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Canada watched the meeting quietly, no one was asking him for his opinion on the matter. Granted that was normal for him. He was invisible when he was with the other nations. To them, his seat was empty, unless of course 'he' was there. Canada shuddered at the thought of him. Russia. That one-word sent chills down everyone's spine. Canada sighed as he tried to get America's attention but as usual, America was busy being a self-proclaimed hero.

"Come on, Iggy, just one and you'll be a hero like me!" America said loudly, with a pout on his face.

"Bloody hell America, I will not eat it, and it makes you fat!" England yelled back, "damn it, Frances, get your bloody hands off of me!"

"But, Angleterre, I must express my feelings, you are just so handsome when you're mad-" France replied seductively. When Canada could hear the sound of someone being slapped, followed by a rather high pitched yelp.

"Come on Iggy, quite being a stick in the mud," America said, as he held his sides trying not to laugh.

"Umm...guys," Canada said quietly. His voice wouldn't be heard, of course. He would have to use a microphone to be heard. They didn't hear him again, as usual. Canada was tired and getting frustrated with being ignored.

"That is enough!" Germany hollered, trying to stop the nations bickering. Everyone stopped talking as they looked towards the muscular blond. "Ve have very Important matters to discuss and no one seems able to pay attention, so I suggest we take a break and then continue tomorrow". Everyone began to mumble their agreements as they all rose and left. It was a hard day and they were all tired so the break was welcome.

"America!" Canada tried hollering, still quietly.

"Huh?" America jumped, "who's there? - oh...what's yer name again?"

"C-Canada and this is Jiro" Canada replied, as he held on to his beloved polar bear.

"Right, sorry, I'm Kinda brain-dead today, but did you see how much of a hero I was when I-"

Canada stopped listening; he always did when his older brother started t talk about being a hero.

"Then he was all like woah, and I was like yeah, I'm the hero."

Canada could only smile at his brother, before asking him if he remembered that Canada had to be at the airport at a specific time as he still had a meeting with his president. America froze.

"Ah man I'm soo sorry I completely forgot and I promised Cuba we'd go for drinks!" America pouted

"Okay- "Canada began "I can get a ride, have fun."

America nodded with a smile on his face as he grabbed his folder with (un)written notes inside. "See ya, bro," he said as he dashed out the door. Canada hugged kuma closer to his chest and buried his face against the soft coat of his friend.

"Who?" Asked a certain fluff ball.

Canada could only smile through his teary eyes as he said "Canada"

"Oh...what's that?" Kumajiro asked, looking towards the table, where all the nations sat only minutes before. But in one of the spots was a folder with the Russian flag. He must have forgotten it Canada thought as he picked it up. He knew that the large man would be wondering where it was so he quickly pulled out his phone to call Ukraine, Russia's big sister.

"Hello, comrade"

"Eh! Oh, Russia!" Canada squeaked, he lowered the phone, "I was just about to call eh"

Russia looked down at Canada and saw a small man, one arm holding a white bear and the other holding his own folder. "Da, I see, thank you." He held out his hand to take the folder. He couldn't think of what the man's name was, the man had to be a nation but... "Forgive me, but what is your name again?"

Canada looked down with a slight blush "c-Canada." As he handed the folder over.

"It's getting late, yes? What are you still doing here?" Russia then asked as he thought of the time.

"Oh, my bro-brother was supposed, to g-give me a-a ride," Canada mumbled he hated it when he stuttered. And he only stuttered when he was nervous, and talking to this man would make anyone nervous.

"Ah, I see, come Canada," Russia said in a childlike way. And without giving the other country time to say anything, Russia grabbed the little Canadian's hand and pulled him along.

"W-what? R-Russia, why where are you taking me?" Canada cried, being pulled along like a little child, as he tried to pull his arm away from Russia's strong grip. Russia said nothing as he pulled Canada through a tangle of halls and into an elevator. Where Canada let out a small squeak out of fear as the steel doors closed. Canada wondered if they were soundproof.

"America left already, so you need a ride da?" Russia then asked.

"I-i g-guess so" Canada replied, desperate to gain control of his stutter.

Russia only nodded his head at the Canadians quiet reply. 'Why is he so nervous,' Russia thought to himself. He then realized that he hadn't properly introduced himself and was more than likely hurting little Canada's wrist. "So Canada, tell me something."

Canada jumped slightly, much to the Russians amusement. "L-like what?" Canada asked as they then walked out of the elevator to the underground parking lot. Every murder scene Canada had ever seen, thanks to his brother America, flashed before his eyes. Russia laughed quietly at Canada. kuma started to get anxious and looked around with wide eyes.

Then when they reached the car Russia told Canada to get in. Canada squeaked as he dashed to the passenger door and got in, not wanting to anger the other man.

"Where?" Kuma asked.

Canada didn't respond to his furry friend as Russia sat in the driver's seat. It was a rental car.

"Tell me, comrade, what is your name?" Russia asked

"You forgot?" Canada said surprised, as Russia had seemed to remember it. "I'm ca-Canada"

Russia smiled and let out his creepy laugh, "Kol Kol Kol, little Canada, I know that I mean what is your human name?"

Canada looked towards Russia with wide eyes. The only people who know Canada s real name were America, England, France, and Prussia/Gilbert.

"Okay Canada, my name is Ivan braginski," Russia said in attempts to 'break the ice' as they said.

"My-my n-a-name is Matthew, will-Williams." Canada/Matthew said. Rather shocked that run-Ivan had told him that price of information. Normally only friends and family knew of each other's human name.

"Now we're getting somewhere, matvey, where do you need to go?"

Matthew stuttered the airport. And Russia smiled as he then turned the car on and began to drive.

Russia remained silent as he drove, he could sense the Canadians fear. "Comrade matvey, I'm not going to hurt you." He said sadly, everyone was afraid of him even his sisters were wary of him, he was used to being alone. But Canada didn't know Russia at all; there was this tiny thought that Russia had. He hoped that he could gain a friend and not be alone for the rest of his immortal life. As long as he didn't frighten the smaller man first.

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