could be anywhere and there is only a few of us on the island, its only me,you,Rodan,Junior,Mothra,Manda,Baragon, Kamacarus,Kumonga,Ebirah,Jaws,King Caesar, and Varan."

Godzilla then said, "I have friends in other places. We have to go find them. I will split us all into groups and will give you a location to go to and tell them all the same message, 'Godzilla needs your help meet at monster island.'

So the groups with go like this; The Air Group with consist of Rodan, Mothra, and Varan and you guys will go to a sky pallace in the region of Hoenn, there you will meet my good buddy Raquaza.

The next group is the Aquatic Group, which has Ebirah,Manda, and Jaws. I need you guys to go a far away island which holds millions of years of history, an island which holds the theme park, Jurassic Park. There you will need all of the dinosaurs to get off the island and come help us, their leader is Timmy The T-Rex speak with him to get all of the monsters off the island. Jaws, you will have to guard the island in case of tourists coming to see the dinosaurs if you do rip their sorry-asses in half."Jaws said "With pleasure"

Godzilla continued "Baragon,Anguirus,King Caesar, Gorosarus,Junior and me will go to New York city and get the Legandary King Kong, and Zilla they will gladly help us, with a fight of course, so be prepared we leave at dawn tomorrow."

Author's note, I hope you guys enjoyed this second chapter, don't hate only constructed critism allowed.

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