Chapter 3 The Air Team

Edit, I kinda forgot about Kamacarus and Kumonga to be put into the teams, but they are staying at monster island and are guarding it until everyone else returns.

Rodan, Mothra, and Varan where on their way to the sky pallace in Hoenn, when all of a sudden three gravity beams shot out of nowhere and hit Rodan and he plummeted to Earth. The attacker was none other than King Ghidorah himself. He began to chuckle and said, "Not so tough without Godzilla, are you Rodan?"

Mothra then began to shoot lighting bolts from her wings and Varan shot his strange beam thing from Godzilla Unleashed. Both beams hit their target, but to no avail did nothing. Ghidorah merely laughed.

Then Mothra flew over to Varan and said, "I need you to distract him while I charge up my Cry of Peace attack." (The cry of peace attack is used in Save the Earth and Unleashed FYI) Varan said "Alright ill try my best."

Ghidorah shouted; "Hey, what are you two whispering about huh? Whatever it is you are trying to do it wont work!" Varan then proceded to attack Ghidorah with everything that he could use, his claws, his spines on his back, his beam, he even bit Ghidorah multiple times. Ghidorah smacked Varan using his wing.

Now, while this was happening, Mothra was charging her attack and was almost ready to fire when all of a sudden, Rodan came flying out of nowhere and rammed right into Ghidorah and fired his uranium heat beam, scorching Ghidorah's skin. Ghidorah was confused. "There is no way you could have regained concusness from that hit, you should have been splattered all over the ground!" Rodan responded by saying, "Well, you know what they say, you just cant keep a good guy down."

Rodan then screamed; "Mothra, fire now!" She did without hesitation and Rodan ducked just in time. The attack hit Ghidorah square in his chest. He was somehow still alive. "But there's no way!" Mothra cried. Ghidorah was just barley able to keep flight. Varan said; "Let's all combine our beams." Mothra shot her antanae beam, Varan shot his beam, and Rodan shot his uranium heat beam. They all combined into one big blast and obliterated Ghidorah into a million pieces.

The team rested in a mountain area for the night. The next morning they set out for the Pallace. Then, they ran into another inturuption, MechaGodzilla. Rodan said; "Come on we don't have time for this." Mechagodzilla said in a mechanical voice, "That is our plan to have you all killed so Godzilla doesn't have any allies helping him defeat us. Did you guys kill Ghidorah?" The other monsters all nodded their heads. "I should have known for Gigan to send him to do such a simple task. He always underestimates his opponents. But not me, I have advanced data on how to kill each and everyone of the kaiju living on Monster Island, so you will never have a chance." Rodan just said; "Yeah here's your advanced data for ya." He then shot his super uranuim heat beat and melted MechaGodzilla's metallic skin and killed him.

The team then headed straight for the sky pallace. After they flied for a good hour, they found the pallace and knocked on its big yellow doors. A familiar robot answered. "Hello and welcome to theā€¦.." He stopped and looked at the visitors at the door and started to cry tears (made of oil) of joy. "Finally you guys came to rescue me from this place!" Jet Jaguar cried happily. Mothra said "We didn't know you where here, we all just thought that you went back to live with your inventor." "Well, I tried to but I was interuppted by a giant green dragon thing and he brought me here to be his slave and this is where I've been for the last few years." Varan said; "How come you just didn't just grow big and kick his ass?" Jet Jaguar replied; "He gave me an anti growth potion after I tried to escape. Anyway, why are you guys here?" Rodan said; "We need to speak with your master." Jet Jaguar said; "Ok, ill go get him." In the distance of the pallace you could here Jet Jaguar calling Rayquaza; "Master we have visitors at the door." Rayquaza said in a booming voice; "Send them in!" Jet said; "Actually sir, they are too big to come in, they are waiting outside."

Rayquaza appeared at the door and said; "How can I help you?" Mothra said; "We need your help, Godzilla's son, Minilla, was kindnapped and Godzilla needs you." Rayquaza said; "Fine, ill help. SLAVE! Watch the pallace while im gone!" Jet Jaguar refused; "No im coming with you because me and Godzilla saved the world together once, and it sounds like he needs too, im coming." Rayquaza became furious and said; "HOW DARE YOU DEFY ME YOU WILL STAY HERE AND WATCH THE DAMN PALACE!" Mothra said; "Hey buddy, don't treat one of Godzilla's best friends like that or you will be sorry." Rayquaza just got scared and said; "OK im sorry just don't hurt me please!" Varan said; "Dude, chill your not our hostage or anything, just let Jet be free and we wont kick your ass that's all." Rayquaza said; "Ok fine whatever, Jet Jaguar, you are now not my slave." Mothra said; "Ok good now can we go please?" Rayquaza said; "Yes, let us go now. Just let me keep up im not that fast." "Ok" they all said in unison. They headed back to monster island.

Yay! Chapter 3 done! Next chapter: The aquatic team also with a little monster brawl surprise! See you all in the next chapter!