I offer you the warning that this is the BAD ENDING

No happy ever after here, some gore, mention of rape and heartbreak. If your an emotional masochist like me then you'll enjoy this... If not, please read at your own risk. I will upload the happy ending soon and there'll be a follow up author note to explain a few things...

Enjoy meow~


The door opened and several pairs of hands reached out to grab Matthew and pull him in. Only objecting at being grabbed so roughly, Matthew was pushed onto the ground that smelt of sweat, desperation, and idiocy... Bringing his hands under him, Matthew pushed himself up to turn around to glare at the men, "Where's. Kuma?"

"The bear?"

YES, MY BEAR YOU SONOFABITCH! Matthew thought with a quick nod, "Yes... my bear."

The man with dark hair licked his lip before answering, "He's over there."

Matthew looked over but couldn't see because there was a couch in the way. Scrambling up, Matthew jogged over to see his companion. "K-Kumaka?"

The bear with red stained fur opened it's one eye, the other had become infected after a pellet gun was fired at him, "M-Mattie?"

Matthew's heart burst, "Y-yeah... it's me. You're going to be okay..."


"I know... It's going to be okay... I'll give you lots of salmon and seal and fish and anything you want okay?" Matthew's eyes watered, seeing someone you loved and cared about in such pain broke his heart... as it would to anyone.


"Hell yeah..." Matthew nodded with a sniff and put his hand on the cage as if he could push through and take his friend away. "Lots... I'll buy you the good ones too..."

Kuma didn't respond only managing a weak and stuttered like growl as he watched the men walk closer.

Flinching, Matthew slowly looked back to see two of the men were approaching him. The dark haired one with tan skin and a missing tooth and hair like Alfred's. Expect this guy's hair was... messy. He once heard girls saying Alfred had this really awesome bed-head style of hair that look natural whereas the man before him looked like he hadn't taken a brush or shampoo to it in months.

"Allen... I hate to say but your right. He does look good."

"Told ya, man, you just need to believe me more."

"As fucking if, now bitch." The second man turned to Matthew, this one had light blonde hair that looked greasy but not as bad as 'Allen's'. His face was thin and his eyes looked tired. There were bags that anyone could notice no matter what.

"I have a name-"

"Yeah and its bitch now." The skinny tired blonde one snapped at Matthew was he walked over and reached for him.

Moving away, Matthew snarled, "Don't call me bitch!"

Allen stepped closer, "But that's what you are now so best to do as we say or this will hurt a lot more doll."

Kuma growled, he could smell the difference in the men now that Matthew was here... he didn't like it. He could smell hints of cinnamon that followed lust and passion but...it smelt wrong. Like those little cinnamon hearts that were soaked in dog shit for three days... passion is supposed to smell sweet, a hint of cinnamon mixed with sweet apples and seal. Well to him there was a seal like taste. But It should smell nice... not gross.

Matthew closed his eyes a moment before signaling to Kuma with a 'behave' tap of his left foot. It was an unspoken command that Matthew had spent a long-time teaching Kumakaka to know and obey.

The bear silently stepped back in its small cage and lowered its muzzle till on the smallest tip of his teeth were visible. He wanted to act but wouldn't do so until given permission. Kumachichi didn't like it at all however what else could he do? Even if he was to chew through the bars it would take hours... and who knows about badly his owner could be harmed by then. That and the wall behind him would be painted in brain and blood.

Kuma could do nothing as he watched. He growled when the men stripped Matthew down to his boxers which were ripped off just moments later as he was dragged to the side where Kuma could only hear whimpers from his companion. Whimper's that told him of his failure to watch the little boy who clung to him during the nights when men in cloaks came, or when the snow screamed so loudly that they couldn't hear the wendigo's cry, or when Matthew coughed into his fur when the blankets were poisoned. This was when Kuma let loose so loud a roar that he felt even fear from Matthew.

Matthew squirmed trying to knock the two men off as they held him down and ripped his boxers apart. Now he was held down completely naked... Closing his eyes, Matthew felt them dragging him away, please... He could hear the men laughing and calling him a girl and saying he was weak.

He was the god-damn representation of fucking Canada! He wasn't weak!

Least, that's what he thought till the larger men with scars up and down his arms walked forward and grabbed Matthew's leg's and held them apart allowing the other men to get closer and to touch him. Matthew blacked out when one grabbed his cock and another his nipple.

Ivan forced his hands to remain clasped in his lap otherwise, he'd leave dents in the car... He kept watching out the side window for awhile before looking to the dashboard that Francis sat in front of.

No one trusts Alfred or Arthur to drive... Alfred due to his easily distracted personality and Arthur because he tended to drive on the wrong side of the road - he claimed he was a perfectly excellent driver and could drive if the world would sodding agree to drive on the left- and Ivan was much too tense to even think about doing anything that involved a gas pedal.

"Guys... we need music-hey we could come up with songs for each other-"

"For once in your life can you keep your mouth shut?" Ivan shot back at Alfred since they'd been driving for... not even 5 minutes and 42 seconds...

"Seriously! Like you'd be t-"

Ivan turned around in his seat startling the other two, "I swear I will cut out your tongue and shove it up your ass if you do not keep quite!"

"Screw you!"

Ivan didn't respond seeing the ting of red in Alfred's eyes, and the fact that Alfred responded with only two words made Ivan remember how strong the other was.

"I'm this close to calling my military to come over, border's and meetings be damned, to get my brother back! Mattie might have some feelings for you but I know him better than you ever could! He and I share a border and we have a connection that you will never have," He glared, "Forgive me for fucking trying to relax and not lose it before I get my hands on some ass-holes!"


"Stay out of it Artie, the communist dirt bag and I are talking."

"More like you are yelling comrade."

"Stuff it and listen! I've been around Matthew before that was his name... back when he called himself Kanata and our mother was around... I may forget him or not see him but he's always in my mind... I feel him and I know what he feels and thinks better than you... our mother told me... she told me to protect him...

but I failed..." He whispered the last part... he had forgotten about their mother. His mind failed to conjure up her image as he could barely remember her... he knew a song but that was it... that's all he remembered.

Was she blonde like them? Where her eyes like his or Matthews? Was she kind and quite or loud and proud? Was she the gold colour like the ancester's?

Would she be disappointed in him?

"Alfred..." Ivan sighed and turned back around, "I understand you have a bond that I can't know myself... but I see it... I see how much you two rely on each other... If you wish to listen to music we can but please... we are all worried and we need quite..."

"Might I suggest Alfred grabbing a pair of headphones? Theirs's a dollar store right there and I exchanged my currency already." Arthur interrupted.

Ivan turned back again to peer at Arthur, really?

"I thought it would do you boys some good to talk about something important."

Alfred remained silent once he had a pair of headphones on, even if they were cheap quality, letting the others relax. He kept thinking about Matthew and his mother... back when it was the three of them before Arthur and Francis came... Things used to be easier... No poverty... fighting was occasional not like it was today with bombs that blew up schools or malls...

He remembered when his streams were clear of oil and he could see the rocks at the bottom... he could remember when the air he breathed was clear and pure, when trees stood tall and fields ran for miles.

When his mother sang her lullabies to him and his brother. When she sang songs to teach them to be good warriors who were honorable and to lead their people with good spirits and good minds.

He worried how the battle within him was doing... which wolf was stronger now? He hoped it was the good wolf... but he had become obsessed with money, pride and his self-image... Was there a chance his good wolf would win?

It was silly... to obsessed over a story like that.


Staring out the window, Ivan felt anger and fear. Ivan wasn't always... good... He was amazed that Matthew had even kissed him back that day... When Matthew pulled Ivan closer to kiss.

He wasn't about to let some... foolish young human hurt Matthew... He was going to save Matthew. Arthur, Francis, Alfred and he were going to help Matthew even if the meant that they had to bring their guns. They were getting Matthew out and safe.

Ivan's thoughts were interrupted by Alfred's humming. He took a deep breath, in through the nose... out through the mouth. He didn't need to snap at Alfred again. He really did understand Alfred's uneasiness... Ivan would have gone ballistic had his either of his sister's been taken, even if it had been Belarus... He knew she could defend herself but he'd still tear anyone apart if they dared even look at her wrong, at either of his sister's really.

Both his sisters were beautiful women and sometimes that was a problem... They attracted attention from all sorts of people. Sometimes it was harmless while other's not so much. But he still didn't want them hurt by anyone.

He could understand Alfred's displeasure.

Looking at the dismantled handgun in his lap, Ivan cleaned it and slowly started to put it back together. Only to dismantle it once again before putting it together. It became a steady and calming routine for Ivan as he imagines each bullet piercing the hearts of those who wished harm to Matthew and Kuma. He could do this in his sleep easily.

Doing this repeatedly seconds turned to minutes and then to hours.

~Several hours later

Arthur was standing by the car getting changed into something a little more suited to fighting. They were wearing navy green patterned clothes with plenty of places to store ammo, medical supplies and other weapons that may be needed.

You'd think they be going to war against a million or so men and not just a small group of perhaps three or five hillbillies.

Arthur huffed as he slid in his rounds into his pockets and other things he needed.

"When we're ready we should stay close together for awhile till we get close enough before going into the formation," Ivan announced as he was checking the back of Francis' head to make sure all his hair was hidden under the cap. It wouldn't do for them to be easily seen and shot before they could extract Matthew. "Everyone remember their positions?"


"But of course,"

"Yeah, are we ready?"

Ivan nodded once he slid a few strands of blonde hair under Francis's cap.

Arthur had a bad feeling hit him in the gut but he chose to ignore it. It was nothing. He grabbed his shotgun and walked over to them going over a few spells should they need them.

Once they were ready they started towards the direction of the barn.

~A few hours earlier with Matthew

Choking, Matthew opened his eyes and promptly threw up. He passed out when the one with an affinity for throwing knives presented his erect cock to Matthew. All Matthew remembered from that was closing his eyes as someone pulled his hair and pushed his jaw open. He was given a warning before blacking out, 'don't bite, or else.'

Raising his hand to his chin he wiped off most of the dried essence from the men and looked down between his legs. Unable to see any blood or semen their he sighed, thank god...

"Don't worry doll, we're just getting there."

Matthew froze, no... He looked up and saw Allen, he found out the names...

Allen who reminded him of Alfred a little.

James, the blonde one who snapped at Allen when he got too close to Kuma, he seemed like an animal liker. He didn't dare say, lover since the word was too pure for this man who turned around to punch Matthew in the throat.

Lutz, the tallest of them with messy blonde hair and scars up and down his arms. He was the one who spread Matthew's legs apart for them to admire.

Then there was Lucio... He was the one who forced Matthew to suck his dick first... Matthew could tell they used his mouth when he was unconscious since they were all congratulating Allen for picking him out...

"Y-you've had your fun no let us go." Matthew shot them the meanest and most pissed off look he could summon. "Give me my clothes and Kuma and I won't say anything."

"You think we can give you up after that?" James smirked stalking over to Matthew and grabbed him by the neck, "Keep quiet. We only want to hear your cries of pleasure for the next while."

Matthew choked, really? Stop choking him!

"You're nothing. Just some stupid whore that Allen found and you're going to obey us-"

"Screw you!" Matthew spat at him as he tried to pull James hands away. He was managing to do so until Lucio brought over a syringe filled with a clear liquid. The syringe was quickly put into his arm and emptied.

The effect was instant. Matthew lost all feeling as his arms fell to his sides and he was held up only by James grip on his neck.

"That should keep him a little more... manageable ci?"

"Yeah, now... who gets his ass first?"

"Hey! I am the one who saw him first! I want my turn before Lutzy over here makes him black and blue!"

"If you wish to have him go ahead. I do not mind a show, or two." Lutz's voice had a very heavy thick Germanic accent was possibly the biggest one there. It was a tie between him and James though.

"Fine, I am a thinking that we should have him in this order, Allen, I, James and then Lutz can have him."

"I think that's fine."

"Yeah sure."

"Very well."

Matthew looked back and forth, no! Stop this! They were talking about this like it was normal! What the fuck!?

James turned to Allen, "Here, he's all yours for now." He tossed Matthew over who was like a doll with that dose of whatever it was.

Grinning, Allen stepped forward and caught him, "Hell yeah."

Matthew whined as he was dragged away to a stall. Matthew couldn't see in it but he almost wanted to stay with the others. That way there was someone to step in...

"Alright, doll, time for some fun."

Matthew closed his eyes, Ivan! Help me!

Matthew found himself on his knees with his arms tied behind him and he was scared. He bites his lip to hold back his fearful whimper, Ivan hurry... He held onto that hope that Ivan would swoop in and save at the last minute like all those movies. Or... for Alfred to blast in with guns a-blazing or someone to help him!

He watched Allen's shadow who was filling another syringe with more liquid. He really didn't want to know what was being put in it...

Stop...please don't... let us go! Please...

Matthew kept his eyes shut as he felt the needle piercing his skin. Everything became a blur as his body heated up and he heard pants being unzipped. Trying to shake his head for no, Matthew only managed to entice the men more.

"Damn doll... I had no idea where were so eager for my big cock to go in your ass. Ya, look like a god-damn girl like this."

He didn't want it, he wanted to be let go!

Allen didn't bother with any kind of lubricant as he simply used his hands to stretch Matthew's globby cheeks apart to expose the anus better. "Looks so tight... I wouldn't have imagined that seeing the height of your boyfriend... I bet he's either huge and fucks this hole-" Allen put his tip to the quivering hole and pushed in quickly, "often-holy fuck it's so fucking tight!"

Matthew screamed, oh god it hurt! Feeling the walls inside him tear he sobbed, "stop! It's hurting me!" He begged, wanting to be free and saved.

"Shut it bitch." Allen groaned as he decided to get James involved. He waved for the other to come over.


"Shut him up will ya?"

Matthew whimpered and shook his head turning to look at James with the biggest puppy dog eyes he had, "s-stop please!" It was a mistake.

James looked to Matthew's lips and unzip his pants as well.

Unable to breathe with James cock in his mouth Matthew blacked out once again. His unconcise state didn't deter them from breeding him like rabid dogs.

~A few hours later

Matthew was broken now...

A limp doll that couldn't move or does anything without its strings being pulled. Allen and James used him for awhile switching spots a couple of times till Lucio had him.

Oh god... Lutz hadn't had his turn yet...

He peered over with eye's wide with terror as he watched the tall man walking over. He shook and flinched as he felt more cum and dried blood oozing out. Daring not to imagine how he looked, Matthew knew there was plenty of cum on his back, in his ass, and even some in his hair. Gross...

"I take it as my turn now?"

"Yeah... try to not break him... I want another go later."

"I can't make that promise." Lutz snickered as he grabbed a whip. He was tempted to grab his riding crop but he did want to see some red on the boy's beautiful pale skin.

~Ivan at present time

Ivan and company finally found the barn on the large property that wasn't very good for farming... It was filled with hills and trees that blocked their view.

Ivan didn't know if they had anything that could alert the kidnappers inside of their position, so he quickly turned to Alfred and signaled him to stop there and find a spot to set up so he could offer assistance that way.

Pleased to say, Alfred didn't argue, backtalk or talk at all. He set up quickly and silently as Francis, Arthur and Ivan continued on their way.

~Matthew at Present time

Lucio walked over and grabbed Matthew's chin, "We don't want you screaming too much." He cooed and stuffed a gag into Matthew's mouth so he couldn't scream out.

"Have fun with him lutzy."

Lutz grinned as he brought the whip to rub it over Matthew's exposed cheeks, "I will."

Freezing, Matthew wept as he could do nothing but wait...

"I've been eager to do this... now I get to see just how red I can get you." Lutz said as if in an erotic trance, "you've been bad... making us wait."

Matthew screams were muffled by the gag as he felt the sharp snapping of the whip on his butt, legs, and back. Each snapped added one more crack to Matthew's fragile mind.


Ivan and the rest made it to the door and they crept closer. Francis leaned against the wall making no sound as he raises his handgun while Ivan clicked off the safety of his shotgun.

Arthur was busy muttering a quick spell to offer some protection before he mumbled, "Sheild nos malum

ne effundatur sanguis in hac nocte' (Shield us from harm

let not our blood be shed this night)"

Ivan waited till Arthur was done before raising his hand a little with his two pointers fingers up, ready.

He flicked his wrist forward and raised his gun, go.

Arthur stood up and blasted the doors open with his magic startling the men who stared at them for a moment before Ivan shot Lucio's leg.

They scrambled out of the way to grab their own guns.

Francis pulled Arthur down before returning to his spot and shot in while Ivan moved in.

Soon shots were being fired from both sides.

Voice horse, Matthew could only choke and cough when he heard the shots ringing and whizzing past. Lutz dropped and grabbed Matthew and broke the restraints causing Matthew to flop down onto the ground. His ass really stung and he knew he was bleeding more.

He could hear the men shouting at each other as lutz pulled out his own weapon, a small but deadly pistol and he quickly aimed and fired off two shots out of five before ducking back down.

Matthew was slobbering all over himself now as he couldn't stop. Everything hurt too much.

Allen rolled out from his hiding place trying to intimidate their attackers but was promptly shot down, the first bullet met its mark. The tip of Allen's cock was stuck near the bottom of his pant leg as Allen's pants were stained with blood.

It was Ivan, Arthur, and Francis vs Lutz, Lucio, and James.

Alfred wasn't able to do anything as he couldn't see anything... the barn had one window near the roof.

Ivan moved away from the door to re-load. Maybe if they kept shooting the men would think there were more of them and give up? His train of thought was shattered as a bullet whistled by scratching his cheek. Quickly putting his hand on his cheek Ivan checked to see how bad it was. It was bleeding quite a bit but it was manageable for now.

Arthur's shields were doing a good job- but they wouldn't last forever. Yeah, Ivan was scratched by the bullet but it would have hit him closer to the neck had the shield not been there.

James had an illegal high-powered rifle that he fired off. He took aim and waited till he saw one.

Arthur was just peering in to look when he was shot in the gut. It hurt like a bloody wanker but it wouldn't kill him. He leaned away from the door and quickly mumbled a simple spell to stop the bleeding. He needed to save his strength for anything that could happen. It was a possibility that Matthew needed magic more, he just wished he got a better look at Matthew, they had taken awhile to get there... He wanted to make sure Matthew was okay. They all did.

A few bullet's kept going back and forth every few seconds as either someone peeked in or the wind moved grass.

Matthew tried to look as Lutz took him down and held him close, "Let me go..." He mumbled, his voice still hoarse and tired.

"Silence," Lutz growled as he dragged Matthew, who was trying to cover himself with his hands, against him and held the gun to his temple. "Tell them to stop now."

"Why am I going to do that? You've lost-"

"I will blow your brains out and take your ass again."

Not keen on that idea, Matthew quickly shouted out, amazingly being heard, "Stop!"

Listening to his surroundings, Matthew shook but shouted out, "Stop please!"

Ivan, Francis and Arthur stopped and looked at each other, shit. Ivan was the first to speak, "Matvey, are you okay?"

Eye's going wide, Matthew nodded quickly, "Yes! I'm okay!" Ish but he wasn't going to mention what transpired just moments before their arrival, "you... you came." his voice turned quite as it registered in his mind that Ivan gave a damn about him enough to come. Of course, they'd been together for awhile now but... He knew Francis, Arthur and his brother for... well a long time but...

"Good, I'm here with Arthur. Are you somewhere safe?"

Matthew's eyes looked to the gun still pressed to his temple, "N-not really... Theirs's a gun... to my head." While it wouldn't kill him, he'd have a hell of a time healing and if his head healed wrong... he didn't really want his skull sticking out or brain matter forever falling out.

"Okay... Matvey just hold on. You're going to be fine shortly"


"I swear it, just trust me."

"I do! "

Lutz sighed and stepped out holding Matthew in front of him with the gun still pressed to Matthew. He was about to shout out to the attackers to drop their guns when both he and Matthew saw the barrel of a gun.

"Don't shoot!" Matthew screamed seeing it, it would hit him and not kill Lutz who could make it very painful for Matthew.

"Drop it!" Lutz ordered loudly.

Ivan frowned, and muttered insults as he had no choice, "We can talk this over, just give us the boy and his bear."

"You want me to hand them over? No thanks, I think I'll keep him. Maybe string him up in my living room, all my guests can have him whenever they come over."

"You mean us right lazy?" Lucio cooed as he stayed hidden, eye's leering at Matthew.

"Exactly, now you've already shot one of my friends-"

"Da, I don't think he'll be able to do much without his small cock." Ivan insulted Allen who was near blacking out from pain and blood loss. He just had to keep them talking long enough for Francis to finish his text.

"Matthew, tell your friend the true-"

Francis had finished his text to Alfred who immediately replied with his own shot.

Alfred had been watching through his scope and swore when he saw Artie getting hit with a bullet. He couldn't do anything else, not even move. They knew him to be there so they were working with that. His phone vibrated on the grass beside him and he looked to see a text from Francis.

It was the estimation of location, said to aim to the left.

Alfred lined his scoop to the given location and aimed to the left a few feet and fired.

He had an evil grin on his face when he watched the bullet pierce the barn wall.

Lutz swore when he heard the bullet bang against the floor, "I said drop your god-damn guns!"

"You said for me too, not for our back up!" Ivan replied looking the dropped gun. Lucky for him he had his own backup gun. Quietly, he loaded it and clicked the safety off.

"Damn bastards, James, aim at Matthew."

James looked back and did so questioning Lutz's intentions.

"If any of you shot again, Mattie gets his ass filled with bullets."

Matthew whimpered and whispered fearfully please no's. He didn't want that! He just wanted to go home and hide with Kuma under his bed again!

Kuma was slowly trying to bit his way out of his cage but it was taking too long, he had to be quite and if he was loud they would see him! He wanted his Matthew!

"Okay! Easy, okay? " Ivan frowned, damn it. He put his gun into its pocket holster and raise his hands, "I'm going to come into view to talk face to face okay?"

"Whatever." James sneered as he watched Lucio look to him and nod holding his gun up and grinned, I got him.

Ivan slowly did so, "we can be reasonable." slowly stepping to the side Ivan was in a very bad spot if he was shot he'd be out of commission leaving Francis and Alfred to save Matthew.

"What do you want to talk about? You're not getting him back!" Lutz yelled as he stepped closer to the ladder with Matthew and pushed him to it with the order to climb up it and don't do anything. At least not when he couldn't feel anything under his waist.

"I don't intend on talking to you," Ivan sneered at the man holding Matthew, "we're going to save you Matvey, just wait."

Face still red from exhaustion and shame Matthew slowly nodded, they were there to save him and Kuma. He just had to wait, and everything would be okay.

"You must be stupid," smirked Lutz as he slowly slides closer to the far edge of the loft, it overlooked the stall that Matthew was in and the place where the grain was collected and stirred before it went out to be stored. Matthew didn't know if it was still working or not but he really didn't want to find out.

"Why? Because we're trying to save someone who you blackmailed?" Ivan asked as he looked around trying to spot the others.

Lucio leaned into sight with the gun raised and aimed at Ivan. Time seemed to stop before moving slowly as certain events transpired that would affect the lover's future for the worse.

Matthew noticed it and screamed out a warning but it would be too late, Ivan would fall from the shot, as Alfred took aim and fired.

Ivan's eye saw the barrel of the gun before that flash of gunpowder igniting with such force that it sent a bullet out at a high speed. He felt the bullet whiz past his ear with such force that it's whistle caused his ear drum to splatter. But from Matthew's spot it looked like the bullet had hit its mark as Ivan dropped down to grab his gun to retaliate.

Lucio watched the bullet as it entered his eye before everything went dark.

Lutz had managed to bring Matthew to the side ledge over a large grain mixer and into the sights of Alfred's rifle who took the shot. His bullet was true as it cut through Lutz's neck and exited the barn.

Francis peeked around as Ivan stood back up and went in to help Matthew who was about to fall.

Once the bullet hit Lutz his body was thrown a little as his handgun went flying. HIs limp body started to fall in still clinging to Matthew who was too weak to do anything.

Lutz's legs slide through the mixer's walls just as the handgun hit a switch.

Matthew heard the machine whirred to life as he reached out for the ledge to hold on. HE may have been able to climb up but he was weak and Lutz clung to him as he felt the machine vibrating as it powered up.

Running, Ivan made it to the base of the ladder and scrambled up with hopes of getting to Matthew on time. He was seconds away.

Matthew tried hard to kick Lutz off but Lutz had the stronger hold, "I'm taking you with me!" He yelled as he then felt the machine starting to stir. Matthew looked down at the machine that held Lutz hostage just in time to see something that he'd never forget.

Five seconds till he fell, tick tock tick tock. Ivan climbed onto the ledge and ran over. He saw out the corner of his eye that Francis and England ran to find the off switch for the machine.

Two seconds, Ivan dropped to his knees and reached out for Matthew's hand as he heard Lutz swearing and screaming.

Once second

Matthew was pulled down and he wasn't able to hold on as his legs followed suit and were thankfully pulled to the ledge and not the middle where he would become a ripped pretzel.

He saw Ivan reaching down to grab his arm and he welcomed it. until Ivan had a strong hold on his arm that went the machine didn't stop... it began to stretch him as he was held by Ivan and pulled down by the machine. No.

It started to pull him away, seconds later he felt an imaginable pain coming from his legs as he looked to see them bending to the sides slightly. He looked back to Ivan with tears in his eyes, he was sure he could heal but it would hurt and take a long time...

"Please... Ivan in hurts..." He whined as he could feel that his bones were about to break, "It hurts so much!"

Ivan saw that all he was doing was hurting Matthew, "I know."

The only thing he could do was listen to the machine's groaning as it twisted and broke Lutz's body. "Just hold on."

Unable to answer, Matthew screamed as he heard the cracking splintering of bone and flesh. It hurt so badly but then Ivan sort of threw him away. Not understanding why, Matthew cried and screamed as he landed on the rough bottom and was slowly dragged into the blenders, "Ivan!"

Arthur growled at the machine before putting his hands on it and chanting loudly to steal the power it had. The wiring of it slowed down till it was silent.

The barn was silent aside from Matthew's whimpers and pained sobs.

Until you could hear Ivan landing from the loft to the try and get into the mixer without getting hurt, "Matvey!"

Shaking and scared Matthew's vision slowly dimmed as he saw Ivan kneeling beside him, "H... hurts..."

Ivan saw Matthew's eyes close as he quickly pushed at the mixer's trying to free Matthew's legs, but they were too badly mangled in the machine so he had to yell at Francis and Arthur, "Bring me an ax!"

One year passed since Matthew's loss of legs but he still never healed. Even though it wasn't damage done to his nation he didn't re-grow them. Rather, they didn't regrow for him. He was now damned to live for all eternity in a wheelchair with two stumps for legs.

After the incident, Alfred called an ambulance to come help before they all left the barn saying it was a group event that ended badly. Someone left a lantern lit that fell, that Matthews' legs were torn off from falling debris.

No one wanted to believe them but... that was their story and they were sticking to it.

Matthew hid the rape from the others, keeping it locked up in his wounded and brittle mind. He wanted to scoff, he really did.

Alfred promised to stay with him for the hospital but was called away due to issues with the election and other nation stuff.

Arthur wasn't able to heal him afterwards either, said he couldn't regrow a limb, that was the only type of magic he refused to do. Even Francis agreed, it was too much of a risk... Arthur could make Matthew grow three legs instead of two by accident.

He hadn't seen them since the first time they visited him in the hospital.

And Ivan?

Ivan hadn't visited him or anything. He kept waiting, staring at the door hoping his Russian lover would walk through the door with flowers and chocolates and kisses.

But the door only opened to reveal a doctor or nurse.

He was left than till the hospital discharged him and sent him home with a few prescriptions for pain meds and someone to come check on him to help him... adjust.

The women came twice afterward and that was to make sure that things were easy for Matthew to grab and to make sure he hadn't tried to off himself.

He spat at that. He couldn't die. He was a nation. His life was the country of Canada. He felt whenever anything happened to the land or when people were sad or happy, it used to bring him joy... but now he was cold. Bitter and alone. Even Kuma left him shortly after the fire.

An animal could never be a companion... even if they already spend so much time together.

Why didn't he deserve to be happy?

Why was he doomed to be alone again?

"Why? Why did you tear it away? Why did you let me taste something magical and wonderful only to take it away? Just kill me! No one will know... no one will care..."

Matthew never saw the note written in his clothes that they had hastily put him in before leaving. It was in the pocket of his hoodie, folded up so neatly and written by hand. He never read it... it would burn with the house when he needed to find a new live to lead as time passes and new wars began, new prime ministers came, as those around him aged and died, he would watch it all from a window.

A part of it but never truly able to be able to live a true life.

He was doomed to an eternity where love seemed cruel and played with his heart. Ivan left him now that he was crippled, even though it was Ivan who had damned him to it.

'I'm sorry. I promised to help you and I failed. I trust that your family will care for you as I don't wish to disappoint you. It pained me to see you that day… to see you being torn away from me. I made a call to try and prevent the machine from ripping your legs off with hopes of saving them, I had hoped that by letting you fall to the side we'd have more time to save them. I was wrong.

I'm sorry.

I can't see you again...

It pains me to see you hurting from something that I could have prevented. I am not the one for you, and I will never be.

Please respect this one wish and do not try to get in contact with me, I've already changed my contact info and I will send in someone to represent me for meetings so you may feel free to go is you wish.

May this find you in... I can not say happiness... but I hope that you receive someone better in your life that will do what I couldn't.



Please do not ask Belarus for my contact info either