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Matthew only had to wait for a few short minutes before the door was opened, he brought his hands up slowly to show that he was unarmed. "Where's my bear?"

A gun was the response as it pointed at his shoulder, "Get in."

Left unable to say no, Matthew stepped forward with his hands still up. His hoody hid the fact that he was shaking. That was his only blessing. Fearful and violet eyes zoomed at everything trying to find signs of his friend before he was shoved forward onto his knees.

"Keep yer hands up." An Italian sounding voice demanded before Matthew felt hands doing a body check. They were looking for weapons that he may have had on his persons. Matthew wasn't stupid, bringing a gun or knife would only give them reasons to hurt Kuma.

"Please, just let my bear go. I did what you asked for."

One of the men turned to him and rolled his eyes before heading to what appeared to be a cage, Matthew couldn't quite make it out as the barn had few lights. But from what Matthew could make out, there was a loft, a large machine that Matthew believed to a mixing machine for grain. There were many places that could be used for hiding and a couch as well.

"Tell your bear to scram and to not hurt us."

Thoughts interrupted, Matthew gave a nod before being brought closer to what he could now make out as a cage. He couldn't make out the blood-stained fur due to lighting but he could see the smallest glimmer from Kuma's sad eyes, "K-Kuma?"

There wasn't really a response, but Matthew could hear the weak staggered breathing, "Kuma… I'm sorry…"


Matthew gave a weak whimper before taking a breath, "Yeah… you can go home."

Apparently, Matthew was taking too long as he felt a pinch to his side as he gave a grunt, "Kuma listen to me, go home okay? Don't attack anyone and just go home to Ivan!"

"You home?"

"No… not yet." Matthew admitted with a heavy heart, "Just go home and heal up okay?"


"Thank you." Matthew sniffed nodding to the man by the door of the cage, "He wont attack you…" even if you deserve it for what you've done.

Before the man opened the cage, he pulled out a gun, 'Just in case.' The door was then slowly opened and Kuma carefully reached out, tapping the floor slowly to make sure there wasn't anything that could hurt him, they had placed a few mouse traps around the floor and he stepped on one possibly breaking a claw or two.

Matthew wanted to cry when Kuma came into the light, the damage was bad. He could only imagine how much each wound hurt. He never felt so angry like he did at that moment as he desperately wished to get his hands on the men who hurt his friend.

"K-Kuma… go home okay? Go find home- "

The men shushed him and used a broom and pitchfork to slowly push Kuma out of the barn.

Matthew closed his eyes and tried to imagine something better in that darkness that came. However, what came to him was not what he expected at all. He had hoped to see someone coming to take away his ability to feel to protect him from his pain.

Rather, what came to him crashed into his heart like a lone wave that pulled you under the seas surface to hold you in her frozen embrace. He saw her. A woman coming closer to him, her hair black as the trickster's raven's eye while chipped short in some places. It was easy to see that her hair was long and a small section of it hung in a loose braid to frame her cheek.

Her brown eyes held so much sadness as she looked at him. But it was when Matthew heard her voice, he knew who it was. Her voice had put him and his brother to sleep when they were small, she was the one who tried so hard to keep them safe when they were forced to move or when illness spread.

'my son, forgive me… I had hoped to be with you and your brother to raise you up to understand your gifts. I can do nothing but offer you this one thing.'

His mother brought her hands up to his cheeks and he felt such a familiar warmth before his skin tingled a little.

Matthew was brought back to reality, the tingling fading away as he heard her voice one last time speaking to him in English, 'You are not a Kēwācawasis… you are my son and this will let you remember what must be remembered.'

Lest that's what he would hope to hear from her if she was alive. He wished that she would come and give him some gift to remind him that he was strong. That he could do something to get out of this mess on his own. But alas, it seemed that he was cursed as he felt one of the men grabbing his arm and pulling him closer.

"Alright, I'm taking him first."

About an hour earlier, Ivan and the others jammed themselves into the car and drove. Alfred broke several laws about speed and signs and possibly part of a tree but of course they didn't really stay long enough to check it out.

"Slow it Alfred- "

"Quite Iggy, before I stuff this Big mac- "

Alright, yeah aside from the speeding, Alfred had to stop to grab food. Of course, in his/their defense, they didn't eat since lunch the day before and it was important for them to eat something.

"Alfred, I will dump this on your head if you take your eyes off the road one more time!" Ivan growled as he nudged the seat, and of course, someone like Ivan, that nudge was more like a kick.

Of course, these was when Arthur and Francis made a BIG mistake when they too the passenger side of the car, leaving Alfred to drive, and Ivan right behind him.

The car violently jerked to the side as Alfred jarred the wheel to the left. The car almost went into the ditch as Alfred slammed his foot onto the breaks. The car came to a sudden stop that jerked the four of them.

Arthur turned to Alfred, "Get out, I'm driving the rest of they way." He said as he undid his seat belt and went to open the door when some thing white darted out from the forest to the side.

Francis looked out and saw it, "We don't have to, get out now!"

All four doors opened as Kuma fell onto his front paws, the oncoming light could have lessoned the pain from the bruises and snapped bones. If he died that he could heal without feeling it. He froze in the awkward position and his eyes peered to see who emerged from the car.

Ivan was the first out, and on his way to the bloody bear.

Alfred followed slowly, Kuma wasn't the… most easy to deal with when Matthew wasn't around. He'd been bitten and clawed at multiple times when Matthew stepped out to do something and Alfred moved a way that wasn't expected or too quickly.

Watching the Russian man approaching the bear, Alfred half expected the bear to snap at his hands or to growl at least.

But Kuma didn't do either, Ivan hadn't had anything to drink but he held the scent of fresh snow, and pine trees and Vodka. He only raised his head a little bit to get a better look as the light from the vehicle shadowed the man a little, "Vodka man."

"Da, is me." Ivan said kneeling slowly and moving to the side so he wasn't shadowed as much. "We came to help you."

"To late…Maple's scared…"

Ivan closed his eyes for a moment, "I know… we'll get him as soon as possible okay?"

The bear made a nodding motion after laying on his side, "Maple boy needs help…"

"I know, can you point us to where Mattie is?"

"No…I show."

"Kuma… Trust me. I'm going to save him, just point me in the right direction please."

"We don't have time- "

Kuma growled at Arthur who had stepped closer, "No, I lead."

Ivan sighed, "Alright, But I'm carrying you and then Arthur will tend to your wounds alright Kumajrio." It wasn't a question and Kuma knew it. He relaxed and let Ivan pick him up. Only a small growl came from him when Ivan brushed by a tender bruise.

Once Kuma was settled in his arms, Ivan turned to the others, "Grab the guns. We're walking the rest of the way."


Matthew yelped as Lucio's tapered whip hit his shoulder once again. Every time the lash came down onto Matthew's body, he sobbed and added another silent wish for rescue. A Nation wasn't stronger then people. Excluding Alfred. A Nation was only as strong as their military during a time of war.

But this wasn't a war.

Glaring at Lucio, Matthew tried to be brave but kept failing when the whip moved.

"You have such nice skin Mateo." Luci said admiring Matthew's now red back, "Its so much fun to mark it up."

He'd been taunted with words like that for the past while and left with few bruises and slashes from whips or small blades. His back was numb as Lucio started to bring the blade lower down his body. He was starting to give up on the thought of rescue, he'd die. They would bury him and he'd revive in a few days and have to dig his way back up, maybe die from suffocation a few times before hitting the surface.

Just as his thoughts were turning even bleaker, Matthew heard someone screaming.

Lucio looked over and stepped to the side, "What the hell was that?"

Matthew heard Lutz swearing, someone was attacking him.

"Ivan?" Matthew said to himself as Lucio ran to grab a hand gun from his jacket. He slowly rolled onto his belly and push up to his hands and knees. It was hard, he could feel the splinter's digging deeper into his palms and knees. Shaking with every breath, he slowly crawled to the edge and peered over.

The sight that greeted his eyes was that of the bullet ridden wall, from Lutz, James and Allen's assortment of firearm.

"Someone was outside!" Allen shouted as he reloaded his rapid-fire machine gun.

Matthew glared, how the hell did he get that into his country?

"Must have been your imagination, I told you to lay of the drugs."

"Hey, pot head, suck my dick!"

"Shut it boys, besides, we have our own toy right here- "

Lucio was interrupted by a strong and heavy Russian accent, "Best not touch the boy you bastard."

"Ivan!" Matthew gave a cry when he heard it, it was Ivan's voice! "I'm up on the loft-Ow!"

"Shut it boy," Lucio growled as he grabbed Matthew by the hair, why was it always the hair? Matthew question as he was dragged back, "if they try anything I'll cut your neck open capice?"

Gulping, Matthew's hands that had latched onto Lucio's wrist let go, "please…"

Alfred was climbing a tree filled with heavy branches that would hid him well, Ivan assisting him below as Arthur and Francis worked at unlocking the door. Lest till Allen yelled fire causing them to react.

Arthur brought up a shield that prevented them from being shot, once the shots stopped, Ivan ran towards the barn. Hs heart thumping in his chest as he feared for Matthew's safely. Sure, they were Nations and it wasn't easy to kill them but they still felt.

Ivan himself remembered every death vividly since he was a small child lost in the snow.

Nearing the barn, Ivan could hear the men speaking, and he couldn't help his own voice from replying, "Best not touch the boy, you bastard."


Hearing Matthew voice gave Ivan some relief, "I'm on the loft-ow!"

He didn't quite catch what was said next but he didn't care, "you have two options."

A southern American responded, "What ya think those may be?"

"You let Matthew walk out of their, and I'll won't kill the rest of you."

"And if we still refuse?" This time an Italian voice could be heard.

"Then you will feel the full wrath of the French!"

Ivan peered over to the side to see Francis bringing up his rifle to return a few shoots, but before he did Ivan motioned, 'Matthews on the loft, spray down here.'

Francis nodded and unclicked the safety as he sprayed the barn's wall, earning an excited yee-haw from Alfred in his tree.

Lutz screamed as three bullets ripped through him, one in the shoulder, one through the chest and the last one passing though his eye.

Allen swore as one whizzed past his head, he ducked in time to avoid getting hit but Lutz wasn't so lucky as one punctured his heart.

Matthew watched it all from the loft as two of the men went down, a small smile of triumph coming to his lips before Lucio pulled out a gun and pressed it to Matthew's head.

"Tell them to stop."

Freezing, Matthew didn't even get a word out before Lucio dropped, a bullet through his forehead. He saw a window across the barn as he stood up, Alfred.

He saw a wave from the American brother and a stay their motion with his hand before Alfred asked how many. Matthew signalled 1 wounded, 1 alive.

Alfred appeared to drop out of sight as Matthew moved towards the back of the loft, they came.

Now without fear of being killed, Matthew moved towards Lucio's corpse with intent of finding anything he could use to help, he wasn't helpless. Luckily, Matthew was able to find Lucio's hand gun just under the hip from when he fell. Turning around, Matthew started to crawl to the edge to peek over a just as the door opened to reveal nothing.

He had an idea as he checked the gun to make sure it was loaded, finding the clip full, Matthew swept his eyes to see who was alive and who wasn't. Just Allen and James. He aimed at the middle of the barn where there was no one and fired twice. Once. A breath in and out. Twice.

He hoped that they got his message, it wasn't the clearest but…

Allen looked up and swore, "You little."

Matthew didn't hesitate as he shot the man in the chest. A cry of pain erupted from Allen's mouth as he fell down dead.

One left.

James growled and shot the floor board from under it just getting Matthew's side, but it was enough as Matthew dropped the gun which fell to the ground so James could grab it, "I'm going to kill you."

Matthew gulped as he held his side to try and stop the bleeding while he scrambled back from the ledge. He bumped Lucio's corpse and grabbed it to try and block the ladder up. Dragging the lifeless body to the edge, Matthew gave it a strong shove which sent it sprawling to the ground, bumping into James knocking him down.


Matthew looked to the door, "Ivan I'm in here, theirs only one left!" He said as James scrambled back up and climbed up. The ladder creaked as James climbed up. He had to crawl away from the ledge and he looked for the dropped gun.

He saw it and he quickly dove for it as James climbed onto the loft and ran for him.

Matthew felt the familiar metal in his hand as he pulled it close to roll onto his back and raised it. Bang. Bang. Bang. Matthew felt the gun jumping in his hand as each bullet jumped out and pierced James's chest and face. Matthew unloaded the gun into him and continued even when the gun fired blank.

He felt the presence of family and love coming closer now that the pain of death fled. He lowered the gun and dropped it as he slowly rolled onto his side to get up. His back hurt and the wood poked him and his hardly healed wounds.

Ivan scanned the room and slowly walked in, gun ready in case of movement.

Arthur and Francis followed slowly as Alfred ran to catch up to them. Alfred was the one who bolted in and nearly slid on some of the blood, "Mattie!"

The men heard Matthew as Francis immediately started to climb up the ladder.

Ivan knew that the family needed to see to Matthew so he stepped back to return to the car for both a medical kit and to check on Kuma.

Matthew saw Francis climbing over followed by Alfred and then Arthur. He managed a small smile, "y-you came?"

Francis knelt by him and pulled him close in an embrace. He didn't remember the last time he held Matthew… The boy had always been independent and emotionally stable. He felt Matthew reaching out to hold onto him. Francis whispered apologies to him, he was sorry for forgetting about him so often, for never really being who Matthew needed.

A father.

"I won't let you out of my sight ever again, my sweet Matthew."

Arthur was about to say something when a flash of America passed by and lunged onto Matthew and Francis, with a very loud cry of, "Mattie!"

Matthew let go with one hand to hold Alfred up, he was heavy after all.

Arthur yanked Alfred back and gave him a slap to the back of his head, "I know your excited but you need to calm down."

Alfred huffed but did give a slight nod in understanding. He did see that Matthew was in pain from all that had happened to him, but he had to make sure that his brother was okay. He could only tell so much from their shared blood and border.

"what all did they do?" Alfred asked as he knelt and removed his jacket to slide it over Matthew carefully. He saw the rags that he assumed to be Matthew's hoodie. Least it was one of the many Matthew owned.

"T-they hurt Kumakiro." Matthew stuttered as he pulled the jacket closer, "where is Kuma?"

"In the car, he's…okay, we'll get you home and in bed and I'll provide the food so you can heal up okay?"

Matthew didn't really listen as he focused on trying to feel the bond that connected him to the bear. He couldn't feel it. "K-Kuma?"

Ivan growled as he held the gun up and aimed at the stranger sitting in the back, stroking the bears fur, "Who are you?"

The stranger turned to Ivan to reveal an attractive woman with a sad smile. "he's badly hurt."

"perhaps, but the bear is still capable of defending itself."

"of course, it was why I chose him so long ago. It why I lead him to my sweet child, I know that I could not trust Francis or Arthur- "

"How do you know them? Who are y- "

The women smiled as she took a deep breath looked to the bear, "I was stronger back then, but foolish. I feel in love with the two men who came from across the sea, I loved them and they loved me as well. They traded me a broken heart for the land but they gave my two beautiful baby boys."

Ivan listened as he walked closer to the women. She was beautiful, even with age. The closer he got the more he could see that she was no young women. Her raven like hair revealed strands of silver and her eyes revealed age and hints of blindness.

"You are Matthew and Alfred's mother? Native America?"

The women nodded, "I am, when they were born, I knew that they would be strong but their fathers thought I had no right to raise them. I knew, you call him Alfred, would be fine, he was born stronger and healthy while Matthew… He was born weak.

When I gave birth to him, he could barely give a cry for attention. I'm sure you can imagine that Alfred demanded attention often and loudly."

Ivan lowered the gun, "Da, he still does."

The women smirked a little before reaching into a pouch at her side to pull out a vial of gel like liquid that she uncapped and started to pour it onto kumajiros wounds, "This will help the bear heal."

Ivan watched, it did seem to ease Kuma's laboured breathing.

"I knew that there would be a day where I could not be there for Matthew, I wasn't able to be the mother they needed. You must think me to be a terrible mother for leaving them."

"not at all, I've seen mothers who abandoned their little ones with no regret."

She didn't say anything for a moment, instead focusing on the bear. She leaned closer and whispered a prayer that Ivan tried to listen to. He didn't understand the language but they're was a calming beauty to it. Ivan wondered about how Matthew was doing.

"I will cut the bond so Matthew can heal," Ivan was about to interrupt but she kept speaking, "but the bond will return once Matthew is strong enough to take it again. Until he is, you must watch my boy and give him the love that I could not, Ivan."

Ivan didn't give her his name so he was surprised by that, "Why can you not go to him?"

She looked down, "he won't see me. Neither of them will. I'm alive but to them I'm only a ghost. Now please, take Kuma to Matthew and tell him that I approve."

Ivan was about to ask her many things but she vanished into fog that sunk to the ground and spread out and away. He didn't know what to think before Kuma started to stand up, "Kuma, don't, lay down."

"Maple boy. "

"Then I will take you to him." Ivan put the down away and easily lifted the bear up without waiting for his approval. Kuma didn't fuss, trusting Ivan.

Together they quickly went back into the barn.

"Kuma?" Ivan hear Matthew calling out, "I can't feel him! Kuma!?"


"He'd okay Matvey, I'm bringing him."

Arthur help them up and Kuma ran into Matthew's arms and nuzzled him.



~A month later~

Matthew laughed as Kuma pounced on the bed, he moved the light to the side and Kuma hunted it as though the red dot were prey.


Kuma looked over to Matthew who smiled and pout the laser pointer down before running out. Ivan had only been able to stay for a few days after the incident, but they had worked out a schedule to be with Matthew while he healed. Ivan and Francis stayed with Matthew and then they switched to Alfred and Arthur. They now planned to have one visit at a time as neither Matthew nor Kuma needed constant supervision.

"Ivan!" Matthew gave a happy cry of excitement as he left the room and headed towards the front door. He had missed Ivan, and their morning emails and night time skypes where never enough for either of them.

Ivan put his bag down and embraced Matthew who jumped into his arms, "My beautiful Matvei is doing well now?"

"I am," Matthew said with a smile as he closed his eyes, "I missed you."

Ivan held Matthew tightly and kissed the top of his head, "I missed you as well, has your bond with Kuma returned?"

Matthew nodded

against Ivan's chest, "Mostly, I can feel bits of his feelings again while he feels all of mine."

Ivan listened, lest the women told him the truth. "That is good, I know you were worried that your bond wouldn't return."

"I know… can we talk about something else now?"

"Of course." It would take some time for Matthew to be okay from what happened, and Ivan wouldn't push him. No, instead, the two of them were going to love each other and laugh. Francis, Arthur and Alfred would eventually forget but Ivan would always be there. Ivan would offer Matthew the proof of excistence while Matthew offered an end to loneliness that Ivan suffered from.

Ivan remembered the news after the barn was brunt down, it was labeled as a drug deal that went south. He only wished that he'd been able to have the men alone for a little while. He'd show them not to mess with Ivan or with those he loved. But he knew that they were suffering for what they did and he knew Matthew was strong. He'd heal quickly and Matthew would be the same. Strong, kind and sweet.

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